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Chapter 107

Tang Wanwan never thought that Fu Zhen would not give her any face. Angry, she stomp her feet, this was her last chance to Fu Zhen.

Since Fu Zhen was not willing to appreciate that, then the she could cast her net to catch a fish, and either the fish dies or the net splits1, and she was sure that her net would not necessarily break.

She could just say that she got the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle from Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting at that time.

She didn’t believe that Fu Zhen really made the Shazou Chronicle by himself. As long as Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen intervened, it would be hard to say who had the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle.

Tang Wanwan thought of the recent attitude of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting towards her.

Is it because they feel distressed to see Fu Zhen’s miserable fate today?

So they let themselves take the blame?

They feel sorry for Fu Zhen now, but it won’t take long for them to feel guilty towards me.

As long as Tang Wanwan seize the opportunity, the copyright of Shazou Chronicle would be in her grasped.

Tang Wanwan has always been very confident in herself, and nothing she wanted to accomplish so far has failed.

Qin Zhao came over, looking at Tang Wanwan’s somewhat angry face, he thoughtfully asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Wanwan talked to Qin Zhao about her encounter with Fu Zhen just now.

Qin Zhao frowned and felt very distress for his wife, he asked Tang Wanwan.

“Why does Fu Zhen hate you so much?”

Tang Wanwan pondered for a moment and replied to Qin Zhao.

“Probably because he thinks I’ve stolen the favor of his father and brother.”

Qin Zhao’s frowned deepened and said to Tang Wanwan.

“You’ve suffered so much outside, shouldn’t they spoil you a little more? Not to mention that one is already old, how can he not understand anything at all?”

Tang Wanwan curved her lips and gave a wry smile. She didn’t speak, making Qin Zhao’s heart torn for a moment.

He wanted to find someone to beat Fu Zhen. Now that he thinks about it, he didn’t teach Fu Zhen and that man a lesson about last time he was in Baimei Mountain Hot Spring.

Qin Zhao secretly made a decision in his heart. He asked Tang Wanwan.

“Does your arm still hurt now?”

Tang Wanwan barely squeezed out a smile and said to Qin Zhao.

“Don’t worry, it’s getting better, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.”

“How could Fu Zhen do such a cruel thing back then? If not…. If not…”

When Qin Zhao mentioned this mater, a fear burst into his heart. He hugged Tang Wanwan and heartily kissed her forehead.

Tang Wanwan nodded her head and echoed Qin Zhaos’s words.

“Yes, I also did not expect him to hate me to that extent, if was high, I might have….”

“Don’t say things like that, your good. Heavens will bless you.”


The internet was becoming more and more powerful, Jiang Hengshu was afraid that once these people go crazy, they would find Fu Zhen through illegal means and the do something to hurt him again.

But if he wants to solve this problem, he needs to ask Fu Zhen what really happened back then so that he could help him come up with a solution.

What really happened back then?

Fu Zhen actually does not want to mention these old events. After all that was really not a good memory for him, but Jiang Hengshu always has some privileges for him.

Fu Zhen leaned back on the sofa and looked at the ceiling above his head, recalling those past events.

From the moment Tamg Wanwan arrived at the Fu’s house, he particularly disliked the girl and barely concealed his resistance to Tang Wanwan’s arrival.

And when he first heard Fu Jianchen told him that there would be one sister, Fu Zhen directly and sharply asked.

“Is the DNA identification result sure that there is no problem?”

However, without waiting for Fu Jianchen to speak, Tang Wanwan spoke first, saying to Fu Zhen.

“Since I’m not welcome in this home, I’d better leave.”

That’s when Fu Jianchen reprimanded Fu Zhen. Telling him, that he must accept Tang Wanwan’s identity as he planned to hold a banquet soon to introduce her to his friends and business partners. Making sure that his little daughter who suffered a lot would not be left out.

Fu Zhen felt that Fu Jianchen was out of his mind, so pinned his hope on Fu Ting. But Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen were both the same.

They were eager for Tang Wanwan to live in Fu’s family as soon as possible. He easily accepted that he had another sibling very smoothly.

But no matter what Fu Ting and Jianchen attitudes towards Tang Wanwan, Fu Zhen still dislikes her. He shows his feeling very clearly and never hidden his dislike for Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan probably, doesn’t not like Fu Zhen very much either. They always have a lots of quarrels intentionally or unintentionally.

Every time no matter whether Fu Zhen deliberately provoked the fight or not he would always be reprimanded and punished.

While Tang Wanwan was setting beside Fu Jianchen, smiling happily, Fu Zhen feels like a clown jumping from the beam.

From childhood to adulthood, he was not reprimanded and suffered as much, before Tang Wanwan came to the family.

Fu Zhen gradually realized that he could not be Tang Wanwan’s opponent. He first surrendered the war without seeing the smoke2.

But his submission did not get Tang Wanwan forgiveness, the more he gave in the more Tang Wanwan pressed him step by step and compressed his position in the Fu family.


either the fish dies or the net splits1–  life and death struggle (idiom)

surrendered the war without seeing the smoke2– surrendered the fight even without knowing the outcome ( something like that)


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