GTKWF 25.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


Don’t be greedy (1)

When they all woke up the next day, they had to start preparing for the movie emperor.

This was different from other guests like Shi Xuan who had paid performance fees. Meng Xingchen had been invited and would not get any, but it wasn’t like he cared.

Only Le Xiao and Sheng Qiao were left in the house. They had completed their tasks and the preparation work fell on their shoulders. The others were still working on their missions and Huo Xi did not come back before lunch. It was cold and raining today; his hands were red from the cold and his eyelashes were still holding a few drops when he entered the house.

Feeling distressed, Sheng Qiao quickly got a bowl of hot soup ready and gave it to him. She asked: “How was it?”

“Haven’t found it yet.”

He needed to find someone whose surname was Qiao and get their signature. Unfortunately, the Qiao surname was not that common and the neighborhood was pretty empty. Because the deadline was until midnight, he was planning on going to the city later.

Sheng Qiao bit her chopstick and fell silent.

After eating, Le Xiao did the dishes and Sheng Qiao went to the bathroom to call Qiao Yu.

The other end was surprised: “What a coincidence, I was about to call you.”

“It really is!”

“Anyway, I have something for you to sign.”

“I am shooting a variety show and I cannot walk away. Can you have it sent to me?”

Qiao Yi did not refuse and asked for the address, promising to come himself in the afternoon. Because it was in a remote place, Sheng Qiao added: “We have a guest coming tonight and the shooting will be busy. You might want to arrive as soon as possible.”

Qiao Yu thought about it: “Okay, I will leave now.”

When Sheng Qiao went back downstairs, Huo Xi was changing his shoes to go out and she quickly stopped him.

“Huo Xi, are you going to the city for your mission?”

He nodded.

With a calm expression, she said: “My lawyer just called, he has to bring me papers to sign. His surname is Qiao.”

Huo Xi paused and turned his head to look at her.

Sheng Qiao smirked: “You are very lucky.”

Huo Xi kept looking at her for a long time, then took off his shoes to put on his slippers again. He walked back in and smiled at her faintly: “It seems that I am.”

News of Meng Xingchen’s appearance tonight had spread all over the Internet and major media headlines were rushing to report it. Passersby started getting curious about this variety show that could invite the Film Emperor and the number of spectators dramatically increased.

The previous audience had been made of fans of the guests while others were waiting for the edited version that would be released on Saturday night. And at this moment, all the passersby that had joined found that the annoying Sheng Qiao was really different than usual.

She was generous, hardworking and good looking. She could cook hot pot, arrange flowers and no matter  what had to be done, she would do it. But most importantly, she was very beautiful even without makeup. What kind of treasure was she?

Not only passersby started turning into fans but haters too and the topic {Sheng Qiao’s rebirth} quickly became popular. Netizens would always try to find the truth.

But because of her huge transformation, it was impossible not to tie it up with the contract termination event. Just like that, Xingyao Media started to appear everywhere and the buzz around the lawsuit made waves once more.

At this time, Gao Meiling was in her office in Xingyao Media. When she saw this, she almost smashed her phone in anger again. She had not wanted Sheng Qiao to go to this variety show at all but according to the agency, they had to get some benefits out of her until the end. This variety show had really not been her idea.

But when the production team had asked for Sheng Qiao, the price had been high and Gao Meiling could not help but accept. She had inquired about the participants and one of them was even a model she had never heard of. In such a small show, Sheng Qiao should not have made any noise there. Moreover, it was a live broadcast and all of Sheng Qiao’s black spots should have been magnified. The netizens supporting her should have found her annoying again.

Sheng Qiao’s character, Gao Meiling knew it better than most. Even if she tried to rise up and fight, the cowardice determined by the environment she had grown in would never disappear. She was not a likeable person and if she had not entered the showbiz, her low EQ and low IQ would have made her fall to the bottom of society.

But not only Huo Xi had joined the show, Sheng Qiao’s performance had been completely beyond her expectations. The ratings of this dumb show were constantly rising and she could only watch Sheng Qiao gain more and more fans with anger.

A knock sounded on the door and she erased her ugly expression before saying coldly: “Come in.”

Fang Bai walked in with a document and immediately noticed Gao Meiling’s face did not look good. It was most likely because Sheng Qiao was on the hot search again. Fang Bai felt very happy but kept on a neutral expression and just said: “Sister Gao, the ticket is booked.”

“Okay. You go pick up Sheng Qiao now.”

Fang Bai paused: “Sister Gao, Sister Qiaoqiao is currently shooting her show. Won’t it be a problem? It won’t be easy to explain it to the director.”

Gao Meiling glanced at him with cold eyes: “If you know so much, how about becoming her agent?”

Fang Bai went quiet and Gao Meiling waved her hand in disgust.

“Hurry up, it will only be for a day or two.”

Fang Bai nodded. He signed and called Sheng Qiao as soon as he left.

Sheng Qiao was washing vegetables when the phone rang. She could not use her hands and Le Xiao helped her turn on the speaker. After the call connected, she smiled and asked: “Xiao Bai, do you miss me?”

Fang Bai: “… Sister Qiaoqiao, what are you doing right now?”

“Live broadcasting, what else am I supposed to be doing? I am preparing the dishes for tonight. Have you watched the show? Meng Xingchen is coming later.”

Fang Bai sighed: “Don’t prepare anymore and go pack your bag. I am on my way to pick you up, you have to fly to Ireland at 8 pm.”

Sheng Qiao: “Why?”

Le Xiao stared at the phone.

“The program {Challenge around the world} has invited you to be a guest. The location for this issue is Ireland and the filming will last two days.”

Sheng Qiao had not said anything yet that Le Xiao was already crying in outrage next to her: “Why are you letting Qiao Qiao go to the evil show of {Challenge around the world}?”

Fang Bai could only answer: “I don’t know about the agency’s arrangements. Sister Qiaoqiao, please get ready.”

After hanging up the phone, Sheng Qiao took off her apron and Le Xiao hugged her arm.

“Qiao Qiao, this show is really terrible and the guests are not even treated like human beings! Compared to them, our production team is made of angels!”

Production team: “…”

Le Xiao added: “And this show is very unpopular, nobody is watching.”

Le Xiao did not want to let her go but Sheng Qiao smiled at her and told her it was alright. She went upstairs to pack and after thinking about it, she sent a message to Meng Xingchen to tell him she had to go abroad and would not be able to receive him tonight. She hoped he would understand.


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