Chapter 20

He never expected to hear such words from her mouth.

Chen Feng paused and looked down at Jiang Liangchan.

The eyes that were looking at him were full of genuine sincerity.

In fact it was very sincere, but at the same time it could also be interpreted as, after having a new goal she hoped that the old love could hurry up and leave so she could focus on her new love.

Jiang Liangchan held her breath and carefully waited for Cheng Feng’s answer.

She also immediately added.

“If you want, I can immediately make that contract null and void and set you free.”

Set you free.

These words were like from the heartless slag husband telling her aggrieved wife who was ready to leave.

Jiang Liangchan on the other hand did not realize anything, as her eyes were burning waiting for Cheng Feng’s answer.

Cheng Feng remained indifferent.

“It’s your business how you act, naturally I can’t control you. But if a man’s word were said, he could never go back to his words. And if goes back on his words just because he has a reason, then what was the difference between his words without faith?”

Jiang Liangchan calculated what he meant in his mind.

If she had to tear up the contract, it would be the same as forcing him to break his words and was not a man.

Hearing this, Jiang Liangchan let out a very disappointed sigh,

“Oh. In that case, then you should work for my family better for two years.”

As for what the contract was about, she does not dare to confer and not even dare to ask.


The place where they save the young man was just around the corner of the brothel. And for the safety of the master and servant, he found an inn far from here, which was a little away from the area where they were rescued.

So they need to walk a little further, but as she walked along the road Jiang Liangchan began to hesitate whether to go or not. Since she was already out, wouldn’t it be best to make a trip to the brothel?

Moreover, just now when he was seeing the master and servant, Jiang Liangchan also asked the doctor to see Chen Feng, and found that he has no injury.

He just did a heroic act, she had to give him chance and show his face in front of the beauty.

Moreover, although he was not injured but he was certainly very tired and in such times he should also want to have the person of his choice by his side to help him and serve tea or water.

Also not to forget, a little gentle talk with a little pinch on shoulder and something?

Maybe her hesitation was so obvious that while watching her standing in front of the intersection, Chen Feng asked.

“Young Miss coming out today, where do you want to go?”

Jiang Liangchan was thinking about how to open her mouth, but when he asked her first it was like giving her an excuse to open her mouth.

Jiang Liangchan standind in the intersection and said.

“I saw a beautiful person in Huchun brothel recently and she also dances really well. I was afraid that she would be bullied in the brothel, so today I wanted to asked for her and give her some money to buy some clothes. I thought that since you were bored staying in the house every day, why not take you there to gain some experience.”

Chen Feng did not expect to hear such answer especially coming from her.

He understood in his hear that the person she was trying to describe was naturally Hua Shan. But last time when he was observing her, he didn’t see that Jiang Liangchan would be so interested in Hua Shan.

Chen Feng suppressed the doubts in his heart and asked as if seemingly unintentional.

“If Young Miss wanted to watch a beautiful dance or listen to any kind of music you can just ask the famous and well-known performer in the capital to the fu1, and there should be no need to go out. How can the dancers of Huchun compare to the dancers of a real and well-known performer?”

Is he afraid that I will go after his white moonlight?

Jiang Liangchan thought to herself.

This should by opportunity.

Jiang Liangcahn shook her hand and said.

“Ah, you don’t understand, beauty does not distinguish between regions, beauty without name is still a beauty. That dance is about body rhythm, and some people are just born to be talented.”

She right away explain and as if whispering.

“Besides, I heard that the girl looks a bit like me. Which I don’t think much but if it is really similar to me, then I know for sure that she had talent so naturally I am happy. As for her origin of birth, I doesn’t really matter, how could people choose where they born from?”

This should be a generous statement and was also touching.

If it didn’t come from Jiang Liangchan’s mouth.

Cheng Feng also wanted to refuse, he really does not have a hobby of going to such places with girls.

But the fact that Jiang Liangchan wanted to take him there, or specifically to see Hua Shan made some ‘thump’ in his heart.

Did she really meant it?

