Chapter 22

Teacher Evan was a famous young pianist who became famous when he was young, he was even called “Piano Prince” because of his youth and handsomeness.

He himself was not proud of his talents, and was very patient even with children. At this moment he gave a gentle advice.

“Jayce did perform well, it can be seen that he has indeed practiced seriously lately but he still has some expressive power….”

The teacher took the child’s hand and pressed a few notes. He asked him to pay attention to this notes on his practice next time. He then announced that the class was over.

Jian Ruixi who consciously entered into role of a parent, said warmly.

“Teacher Evan it is already late, why don’t you go after dinner?”

But Evan said he had an appointment and politely declined Jian Ruixi’s invitation. He then added with a smile.

“Jayce’s Mommy, just call me Evan if you don’t mind.”

Jian Ruixi nodded.

“Then we’ll see you off, by the way my name is Annie.”

She said and then took Jayce’s small hand.

“We’ll see the teacher out together?”


The child responded in a milky voice.

Two adults and one child went downstairs while laughing and talking. Jian Ruixi asked about the child’s learning and took out her phone to add the teacher as one of her friends.

After all, she had to be a caring mother, and it was normal for her to make friends with her child’s piano teacher.

After sending the piano teacher, seconds later Old Madam Fu came back. The sky was already dark, and the lights on the mansion were already brightly lit up. The kitchen also began to serve the food one after another.

Old Madam Fu seemingly unintentionally question Jian Ruixi.

“Tomorrow is weekend, how can Shiyuan did not come back with you?”

Jian Ruixi smiled sweetly and said.

“Originally we should be back together but there will be a summit held in Shanghai suddenly that is ahead of schedule, which ruined Ethan’s schedule.”

Of course Old Madam Fu knows that Shiyuan was going to Shanghai to attend a summit, and knowing that Jian Ruixi also knows about this, only means she cared about her husband.

“So, why didn’t you stay with Shiyuan for two more days and come back after the weekend?”

Jian Ruixi wanted to tell Old Madam Fu that she was in hurry to get her son that’s she was went home early than Fu Shiyuan, but there was no way she could say that right now on his mother-in-law’ face.

So she could only say shyly.

“Ethan is busy, I’m afraid that if I stay in the capital I would just delay his work again.”

The word ‘again’ was used very used by Jian Ruixi. Old Madam Fu who has been thinking about her child and grandchild all the time has been secretly expecting that Madam Fu would make a difference in her trip this time to the capital.

And hearing her said those words, she couldn’t help but think that they were like newlyweds and so her face immediately showed a little happiness. If that aspect was harmonious wouldn’t the next child be not far away?

But since they were in front of her baby grandson Old Madam Fu could not just anything in details, but she still gave Jian Ruixi a satisfied smile.

She then held her baby grandson’s hand and walked in.

“Let’s go in and eat. Let the kitchen boil some nourishment soup, and you must drink two bowls from it.”

Tonic were good to have more children.

Under the rare care of her wealthy mother-in-law, Jian Ruixi quietly drank tow bowls of soup. After dinner she took out a gift from her bag with a smile plastered on her face.

“Dad and grandfather are not at home so I did not specifically prepare a gift. But this jewelry is for you mom, I know this kind of jade can only match you……”

When the jewelry box was open, under the light the imperial green jade bracelet was slowly flowing like water, it was not dazzling but it was eye-catching.

And as expected Old Madam Fu’s eyes lit up for a moment, probably because she did not expect her daughter-in-law who was from an ordinary family to have such thing in her hand. it was really enlightening.

Old Madam Fu picked up the jade bracelet and admired it for a while before she smiled and nodded to Jian Ruixi.

“I like it very much, you must have took trouble in finding this.”

“As long as mom likes it, then it’s no bother.”

Jian Ruixi said a few nice words then paused, she then guiltily looked at the child who was beside Old Madam Fu.

“Unfortunately I forgot the LEGO that Ethan had entrusted me to bring, I put it in the bag but forgot to bring it.”

“It doesn’t matter, just have someone send it tomorrow.”

“It’s really convenient for people to deliver it.”

Jian Ruixi first affirmed her wealthy mother-in-law and then embarrassingly said.

