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Chapter 16

The assistant director earnestly advised,

“I’m doing this for a change of fresh air1, but you—what are you doing it for? Don’t buy it, don’t buy it.  You’re not a first- or second- tier star, for you to buy a hundred thousand stock.”

Looking at the building in front of her, Shen Yan said seriously,

“I know, but because I’m not a first- or second tier star that I need to buy it.”

“Why don’t you listen to me? Although I’m on your side, I don’t believe that the Chen’s group can make money. I just looked at stock and it has been falling, it only rose a little yesterday but directly falls back again. It seems to continue to fall back.”

As the two of them were talking, several group actors from the Chen Fei Company came running to buy stock from Yuran.

“Come on hurry up, we need to buy stock from Yuran, buy it and earn ah, look at He Han’s boyfriend, just because of this stock he became an investor.”

“Yes, when I make money, I won’t be a group actor2 anymore.”

Listening to those people, Shen Yan felt that in a few days, many people would be blocking He Han’s hotel room, the stock of Yuran in a few days would surely plummet.

Shen Yan already told those people but they won’t believe her. She couldn’t help it, even if she goes up and told them again, maybe they would just say that she was jealous of He Han.

“Assistant director, Chen’s enterprise will definitely rise up, and I dare to buy stock from them with all the money I have.”

Having said that, Shen Yan directly went in and bought stock.

The assistant director had an anxious expression,

“We just recently started appearing online—how can you be so honest ah doing what you just said. How do you think would I feel if I sell the stock I just bought?”

When Shen Yan came out, she had already bought a hundred shares from Chen’s Group. The assistant director did not go in with her, he stood leaning against the car waiting for Shen Yan and said to her,

“It’s thirty in total.”


“A total of 30 people from our crew bought stock from Yuran.

The stock matter made the people in the Chen Fei Company in high spirit, they would discuss about stock after filming, and those who did not buy the stock have no common topic with them.

When She Yan returned to the set, He Han was more popular that Li Jun, the director. Wherever she went she was like a popular star, everyone was flocking and saying good things to her, giving her a lot of face.

He Han’s costume change from palace maid to one of the concubine, without waiting for She Yan, the assistant director asked,

“What’s going on?”

One of the group happened to be Li San who dislike She Yan, answered.

“Of course, it’s change of role ah, emperor took fancy of her and made her into a concubine. He Han’s boyfriend is an investor. She also brings money to the crew, we have asked her about stocks and she answered us truthfully. Both the camera and lightning director promised us to take shot of her blooming beauty”

After speaking Li San looked at Shen Yan with ridicule,

“I bought all the stocks. When I make money, I’ll invest and with the other actors to co-produce a web drama and I’ll be the male lead no. 3”

Shen Yan’s gaze swept over the people on the set and then pulled the corner of her lips,

“Blooming beauty huh… I don’t use lightning and good angle just to look beautiful, unlike her.”

Li San wanted to retort, but don’t know what to say. So he then continued.

“I also asked everyone to buy stocks together. They are now all thanking me.”

Shen Yan: “….” It’s good if they don’t beat you up later.

Thinking of those innocent people, Shen Yan said,

“Cautiousness is needed when investing, and you are not familiar with He Han.”

“You’re just jealous. You’re jealous of He Han, how can you be like this ah? After He Han’s boyfriend invested, he called us one by one. Even if you’re jealous of He Han don’t lump us like you, not wanting us to make money.”

Li San’s attitude was similar to others, whatever Shen Yan advises them, they won’t believe her.

Looking at the assistant director on the side Shen Yan said,

“Assistant director, you’re my bole3 right?”

“Yes, of course I’m your bole!”

“Buy more stocks.”


The assistant director who originally wanted to refused, bought some stocks in front of Li San with his phone, tearfully. He shivered and said,

“I believe in Shen Yan!”

He Han told the assistant director,

“Assistant director, you really made the director worry about you. When you went out with Shen Yan, the director said that it was because of Shen Yan that you are doing this. He also said that he wanted to keep you away from her.”

Not in a mood to talk to them, Shen Yan walked away. Since she also needs to check the news about the audition, rather than arguing with them.

The assistant director thought that She Yan was angry, and wanted to persuade her with a few words but Li Jun called him and reproached his actions.

“What does Shen Yan know? He Han’s boyfriend has given us way to make money ah!. Why do you always follow her?

“I think….”

“What do you think? You go and distribute the lunch boxes!”



Li Jun was dissatisfied with Shen Yan. The whole production knows about it, in addition they also stand up for He Han, since she was helping them make more money. And isolated Shen Yan.

The assistant director who always helped Shen Yan couldn’t say a word, since the director always asked him to distribute the lunch boxes or asked him to buy things outside.



change of fresh air1– someone wanted to make a situation new, different or and exciting

group actor2– extra/ hired as a group to act on small role

bole3– good judge of talent/scout

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