Chapter 28

The atmosphere was a little awkward, while Wang Peng think it must be the same name and with the same surname to Shen Yan so he quickly said.

“Sister Zhou, don’t you want to change Shen Yan’s name ah? It’s not suitable to have the same name in the entertainment industry right?”

Zheng Rou asked.

“You’re also called Shen Yan huh?”

Having said that she continued.

“I think my agent has a point.”

Anyway in front of so many agents, it was right to go along with Wang Peng’s idea.

What are they talking about?

And why are they talking about changing my name?

Shen Yan was trying to understand what they were talking discussing.

Zhou Ruo also did not believe that Shen Yan auditioned successfully but still asked in whisper.

“Yanyan, you auditioned successfully for Director Wu’s TV series?”

At the mention of this Shen Yan was once again depressed. Looking at Shen Yan like this Wang Peng felt that he must been right, she just have the same name and surname with the person chosen on the TV series.

So a smiled bloomed on his face, but the next words he heard from Shen Yan affirming she pass the auditioned the smile on his face immediately withered.

Wang Peng: “……”

You successfully auditioned yet you looked like you’re not! Even if you’re an introvert you should at least show you are happy ah!

Why is your mood so low instead?!

Have you ever considered the feelings of those who auditioned but did not pass!?

Zheng Rou couldn’t stop looking at Shen Yan.

“You’re the one with connections, so the audition was successful?”

Connection? What connections?

Connections with Meng Yi’an?

Shen Yan sadly said.

“That’s was not the case, I was just chosen because of my face.”

Speaking up to this, Shen Yan remembered the matter about the signing of contract.

“Sister Zhou, let’s go sign the contract later.”

After signing contract she would be the official actor of Meng Yi’an investment drama.

Zhou Ruo snorted out a laugh then patted Shen Yan’s back.

“You do not know, but Shen Yan wanted to participate on a talent show audition program that’s why she was worried that if she succeeded the auditioned she wouldn’t be able to participate on the talent show. Look at you, didn’t I tell you that the schedule does not conflict.”

At that, Shen Yan pulled out a forced smile.

“Yeah, there is no conflict.”

The other agents were waiting to see She Yan’s happy face but instead they saw how very reluctant she was selected as one of the artist in Life Together.

Wang Peng did not even want to maintain his fake smile.

“You child, you auditioned successfully how come you did not tell us when you arrive.”

Without waiting for Shen Yan’s answer, Zhou Ruo hurriedly said.

“She just wanted to be low-key. Since it’s our Yanyan succeeded in her audition, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Several other agents looked at Zhou Ruo enviously. Her artist, Shen Yan was chosen regardless if it was purely success by talent on because of her face.

Wang Peng was upset but in the end did not say anything else. Shen Yan was successful in the audition what else could he say.

In face of her success, what was the use of his bragging. It failed in comparison.

Wang Peng swore in his hear that next time he would win his face back.

While the several other agents, immediately change the direction of the wind and at once praised Shen Yan.

In order to maintain the surface of the plastic friendship Wang Peng could only follow the praises, but inside he felt deeply hurt.

Zheng Ruo on the other hand was simply embarrassed to talk to Shen Yan, and could only be silent in response.

On that same day, Zhou Ruo invited several other agents to have dinner and then took Shen Yan to sign the contract.

It was a good that Meng Yi’an didn’t stay at the audition for too long at all, so Shen Yan didn’t meet him again.

When Shen Yan signed the contract with Zhou Ruo and went out, there were still artist lined up outside waiting for their auditions.

“President Meng is here!”

“I know, but it seems that President Meng went back after watching few auditions.”

“I just saw his side profile, President Meng’s face value is higher than that financial magazine. Ah, I can’t get over with the handsome face.”

Zhou Ruo was curious.

“Yanyan, is President Meng there when you auditioned?”

“Yes, but because of nervousness I did not look carefully.”

This time Shen Yan help Zhou Ruo earned a lot of face so her attitude towards Shen Yan was better than before.

Looking at Shen Yang she feels very satisfied.

“This Meng Yi’an looks like a nobleman but in fact ruthless otherwise he can’t just go back to the Meng’s after being gone for so long and could have a foothold in the Meng’s Group immediately.”

After looking at Sheng Yan, Zhou Ruo continued.

“There are many female stars that Meng Yi’an has paid attention to, after all he is the diamond king with high face value. Just don’t be confused.”

“Sister Zhou what are you thinking about?”

Me ?Getting Meng Yi’an’s attention? That is not even possible.

“The Meng family, even if Meng Yi’an has someone he likes, he needs to be well matched first or he won’t get married.”

With a laugh Shen Yan continued Zhou Ruo’s words.

“Well match family and ability to walk and pass through that door.”

“It’s good that you understand. I heard that the Meng family are arranging blind dates for Meng Yi’an.”



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