“It’s just that I’m thinking of taking Jayce with me for two days for him to see Ethan’s gift he prepared for him tonight. And of course I just want to spend the weekend with him.”

The first thing Jian Ruixi wanted to do right now was to snatch her son away, although she knew it was impossible and since she never brought up a child she didn’t know if Jayce was a good kid.

If he was an evil in disguise she would send him back immediately after the weekend and would never touch this hot potato1 again but if he was good as he was, she would find another opportunity later.

Jian Ruixi continued as she conservatively said.

“Little Jayce is already six years old, it is the age where he has endless energy. Mother and Father usually spend the weekend with him and are probably tired, so I will accompany him for two days and send him back on Monday. How does mother feel about this?”

Nothing good to be said about it.

Was what Old Madam Fu wanted to answer about it. However, she just praised Jian Ruixi as good, and she couldn’t afford herself to slap herself. So frowned but said politely.

“I know you mean well, it’s just Zonglin has never left home since he was a child, I’m afraid she will be shy with strangers.”

It took Jian Ruixi a couple of seconds to remember that Jayce’s first name was Zonglin, Fu Zonglin which sounded like ‘big shot’.

She praised it in her heart but righteously said on the surface.

“Mom, Jayce is six years old, he is a boy not a little girl. If he is so delicate, he needs more exercise.”

Without giving her wealthy mother-in-law another chance to find an excuse.

“Jayce, do you want to go back with mommy for two days?”

Old Madam Fu had the intention to say a few words, but when she saw that the circle had fallen to her grandson, she had to give up.

This was also why Jian Ruixi mentioned this matter in front of the child, because she thinks that her wealthy mother-in-law was arrogant and has excellent internal and external image, she would not be willing to show her other self in front of the child.

Old Madam Fu agreed to let Jayce make his own choice, and since she was also confident that her six year old grandson was sensible and intelligent.

He was no longer a child at the mercy of adults, his mother wanted to take him away but he shouldn’t want to. After all this mother and son had never been close to each other.

Unfortunately, Old Madam didn’t know that there was a traitor in her midst. As early as yesterday Jian Ruixi in cover of Fu Shiyuan video called Jayce and verbally agree to come with her.

Although Jayce was young, he has received a good education and knows what it means to be faithful. At this time he looked at two pairs of expectant eyes and said calmly.

“Grandma, I’ll be back with you the day after tomorrow.”

Jian Ruixi was not sure, she was a little worried before the child expresses his opinion. But hearing what Jayce said, she was very excited with the little guy’s words.

She was too excited that she quickly gets up and holds up the child and then hugs and kisses him.

“That’s great little darling.”

If it was Madam Fu, she may break her waist before holding her son up but Jian Ruixi was the same. She was an actress, and sometimes she has to be suspended up in the air, and make other things that stunt men should do.

In short, there were 18 kinds of martial arts that she had done and even she doesn’t develop muscles she at least had the strength.

Old Madam Fu couldn’t match her physically, moreover Jayce had not inherited his father’s height, even though child’s development age were different but this six year old boy looks like a four year or five year old boy.

He was delicate like a little girl, so Jian Ruixi could hug him and hold him up without any difficulty.

Old Madam Fu saw Jian Ruixi’s overjoyed appearance, and unexpectedly she was not opposed. She instructed the people around her.

“Go and pack the young master’s luggage for the next two days.”

Jian Ruixi was also not a good villain as she gently added.

“Just bring enough necessities, mainly his favorite book and toys lest he doesn’t like the toys at home.”

Not bringing more daily necessities shows that she has no intention of keeping the child for a long time, Old Madam Fu only then pursed her lips showing a slight smile.

When she saw Jian Ruixi putting down Jayce, she heard her say.

“Go and hug grandma also, it’s not easy for her to take care of you.”

The child obediently threw himself into Old Madam Fu’s arms.

Once hugger by her precious grandson, Old Madam Fu’s resentment was now lesser. Also it was good to know she knows that it was not been easy all these years for her, at least she was not too ungrateful.

Ten minutes later, Jian Ruixi held the child in her hands out of the old mansion. The child drags his own suitcase, so the mother and son return to the house.


hot potato1- a situation or subject that people disagree strongly about and that no one wants to deal with:


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