Chapter 31

Zhou Ruo booked a ticket to go back at noon. Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo have breakfast together at the hotel after they talk then leave for the airport, accompanied by Zheng Rou and Wang Peng.

Zheng Rou wanted to find out what talent show Shen Yan would take part in, so she begins to talk (one-sidedly) with Shen Yan.

Along the way, Shen Yan listened to Zheng Rou complimenting her.

“Yanyan you’re so pretty.”

“Yanyan you have such a good temperament.”

“What kind of skin care products you use, and what perfume are you using?”

Shen Yan replied indifferently not wanting to chat with Zheng Rou further. She didn’t like socializing much.

When they arrived at the airport, and went to their cars Zheng Rou followed Shen Yan again, only then did Shen Yan ask.

“What do you want?”

Zheng Rou did not expect Shen Yan to be direct, at once she was a little overwhelmed and could only stammer.

“I want to ask what talent show are you participating in?”

“It’s not a talent show, it’s a TV series. It’s a Xianxia drama for Xianlu.”

Zheng Rou was stunned that Shen Yan told her honestly and didn’t say anything else. But on the other hand she was doubting what Shen Yan said. She seemed different from what she thought.

Pulling their suitcases, Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo walked directly towards the airport. With Shen Yan’s fame in the entertainment industry there was still no fans to send her nor reporters following her so they could just directly go the airport without delay.

Wang Peng watched the two of them enter the airport and hurriedly came to Zheng Rou, who was still confused. Wang Peng asked.

“Does Shen Yan did not talk to you ah?”

Zheng Rou didn’t say anything.

“I knew Shen Yan wouldn’t tell you what talent show she was participating in for your future, I’ll ask Zhou Ruo about it.”

In Wang Peng’s opinion Shen Yan had an easy temperament but in fact she was not stupid. She was not someone who doesn’t fight.

So he could understand if she doesn’t tell Zheng Rou about the opportunity she had. After all, if they know the program was really an important opportunity he would of course let Zheng Rou participate in it.

Knowing that it would be the case, then Shen Yan would have a competitor.

“It’s a TV series. It’s a Xianxia drama for Xianlu.”


Wang Peng’s reaction was also confusion, this Shen Yan he couldn’t read her ah.

“How did you ask Shen Yan?”

“Shen Yan just directly asked me what I need, so I also asked directly and then Shen Yan said that to me.”

Wang Peng: “…….”

Wang Pen and Zheng Rou, the two people looked at each other for a while before Wang Peng said.

“In the future, you should be happier when you get things done. Don’t learn from Shen Yan, it’s as if things were not going the way she want, even if it was.”

Zheng Rou was quite aggrieved, mainly because she was also confused.

Although Wang Peng was quite grateful to Shen Yan, but this time he must let Zhou Rou sign up for it and then get his face back.

Zhou Ruo was relatively smart, she had guessed that Zheng Rou was trying to ask Shen Yan about, but did not say anything.

After all, she does not know if the audition casting for that Xianxia drama was an opportunity.

After chatting with Shen Yan, Zhou Ruo thought that Shen Yan has the same thought as her. Who know what Shen Yan said but she heard her say.

“If she has strength, she will win what she will win.”

“Yanyan, you’re still innocent, what do you mean by she will win what she will win? In fact sometimes you need to rely on some means if you want to win.”

“Sister Zhou I still think that being in the entertainment industry still depends on your strength.”

“You also said yesterday that your successful audition was by face.”

After thinking for a while, Shen Yan said.

“Yesterday it was by face, but face is also a kind of strength.”


After Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo returned to A city, the assistant director of Chen Fei crew called Shen Yan, invited her to come to a get together since the crew finished filming but she refused.

Shen Yan was quite grateful for the assistant director but for the Chen Fei crew, she does not want to have any contact with them.

When Chen Fei was released, Shen Yan could also be considered making her face in the industry. The only thing was that her previous life, the web drama Chen Fei did not have the role of Princess Lan.

And Shen Yan doesn’t know how much benefits she could bring herself by playing the role Princess Lan.”

The assistant director did not force Shen Yan and just said.

“By the way, you asked me to invest in Chen Fei so I invested some.”

After chatting with the assistant director some more, the car already arrived and their destination and was already parked in Shen Yan’s neighborhood. Shen Yan then hung up the phone.

If Shen Yan was not the only artist Zhou Ruo had, she would not have refused Shen Yan’s invitation to have dinner.

But once she returns to A City, she had many things to do and could only send Shen Yan to the gate of her neighborhood and goes back.

Shen Yan dragged her case inside and because she walked slowly it took six to seven minutes before she could get back home.

Although she only had one night in the B City, but Shen Yan still need a change her clothes frequently. She half squatted down to unzip the suitcase to take out the clothes inside.

But once she opened her case Shen Yan was confused, the case contains things that were not hers and the clothes inside look like men’s clothes.

She got the wrong suitcase!

Shen Yan zipped back the case and picked up her phone. She wanted to call the airline customer service.

But once she picked up her phone, it rang at the same time. Answering the phone, she heard a magnetic male voice from opposite line.

“We took the wrong suitcase, there was a card in your case.”



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