Chapter 128

Jiang Hengshu arrived at the restaurant where they were gathering shortly afterwards.

“Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. Oh—”

The deputy director was so drunk that his face was so red, and when he saw Jiang Hengshu waving to him, he narrowed his eyes and with a teasing tone he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Little Jiang is here? Director Fu didn’t drink a bit of wine just now.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled before he sat down on the empty chair beside Fu Zhen, he then lifted the wine glass on the table and said to the deputy director.

“I owe you a few cups, I’ll drink for him.”

“Xiao Jiang is cool, come come come and let’s have a toast.”

Fu Zhen grabbed Jiang Hengshu’s sleeve and slowly releases it, he then came up to Jiang Henghu’s ear as he instructed him in whisper.

“Don’t think too much.”

The deputy director smiled and asked.

“What did Fu Zhen whisper to Xiao Jiang? We want to hear it too.”

Fu Zhen shook his hand and said.

“It’s nothing, I told him not drink too much.”

“You can’t drink yourself, and now you won’t let out Xiao Jiang drink more.”


Outside the sky has darkened but the private room was still lively and bustling as they chatted about the interesting things that happened in the company this time.

Jiang Hengshu has already drunk a lot, but there was no changes in his face at all. His eyes were still like clear water, and there was no traces of him being drunk even tipsiness.

He looked at Fu Zhen who was leaning on the side yawning and knows that he was already a little sleepy.

Jiang Hengshu got up and said.

“It’s a little late now, Fu Zhen and I will need to go back first, we’ve already settled the bill, so just take you time to eat.”

“You’re going home already?”

The deputy director was still a bit reluctant of letting them go.

Jiang Hengshu smiled and walked to the sofa and pulled Fu Zhen up. He patted his face to wake him up then held his hand and left the private room together.

Looking at the back of Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen leaving together, the artist Xia Wu let out and envious sigh.

“Oh my heavens, I want to fall in love too. I also want to have a boyfriend.”

Immediately after, her mouth was stuffed with a piece of tortilla, the voice teacher beside her patted her head and said.

“Just think about it and then go back tonight and finished the picture I requested from you yesterday.”

Xiao Wu instantly collapsed on the dining table.

After coming out of the restaurant, Fu Zhen took Jiang Hengshu’s hand and said to him.

“You’re drank, you can’t drive. I’ll do it today, it’s not far anyway.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm and sat obediently in the passenger’s seat and when Fu Zhen went to the driver’s seat beside him. Jiang Hengshu turned his head somewhat sluggish to look at Fu Zhen and admonished him.

“Be careful.”

Fu Zhen also did not dare to drive fast, the car safely arrived to the parking space under their own home only to find Jiang Hengshu has indeed drink a little too much.

But the drunk Jiang Hengshu also does not make any trouble, he obediently follow Fu Zhen going home until back to their room.

Fu Zhen took of his clothes and change it to his loosed pajamas, this was all done quickly and no hassle since Jiang Hengshu was also very cooperative.

After changing the clothes, his long arms stretched and pull Fu Zhen to his embrace.

He hugged Fu Zhen, as if he was holding his favorite doll when he was a child. Fu Zhen wasted a lot of effort to break free from his embrace, once free he find a towel to wiped Jiang Hengshu’s face and then fed him a little water only then did he rest and fell asleep at ease.


In the blink of an eye, it was April 9 and the breathed of spring had come to the city of Pinghai. The willows sent out tender yellow branches and the mountains were covered with layer of green as the ice and snow melted.

Everything was being revived, and everything was thriving.

Fu Zhen was wearing a pure white suit with a small black bow tie. The suit was handmade to order, and was just delivered that day before yesterday.

The suit has a dark pattern around the edges which would be a little more obvious when viewed in the sunlight.

Fu Zhen stood in front of the mirror for a while and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Does it look good?”

Jiang Hengshu who was wearing the same type of suit walked over while adjusting the bow tie on his collar slightly and said with a smile.

“It looks good.”

He then brushed Fu Zhen’s shoulder.

“The time is almost there, it’s time to go out.”

Christianity does not allow homosexuality, but in their country there were few religions who follow different route.

Those pastors and priest were following those belief making a new policy in their country, and since their religions and country allows homosexuality to register marriage, their god must have allowed homosexuality as well.

Fu Zhen’s father nor elders from his family never attended the ceremony. Fortunately they didn’t need to get married using the traditional one.

The grooms could appear directly in the church at the same time.

The priest in black robes stood at the front of the church gazing kindly at the couple in front of him and because they were both men, the previous vows would need to be changed.

Today’s wedding guests were not particularly many and most of them were from the Jiang family. Although these people also wondered why Jiang Hengshu had found a man to marry.

Their good education background makes them not ask these irrelevant questions at the wedding.

The priest who was wearing a long cross pendant around his neck first looked at Jiang Hengshu on his left and asked.

“Groom Jiang Hengshu, are you willing to be married to this man before you, for richer or poorer in sickness and health, to be faithful to him, to love him, to guard him, and accompany him all the days of your life?”

“I do.”

“Groom Fu Zhen are you willing to be united with the man before you for richer or poorer in sickness and health, to be faithful to him, to love him, to guard him, and accompany him all the days of your life?”

“I do.”

Fu Zhen replied with a smile.



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