Or did she send someone to follow me?

What else does she know about me?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, alarm bells in his heart ringing but on the surface he did not show anything and simply said.

“Since the young miss is inviting me kindly, then let’s go and see.”

The private seat on the second floor of Hunchun was different from the first floor she visited last time. Although they called it private seats, it was almost all single rooms.

And in that single room, there was only Cheng Feng and Jiang Liangchan. A moment later, Hua Shan was called.

Not long after Hua Shan sat down, Jiang Liangchan then begin to praise Chen Feng of saving the two people and how heroically good he was then.

She then lied that she saw a beautiful girl downstairs and had to go and chat with the beauty, leaving Chen Feng and Hua Shan in the room.

But after she left, the room was not as she had imagined. A lonely man and woman gazing at each other affectionately.

And was shy but joyful inside that they saw their loved one, then telling each other what’s in their heart and what not.

But in fact Hua Shan stood at least two arms away from Chen Feng, she knew that Chen Feng did not like to have someone too close to him let alone physical contact.

Hua Shan did not forget what Jiang Liangchan said, and praise Chen Feng.

“Gongzi’s heroic act made Hua Shan admire gongzi more.”

Feeling a headache was coming, Chen Feng pinched his forehead.

At first, he thought that Jiang Liangchan might have noticed something about him but just now her praises made his doubts disappear like a crisp of smoke.

He even suspected that the girl who brought him here today was very similar to a matchmaker.

Could it be she has fallen in love with the teenager today?

So she want to throw me away?

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is meeting with Hua Shan was used as a way of giving him a woman to make him hate her more and leave the Jiang’s house?

All speculation appeared in his mind for a while but even he himself thought that it was absurd.

That girl, originally her mind is transparent and she was clearly stupid, she was an evil inside and out.

But recently I increasingly unable to see through her.

Hua Shan does not know what Chen Feng was thinking and did not dare to ask him. Chen Feng then asked her if she had disclose him to Jiang Liangchan or to other people.

When she gave a negative answer, once again he had fell into silence and didn’t talk to her anymore.

After waiting for a while, Chen Feng took the initiative to stand up and said he wanted to leave.

Before leaving, he suddenly turned around, thought of something and asked.

“I heard that you have yurong cream here?”

Hua Shan replied.

“There is, but only mama has it in her hand, and she rarely takes it out, she doesn’t even give them easily to others.”

Chen Feng nodded his head to show that he understood, he then turned around and continued to walk away.

When he went out, he first went to find the mama and bought the yurong cream with a high price.

Then he went downstairs and looked around, he saw Jiang Liangchan in one of the seat in the first floor. She was chatting with one of the brothel girl and was obviously having a good time and mixing well.

Chen Feng sighed soundlessly and went over to call her, together they went back to the Jiang’s house.

When Jiang Liangchan reach the door gate, and was ready to enter the courtyard, Chen Feng called her out and handed her the box of yurong cream.

“You should apply it once a day before going to bed, apply it for three or four days and the scratches on your neck will disappear.”

Jiang Liangchan touched her neck, then realized that her neck was scraped at some point. She didn’t even notice it herself.

Jiang Liangchan then handed back the yurong cream to him and said.

“This is from Hua Shan, isn’t it? I can’t use this with just little injury. You’ve suffered a lot today, you used it instead on your injuries.”

Chen Feng waved his hand.

“Men don’t care about their skin.”

He did not take the cream and did not look back, he then walk straight away.

He also does not know what he was thinking, obviously in his heart he was still very wary of Jiang Liangchan however after seeing the scar on her neck he had been thinking about it.

And even if the price was high, he still bought the yurong cream.

The yurong cream was developed by an old doctor of the former dynasty. It was specifically for scar and bruise.

After using it, the skin would recover as good as usual. It was a rare good medicine, but it was almost gone.

It was only by chance that he knew about the medicine owned by the mama in Hunchun brothel had this in her hands.

Thinking until here, Chen Feng just think that since she was good to him, then he should be good to her also.


fu1– official residence; mansion


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