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Chapter 20

Fu Zhen didn’t know that the person who came to buy the copyright of Shazou Chronicle from him was sent by Fu Ting, let alone that Fu Ting planned to come personally after his assistant failed to buy the copyright.

At noon the sky became gloomy and the gust of the wind swept through the smoke and dust on the ground, whizzing past his ears and rushing to the sky going to south. Fu Zhen’s legs were even more painful and unbearable in such weather.

Pushing a cart he was busy on the construction site with many workers, he was wondering whether to ask the foreman to go home, and just draw the pictures.

When Fu Zhen hesitated the foreman walked out from the guard house and called him.

“Fu Zhen someone is looking for you”

Fu Zhen was stunned for a moment and hesitated a little, he couldn’t think of anyone coming to find him at this time. He had no relatives or any friends anymore.

Who will be waiting for him outside the construction site now?

He pushed the cart aside and dragged his painful left leg slowly towards the door.

The foreman looked at Fu Zhen and as fast as a snail he added another sentence,

“Ten minute break, and go back quickly”

Fu Zhen replied, enduring the pain he quickened his pace.

Fu Ting did not expect what he saw would such be a scene, in his memory the arrogant and noble brother who was always dressed neatly was now wearing a blue overalls covered with mud and cement, his face was covered with dust and his back was a little shaky as he walked up and down.

He had already seen the photos of Fu Zhen on the construction site but at that time he always felt that is was a little unreal. It was not like what the young master of Fu could do, until he saw this scene with his own two eyes.

Fu Zhen didn’t expect that the person looking for him would be Fu Ting, his footsteps suddenly stopped and he turned to leave but Fu Ting stopped him.

“I have something to tell you”

Fu Zhen felt that he had nothing to say to Fu Ting, his back gradually straightened and became stiff. He never wanted to look back again.

He couldn’t think of what Fu Ting came to find him he was thinking of the past two years. He felt that he (Fu Ting) was too kind to him (Fu Zhen) at that time and now he wants to give one of his (Fu Zhen) organs to Tang Wanwan?

Fu Ting coldly said, “If you want to stay here tomorrow, you’d better agree now”

“….” Fu Zhen

He turned his head and fixedly looked at Fu Ting who was opposite to him and a hole in his heart broke, the north wind whizzed pass from him.

The last time he saw Fu Ting was outside the bar, he thought he could put it down completely but today when he saw Fu Ting again he realized that the photos deleted from his phone album does not mean that the person has completely disappeared in his life.

Thinking of them or seeing them is like cutting a meat with a blunt knife, he doesn’t know that when this piece of meat falls off the process would be dreadful; pulling the skin, flesh and tendons making it blurred and dripping with blood.

He said to Fu Ting,

“I still have to work, let’s talk about the reason why you’re here when I get off to work”

Not caring about Fu Zhen’s response and said,

“My time is limited”

Fu Zhen laughed bitterly, his expression a little bleak he asked Fu Ting,

“Then Mr. Fu please pay me half a day’s wage”

Looking at Fu Zhen, his expression was very calm and theres no hint of humor in his eyes.

Fu Ting frowned probably not expecting such tacky words from Fu Zhen’s mouth.

He should have taken a hundred yuan bill directly from his wallet and threw it on Fu Zhen or sneered at him and say a few sarcasm.

However he couldn’t do anything now, he saw his own figure in Fu Zhen’s eyes, he looked like a monster with teeth and claws. Fu Ting only felt that a basin of water was poured down, making him cold, his bones, blood, his whole body freezes at this moment.

After a long time he said,

“I will visit again tonight”

After speaking he took a deep look at Fu Zhen then turned and drove away.

The receding figure of Fu Ting was a little embarrassed, Fu Zhen ignore Fu Ting’s abnormality. He didn’t want to think about what was Fu Ting thinking and he didn’t want to know what he was looking for. He just hopes that he would never see him again.




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  1. That’s awful. Why torture Fu Zhen again when he’s slowly getting used to be only trash for his family?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. My heart breaks for him. Even serial killers family members behave better after finding out. Why to hurt him so much in the past and block him and his chances at simple work through and through. I can’t wait for the explanation part of what happened in the past to come to this point. Amazing job translating, my deepest gratitude 🙏. Thank you

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  3. I don’t understand this family, how they can treat him in that way (TT^TT)

    Thank you dear translator ❤


  4. Thanks for the chapter!


  5. I really want his family to snap out of it 😭


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