Chapter 1(1)

A wind gently blew the curtain and down.

The daylight outside the window was cast on Tang Xinyu’s face through the gap raised by the curtains. Tang Xinyu raised her hand to cover her eyes in discomfort.

It took her a long time to come back from her senses.

This is…

The elegant curtain embroidered with dark flowers, the European carved bed, the soft and delicate silk quilt, and the dressing table piled with variety of cosmetics on the opposite side of the bed.

Were all seen with her good good eyesight. Tang Xinyu was sitting on the bed when she saw a woman in the mirror that has long hair, and dazed eyes .

Tang Xinyu remembered that last night she was still sleeping well at her house, but now why—

Knock, knock

Before she could figure out where she was, there was a knock on the door of her room.

“Miss are you up? Madam just called in from the office and asked you to answer it.”

Miss? Madam?

Tang Xinyu was puzzled, she looked down at the unfamiliar pink pajamas on her body, not making any sound for a long time.

Since the steward couldn’t hear any response, he said once again.

“Excuse me miss, I’m going in.”

Seeing Tang Xinyu was sitting on the bed, a bit dazed the steward felt relived, he walked to the bedside, and bowed slightly.

“Miss, you’re finally up. Madam Tang’s on the phone, please go and answer it.”

Tang Xinyu looked at the unfamiliar person in front of her blankly with many questions whirling inside her head, but with her years of habit she made herself calm down instantly.

There was no flaw on her face, she calmly assist the situation and for the meantime, she went downstairs under the urge of the steward to answer the call.

As she arrived in the living room, she picked up the phone next to the sofa and answered the call.

The person on the other end of the line seemed to have been waiting for Tang Xinyu to answer the call, and immediately responded with a sweet and gentle voice.

“Xinxin you’re up? Lanqing has explained to be about breaking the appointment yesterday, he had an important client to meet last night. “

The sweet voice continued to talk.

“It’s good for man to have a career, it means he has a sense of responsibility, today he will come to your house to apologized in person, so just be considerate of him, okay?”


Why does this name sound so familiar?

Where have I heard it?

Tang Xinyu didn’t understand any of the words, as if she was listening to some foreign language, and couldn’t respond to other person on the line.

However it seems that the other person also didn’t want to hear her response and continued to talk.

“Mom doesn’t ask for anything, she just want you to be happy. Lan Qing has a sense of responsibility and is willing to make progress. You should take advantage of it and don’t be a little naughty, okay?”


“Okay, for now. By the way, later on Mo Shao will come to the house, I guess the Mo family’s trying to check the engagement. You entertain them first, mom will be back immediately.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xinyu looked around and had a ridiculous guess rose up in her heart.

Did I cross over..?

Before she could sort out that thought, the steward brought a hot milk, sandwiches and a plate of cut fruits to the table.

“Miss, breakfast is ready, Mr. Mo has arrived, and is in the garden, Miss Tian is accompanying him.”

Miss Tian?

Who is it again?

Tang Xinyu absent mindedly stuffed sandwiches into her mouth, while sorting out the information she got, ten minutes ago.

Her heart probably had a little idea.

Was I… Nah, it can’t be..?

It would be interesting to see if it was really what she thought it was.

As Tang Xinyu was lost in her thought, she already finished eating everything on the plate. The steward who was at the corner immediately went up and take away the empty plate and said with a concern.

“Miss, go to the garden quickly, Mr. Mo was quite anxious when he came. And don’t easily get angry, just listen well to what Mr. Mo will say.”

Concern, was written on the steward’s face, and he was not pretending. It should be that this steward was the one who took care of the original owner of the body for a long time.

Tang Xinyu look at the whole first floor, nodded and turned around to go back to her room to change her clothes.

After changing her clothes, Tang Xinyu went out to her room and was walking towards the garden while observing her surroundings.

When she turned to a few corners, and saw a high garden flower wall at the end of the graden path, her heart was suddenly alarmed.

Sure enough….

Tang Xinyu was speechless, she did not expect to really cross over into this garbage novel.

It was a coincidence that the company she founded had just ventured into film and television industry.

She asked her secretary to pick a few original novels with film and television prospects and asked to send them to her so that she could create the company’s first mega-IP project.

But the secretary mistakenly sent over a novel she read in her spare time by mistake.

After reading the brainless whitewashing trash novel, Tang Xinyu first called her secretary, telling her to severely criticized and slammed the author who wrote such brainless novel.

She didn’t expect..

Tang Xinyu walked towards the flower wall, wanting to get closer to determine if it was the wall describe in the novel with a lot of description on it.

However just as she got closer, she heard a voice coming from behind the flower wall.

“You… don’t do that.. what would we do if someone sees us..”

As soon as Tang Xinyu heard the coquettish and sweet voice, her footsteps couldn’t help but lighten up.

There seems to be a sound of two people pushing back and forth on the other side of the flower wall.

A warm male voice with a low chuckle rang out.

“This flower wall is very hidden, and a dead end, I have already check this in advance, besides….”

The man’s voice was lowered a little more and with a bewitching and a hint excited desired could be hear in his voice.

“Besides, don’t you think it’s more exciting?”

The female voice laughed delicately, as if pushing the man but was wrapped back into his arms again.

“Well don’t …. You are so nasty ah …”

The male mandarin duck1 seems to be kissing the female mandarin duck, and his voice was somewhat coaxing the female mandarin duck.

“Just once… let’s try…”


mandarin duck1– lover


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  1. myunicornstory2 Avatar

    Will you continue translating this novel? I really like it and hope you doo. I love the translation so farr


    1. Yes i will continue translating the novel.. was really busy this past few months with moving and renovating.
      but i will not dropped the novel.. see you soon on chapter 2 ^^


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