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Chapter 27

Fu Jianchen’s mood was not very good, Tang Wanwan sat beside him, trying to comfort him. After thinking for a long time she said to Fu Jianchen,

“Dad don’t be too angry, I heard from a friend that he saw Fu Zhen working in a gay bar some time ago. He may indeed like men, now that the social environment is so open homosexuality it’s not a big deal”

What she said to Fu Jianchen was true, but at that time she thought that her friend was maybe mistaken it for someone else, she didn’t expect for Fu Zhen to be really gay.

A trace of contempt flashed in Tang Wanwan’s eyes, and took Fu Jiachen’s arm,

“Dad I want to eat cake.”

“Wait for the driver to stop in front of a cake shop”

“Thank you Dad”

Fu Jianchen replied but his face is sinking like water and didn’t want to speak for the time being. He turned his head and looked out the window not knowing what he was thinking about.

Tang Wanwan’s hands was still resting on Fu Jianchen’s arm with a smile on corner of her lips and she seemed to be in a good mood.


In the dim corridor, Jiang Hengshu was walking upstairs while holding Fu Zhen, his speed was neither fast nor slow. His surrounding were quiet, Fu Zhen raised his head under the dim light, Jiang Hengshu’s jaw lines seemed to softer that what he had seen yesterday, his azure blue eyes gleamed in the dark, the brightest star in the sky before dawn.

He should have opened his mouth to let Jiang Hengshu put him down but he was too greedy and wanted to stay longer in his embrace.

Fu Zhen seemed to be bewitched by the devil he stretched out his hand slowly raised it and put his arms around Jiang Hengshu’s neck with his head resting on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder he hears the powerful beating of the heart on his chest.

Fu Zhen felt his neck up to his face a little hot.

Jiang Hengshu’s footsteps paused, he lowered his eyes and looked at the person in his arms, there seemed to be a faint light flashing in his azure eyes. He didn’t say anything, he just raised his arms slightly and hugged him casually as he continue walking.

Arriving on the sixth floor, Jiang Hengshu stopped outside the door where they lived together. From the corridor there was noise coming from the inside, of people playing cards, Jiang Hengshu put Fu Zhen down and asked him softly,

“Can you go by yourself?”

Fu Zhen nodded, he heard a touch of gentleness in Jiang Hengshu’s calm tone at the same time he felt guilty for his selfishness, he said to  Jiang Hengshu,

“Thank you just now.”

“It’s okay” Jiang Hengshu’s voice was cold as if he was not the one who helped Fu Zhen.

Jiang Hengshu opened the door in front of him and the old door made a long creaking sound, Fu Zhen followed Jiang Hengshu into the rental room and walked towards their respective rooms.

Fu Zhen went back to his room and saw the woven bag on his hands, only did he remembered that he hadn’t brought anything yet, he had no extra energy to go downstairs again. After hesitating he took out his phone and ordered porridge on meituan.

He just ate very little for dinner, when his chest was not so stuffy he picked up his pencil again and continued the drawing that was not completed during the day.

The dwarf on the alarm clock started walking, looking for gems, indicating how late the night is. Fu Zhen turned off the computer and lights then went to bed but his sleepiness disappeared, in this long silent night there was a slight noise in the next room.

Moonlight entered through the gap between the bed and curtains leaving a bright color like snow on the ground. Fu Zhen lay on bed sideways looking at the wall opposite, his heart moved, what is Jiang Hengshu doing now?

But immediately he became sad again, why couldn’t Jiang Hengshu like him?

Is there really no hope for someone like him?

Fu Zhen bit his lip and soon his lips turned white, he sighed and closed his eyes while holding the pillow.

He really like Jiang Hengshu.

“What does that person you like looks?”

In his dream, Fu Zhen asked his sweetheart. (TL: aka Jiang Hengshu)

Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes reflected his figure, he leaned down and put a soft kiss on his light colored lips, he heard him whisper,

“It’s you.”




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