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Chapter 96

Wang Tong saw Fu Zhen’s sketch on the coffee table and suddenly screamed like a frog.

He knew that the sketched was not drawn by Jiang Hengshu. Wang Tong has followed Jiang Hengshu for several years, but did not find that he has this skill.

So he instantly knew after analyzing that this sketched should be drawn by Fu Zhen, he then asked Fu Zhen.

“Is this drawn by you? That’s amazing!”

Fu Zhen nodded.

Wang Tong said with some embarrassment.

“Can you also draw one for my wife?”

Fu Zhen was a little curious, he has never heard of Jiang Hengshu telling him that Wang Tong had a wife.

“Your wife?”

Jiang Hengshu explained to Fu Zhen on the side.

“What is the name of the female lead in Shazou Chronicle?”

Fu Zhen instantly understood. And since he was going to the Jiang’s house for Spring Festival, he didn’t take on new color insert jobs, and had much more free time.

“Yes, what kind do you want?”

Seeing that the two of them started chatting, Jiang Hengshu went to the kitchen to cut some fruits.

Wang Tong looked at the sketches on the table that Fu Zhen hadn’t put together, after making a lot of request on the color insert’s outcome Wang Tong hesitated but ask in the end.

“Are you Jian Wen?”

Fu Zhen did not expect that Wang Tong could realized it immediately, but him finding out was not big deal so he nodded.

“I knew that only my Jiejie1 could draw such picture. Jiejie you’re so awesome.”

Wang Tong praised endlessly.

“Sister-in-law , are you the original artist of Shazou Chronicle? How can you draw exactly the same as the artist? Jiejie I seemed to notice you have stopped accepting color insert in weibo lately?”

Wang Tong has too many questions that he did not know which one to answer first, good thing Jiang Hengshu came to his rescue.

“Who are you calling Jiejie?”

Jiang Hengshu came over with a fruit tray on his hand and pulled a long face. He put the tray on the table and said to Wang Tong.

“The stuff I asked you are already here, you can go now.”

“My goodness.”

Wang Tong stared at Jiang Hengshu as if he was looking at a Zhou Bapi2, he the said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Isn’t it time for a meal boss? Don’t you want to invite me to have a meal? Are you still human? Sister-in-law do you think he’s human?”

Wang Tong was quick with this mouth and so was his brain, he knew how to get through Jiang Hengshu, he immediately involve Fu Zhen into the conversation.

Fu Zhen on the other hand did not expect this, and was not used being called sister-in-law by Wang Tong. With his red face he looked at and blinked at Jiang Hengshu.

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

Jiang Hengshu asked.

“I want to eat cola chicken, Japanese tofu, spicy chicken and braised pork…”

Wang Tong immediately name series of dishes.

Jiang Hengshu emotionlessly said to Wang Tong.

“I didn’t asked you. I asked my wife.”

Wang Tong tilted his head and said melancholy.

“…. It seems that I am only worthy of eating dog food.”

However how could Fu Zhen ignored their guest, Wang Tong, of his request? So Fu Zhen picked out some easier dishes that Wang Tong had just mentioned and told Jiang Hengshu.

Watching Jiang Hengshu put on his apron and went into the kitchen again, Wang Tong once again came to Fu Zhen’s side and asked.

“Does the boss cook every day?”

Fu Zhen nodded.

“He did it this days.”

Wang Tong gave a thumbs up.

“Boss cooking is very good!”

Fu Zhen also agreed with Wang Tong’s.

When Jiang Hengshu comes out from the kitchen, he saw Fu Zhen and Wang Tong’s two little head together, discussing in a low voice on what other thing Wang Tong wanted to happen on the color insert.

After a while, Wang Tong noticed a direct death glare from Jiang Hengshu, as he raised his head, it collided directly with Jiang Hengshu’s glare.

Scared, Wang Tong immediately clarified.

“Sister-in-law and I are innocent.”

Fu Zhen looked at and asked.

“Is the food ready?”

Jiang Hengshu came over and sat down next to Fu Zhen.

“Still have to wait a little longer. Hungry? There is a packet of potato chips, want to eat that first?”

Wang Tong stared at Jiang Hengshu, he simply couldn’t believe that the gentle person in front of him was his boss, who was so fierce that he could almost fight evenly with a bear.

Fu Zhen shook his head.

“Not hungry yet.”

Instead, Wang Tong said to Jiang Hengshu shyly.

“Boss, I’m hungry. Can I have some?”

“There is still some food in the fridge, go get it yourself.”


When he came out of the house after dinner, Wang Tong held his bloated stomach as his feet were floating while walking.

He always felt that Jiang Hengshu, whom he saw today seemed to be possessed by something.

The closer the day they’re going to visit the Jiang Family, the more uneasy Fu Zhen was.

Although Jiang Hengshu had been comforting him and telling him that the people in the Jiang Family had already accepted him.

But Fu Zhen was still afraid of something unexpected.

“It’s okay, everything’s gonna be okay.”

Jiang Hengshu took great pain to comfort and ease Fu Zhen.

In a blink of an eye, it was already the Spring Festival. The streets were filled with festive music playing in the stores on both sides of the road.

The day before they would visit the Jiang Family, Fu Zhen couldn’t sleep for half a night, he could hardly sleep.

He even had a nightmare about Jiang Hengshu’s family dog being beaten, he woke up immediately and didn’t go back to sleep until 2 o’clock in the morning.

The next morning, Fu Zhen woke up not was restless and uneasy as before, he orlderly dressed and took the prepared gifts.

He got into Jiang Hengshu’s car, collectedly and very calmly as if he was not anxious previously.

The car carried Fu Zhen through the noisy city and arrived outside the mid-level villa where Butler Wang had been waiting for a long time.

At the moment the car stopped, Father Jiang, Grandfather Jiang and Madam Jiang came out from the inside villa together to greet them.


Jiejie1– raw use 太太 (tài tai) meaning married woman Mrs. Madam wife, so in this case I used Jiejie which means older sister, since the fans assumed that the artist is a girl

Zhou Bapi2– Zhou the exploiter, archetypal character in short story


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