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Chapter 68

That night Fu Zhen received a call from Director Zhao Jin. After Fu Zhen connected the call, the person on the other line called his name with uncertainty,

“Fu Zhen…?”

“Who are you?”

Asked Fu Zhen.

“Zhao Jin.”

Fu Zhen let out a sound and suddenly realized,

“So it’s director Zhao. What can I do for you?”

“You don’t have to pretend with me, those things on the internet were put out by you, right?”

Zhao Jin questioned Fu Zhen loudly over the phone.

Fu Zhen wrinkled but didn’t put away the phone from his ear. Jiang Hengshu who was dealing with the documents, also heard Zhao Jin’s voice and looked at Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen winked at Jiang Hengshu then said with a smile,

“Director Zhao, what are you talking about? I don’t quite understand.”

“You don’t have to pretend, no one will do this except you. I’m just here to remind you, do you think you can turn over a new leaf just by releasing those things? Have you forgotten what you did to Tang Wanwan back then? As soon as you show just your head, both the Fu family and Qin Zhao will not let you go.”

“Do you have anything else to say?”

Zhao Jin threatened Fu Zhen,

“Fu Zhen I tell you, I’m not a good person and trust me you don’t want to know how bad I can be.”

However Fu Zhen’s tone was calm and did not take Zhao Jin’s words to heart,

“Then we’ll see what happens.”

Immediately afterwards he suddenly reminded Zhao Jin,

“By the way I think you should be receiving summon from the court soon.”

At present, Zhao Jin only knew that Fu Zhen sent these videos in the internet and did not know that he also sent a copy to the court.

Upon hearing that he also sent a copy to the court Zhao Jin’s jaw simple dropped and he roared.

“Fu Zhen do you still think that you are the young master of the Fu family that everyone wants to—”

Before Zhao Jin could finished his words, Fu Zhen hung up the call, and put the number on his block list.

Jiang Hengshu shook his head with a smile at the corner of his lips, then continued working on the documents.

Fu Zhen picked up the computer, began to draw his next picture for today. All the money he made by accepting drafts was used to hire the water army.

His wallet was once again empty, he must hurry and make used of the time to make it bigger again.

While immersed in his drawings, Fu Zhen suddenly remembered Tang Wanwan and was wondering if she still wanted to film Shazou Chronicle.

If yes then he just wanted to get a compensations from Tang Wanwan but also know that it won’t be easy, especially since he doesn’t want to deal with those people again.

Or if no, then he hoped that this time he can successfully get his share of compensation from Zhao Jin’s, and when he gets the money, he can continue to work on the unfinished Shazou Chronicle.

Fu Zhen planned everything well, but he didn’t expect that someone would anxiously intervened.

After Zhao Jin failed to negotiate with Fu Zhen, he stayed up late to write a long blog, which explained that the film was actually shot by the mosaic man in the video at first and he was indeed the director but later the producer was not satisfied with the man so he was replaced by Zhao Jin.

But what he didn’t was Fu Zhen was actually also the producer.

This long thread was simply considered a failed PR, which was only obviously made up and a half-hearted evidence.

People who have watched the movie and the video could see that Chun Huashan ended up retaining exactly what the director had in mind and the netizens were not fools for them to be fooled by such obvious lie.

In just a few days, the glory Zhao Jin had, all gone forever. Just as he planned to expose Fu Zhen’s identity, Tang Wanwan contacted him.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend, after knowing Zhao Jin’s situation, Tang Wanwan immediately realize that her opportunity was coming, she left to find Zhao Jin and told him that as long as Fu Zhen dies, she could find someone to help Zhao Jin clarify the matter.

And make sure that Zhao Jin would still become the famous and talented director, making sure that everything will end well for the both of them.

Zhao Jin knew that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were very doting on Tang Wanwan, they would do anything for her, so if she asked them to stand up for him then all the glory he had lost would all come back to him.

Zhao Jin has just experienced the pain of falling from heaven to hell in one night, now completely desperate Tang Wanwan’s words were his last straw to save his life. He didn’t hesitate to seize it.

When he once in despair, he met a lot of people from all regions that were outlaw1, as long as he paid them they would be willing to do anything.

After finding out Fu Zhen’s current address, Zhao Jin entrusted these people to accomplish the task of killing Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen knew nothing about the assassination, he was completely clueless.

He stood in line at the barber shop to get his fair fixed, and then in the evening Jiang Hengshu came to pick him up and went home together.

When the killers sat that Fu Zhen was with another man, they hesitated but the leader was ruthless and said,


Killing one or two person were all the same, just let them go together, better to have a companion than alone and meet King Yama2.



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outlaw1 – gun for fired

King Yama2– king of hell

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