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Chapter 44

Many people lined up in front of the self-service ticket vending machine outside the theater, most of them were couples their heads leaning together, whispering topics they only could hear.

The colorful lights on the dome illuminate the place colorfully and the air is filled with the aroma of popcorn. Speaking of which Fu Zhen has not been in a movie theater for a long time, the last time he went to watch a movie seemed to be two years ago, Fu Jianchen booked Tang Wanwan’s movie theater and forced his family to watch it in the cinema.

The corners of Fu Zhen’s mouth curled into a straight line, he really didn’t want to think of those unhappy past.

The people was like cicada slowly wriggling forward, everyone lowered their heads and whispered, mixed with the music he could not hear anything clearly.

It’s finally almost their turn, Jiang Hengshu turned around and asked Fu Zhen,

“What do you want to see?”

Fu Zhen glanced across the front screen, he did not expect that he might come to see a movie with Jiang Hengshu today, so he did not check the recent movies.

“You choose.” Fu Zhen handed over the decision to Jiang Henghsu.

Jiang Hengshu then chose a star-studded action comedy.

During holidays there are always more people in the cinema than usual, good positions are already taken, Jiang Hengshu can only choose two seat in the back row, the movie opens at 8:50 and ends about 11.

When Fu Zhen was in university, he studied electrophotography and also studied film and television appreciation for two semesters although he really is biased with Jiang Hengshu he has to say that the film he picked is really bad.

Most of the lines are popular on the internet before, it is not impossible to use these lines but the screenwriter has no ability to integrate these lines with the style of the whole movie so its felt awkward when actors says their lines.

Fu Zhen didn’t want to comment, he pressed his forehead suddenly feeling a trace of coldness on his face, Fu Zhen stretched out his hand, touch his nose and smell it, there is no smell it seems that this is not a scary movie.*

(TL: * most of scary movies had water dripping above their head, where the ghost was staring at you.. there is water dripping above Fu Zhen’s head)

Fu Zhen raised his head and looked towards the high dark dome on the projection hall, he could only see the darkness as the water continued to drip, falling on the back of Fu Zhen’s hand.

The surrounding seat are already full and Jiang Hengshu is sitting next to him, he doesn’t want to get separated from Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu notice that Fu Zhen was acting weird.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen shook his head and lied to Jiang Hengshu, “No, it’s nothing.”

The light of the movie screen was reflected on Fu Zhen’s face as well as his white and slender neck as if it would break with a slight touch, his face was a little red and when he got closer he could see the fine fluff on his face.

Jiang Hengshu suddenly felt that there was a bit of heat in the theater, he should have bought two glassed of coke when they came in just now.

The best movie in the world generally have something in common but bad movies can be rotten in a variety of ways—all kind of weirdness. Watching a movie today opened a new door for Fu Zhen.

For more than two hours of film, Fu Zhen hardly watched for the next one and a half hours, he was secretly looking at Jiang Hengshu who was next to him. Jiang Hengshu seemed to be very satisfied with the movie he chose. He was too focused and sometimes shows a smile.

Gradually Fu Zhen, became courageous, he simply turned his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu was really good looking, his blue eyes are shining in the bright light, he has a high nose bridge and his thin lips are slightly pursed, when he laughed the corners of Fu Zhen’s mouth would also rose involuntarily.

The two hour movie was finally over, Fu Zhen didn’t know what story was told in the movie, he only remembered Jiang Hengshu’s smiling lips.

The night in the deep winter is always frighteningly cold, after coming out of the cinema the cold wind pierced like a sharp blade, Fu Zhen shivered and then sneeze. He only wore a woolen coat when he came out, he should have wear thicker clothes but the jacket in the closet was two years ago and looks a bit shabby.

When he is with Jiang Hengshu he always hoped that he could look better.

Jiang Henghshu who was walking by his side, stopped after hearing the sneeze, Fu Zhen tilted his head to look at him, not knowing what he was going to do. Then he saw Jiang Hengshu take of his trench coat and put it on Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen was stunned, again. Jiang Hengshu was so kind to him today that he always made him feel like he was dreaming. He secretly pinched himself—no, it’s not a dream.

“I don’t need it.” Fu Zhen sneezed again after he finished speaking, the credibility of his words was greatly reduced.

“Just wear it. I’m not cold.”

Jiang Hengshu only wore a black turtleneck sweater inside the trench coat, standing on the colorful lights he looks like a lonely pine, but fortunately thy only need to walk a short distance to get a taxi.

Fu Zhen grasped the neckline of the trench coat with both hands, he followed Jiang Hengshu and looked at his back, he could feel the lingering warmth of Jiang Hengshu in the trench coat and continuously spreading to his body. Fu Zhen at this moment suddenly possessed with endless courage and motivation—he wanted to work hard to become worthy of Jiang Hengshu.

The atmosphere in the car was the same as before. Fu Zhen tightly holding Jiang Hengshu’s trench coat in his arms and looked at the window. The bare street tree swiftly passed his sight and after a while he turned his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu beside him.

The car was too quiet, Fu Zhen moved his finger slightly, he turned his head and asked Jiang Hengshu,

“What do you think of the movie just now?”




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