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Chapter 39

Jiang Hengshu only woke up after less than four hours of sleep, Fu Zhen beside him was still sleeping, his breath was long and a hint of warmth could be seen on his face.

He carefully move Fu Zhen’s arm that was wrapped on him, he got up and walked out of the room. He sat on the sofa in the living room, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Check someone for me”


“Fu Zhen.”

The other party agreed happily,

“I will give you the result in three days.”

After Jiang Hengshu hung up the phone, he leaned on the sofa and closed his eyes, the light of the morning sun shone from the window and spread from the floor up to the sofa.

The quiet rental house gradually came to life; talking, opening doors, sound of water, other sounds mixed together composing a volume of the world.

Fu Zhen also woke, thinking of what happened last night he felt that he could no longer face Jiang Hengshu, he was really sleepy and so must Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu must have been very tired last night, but he still insisted on talking. Fu Zhen took a long sighed—Jiang Hengshu was really a good person.

He tidyed up his messy hair, pulled his slippers, opened the door and walked out. He saw Jiang Hengshu sitting on the sofa, the sunlight fell on his short black hair and his azure blue eyes.

Fu Zhen walked over. Jiang Hengshu was aware of his arrival, raised his head to looked at him,

“Thank you last night.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded and said to Fu Zhen,

“Don’t go the construction site today, I will ask the foreman for leave of absence.”

Fu Zhen though the same way, in this state he couldn’t push a cart of sand. He hoped that the foreman would not think that he deliberately lied to him in order not to go to the construction.

“I’m leaving.”

Jiang Hengshu picked up the coat on the sofa, got up and left the rental house.

After Jiang Hengshu left, Fu Zhen made himself a simple breakfast and after eating he took out his phone and opened weibo.

This time the kidnapping delayed him three whole days, there was an illustration that should have been submitted last night. Now the other party might think that he had taken the deposit and ran away, sure enough there were several private message from the other party last night.

But the tone was very good, Fu Zhen felt even guiltier and he quickly sent a message to the other party.

[Sorry something happened at home these few days, the drawing has not been completed, but I’ll try my best to released it as soon as possible, if you are in a hurry I can refund the deposit to you. If you are willing to wait I will give a discount and only accept half of the payment]

After almost three seconds, a reply was sent.

[Is jiejie okay?]

[I’m alright, thank for your concern]

[I’m not in a hurry, its okay if jiejie submits it two days later]

[Thank You]

Although the other party said the they didn’t mind, Fu Zhen still felt sorry. He didn’t plan to ask for the final payment for this illustration, the delivery date will be tomorrow. Fu Zhen pressed his forehead, fortunately this is the last illustration and there was nothing left to do if he can draw faster he can still finish the painting today.

Fu Zhen took out his notebook and drawing board, he began to immerse himself in painting, time rushed away with his pen. During the break news Fu Zhen browsed a piece of news on the internet: Shazou Chronicle is expected to be adapted into live-action TV series Tang Wanwan intends to play the role of heroine.

Question marks hung onn Fu Zhen’s head, didn’t Tang Wanwan refuse to buy the copyright of Shazhou Chronicle? Where did this news came from?

And what surprised him even more was still behind, just below the news there was another movie press conference, although there was only a small screenshot Fu Zhen could still tell at a glance that it was back then—it is a graduation work that he work so hard to shoot but was blocked before it was released, and now it may appear on the big screen as we once expected.

It’s just, now the director of the movie is not him.




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