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Chapter 16

The exclamation point sent by custard buns were too fast, Fu Zhen’s phone was too old and couldn’t respond, it took a while to spill out all the exclamation points sent by custard buns and a lot of rainbow farts.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, jie am about to cry]

[I licked the screen for five minutes just now]

[Our custard is saved. Mom is going to cry]

Fu Zhen didn’t know if to cry or laugh at her words.

[Is there anything that needs to be change?]

[None. Jie I love you so much]

The draft that Fu Zhen sent was the most satisfying one she has seen in the past few years, when she asked for a draft. Some of the artist she had found before has not watched Shazou Chronicle at all and some are watching but not a fan of custard cp, some artist are not good, no matter how fast they complete the picture, it always feels a little bit off.

But Jian Wen’s draft is different, giving her the illusion that she is not looking at fan made picture but at the original. The young custard bun looking at the sketch is so excited that she can’t sleep, now she only hopes that her jie can insert color as good as the draft.

Thinking of these, custard bun couldn’t help but clicked on Jian Wen’s weibo to take a look and then was disappointed to find that all his albums were really rough sketches none of them were colored, this jie wouldn’t be just learning on how to put coloring…?

However still she thinks that it is worth buying, such a draft was already good enough.

She remembered that during the day her friends said that she field her brains with water, so they’ll just recommend an artist themselves for the promotional picture. Custard bun decided to send the draft to her online friends and then quietly wait for the sound of worship from her friends.

However the ideas of her online friends are completely off the track.

[Qiangwei is really amazing]

[Custard buns forever!!] [cry jpg.]

[There are no other cp than this two, therefore I declare this year’s first place goes to custard buns]

[It feels different from Qiangwei style before, but it’s closer to the original. Qiangwei is really amazing]

Seeing that her friends all agreed that the fanpic was drawn by Qiangwei, she decided, she needs to come out and clarify things.

[This is drawn by Jian Wen jie]

Then all of her friends asked one question: Who is Jian Wen?

She then had to explain to them that Jian Wen was artist she had told them before.

So in the next minute, the exclamation marks and rainbow farts sent by the custard buns to Jian Wen appeared in the group chat. No one would have thought that a small, unknown artist with asking price of 150 could draw a level for 1,500.


The next thing Fu Zhen needs to do is import the sketches and color them, he hasn’t done this work for more than two years now, and this is why he told the custard bun that inserting color will take five days to complete.

After some adjustment, it was late at night, Fu Zhen then turned off his computer and put down the phone and fell asleep.

The next morning Fu Zhen opened the door of the room and saw Jiang Hengshu standing at the door of the living room with luggage. He was wearing a black windbreaker, carrying a black suitcase in his hands, looking so great. Chill from the wind and snow outside broke into Fu Zhen.

The sound of his beating heart is like a loud drum moving a prelude of the howling sound of the wind outside. Fu Zhen thought he was dreaming. He raised his hands, rubbed his eyes and blinked, Jiang Hengshu was still standing there with a cold expression.

Fu Zhen was so excited that he didn’t know what expression to make on his face. He had no hope of Jiang Hengshu moving into this rental house, but now he saw him as soon as he open the door.

The long night is gone and one glance at ten thousand years arrives.


After seeing the house, Jiang Hengshu signed a three month rental contract with the land lord but he shouldn’t be able to live here for that long. After this business is done, he will return to Jiang’s family to take over the family’s business.

Jiang Hengshu took the key from the landlord and put his luggage in the room, when he close the door and turned he found that Fu Zhen was still waiting for him in the living room.

Fu Zhen laughed, his eyes crooked as if he had met some happy events, he asked Jiang Hengshu,

“—let’s go together?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded and went out of rental house together with Fu Zhen. In the old stairwell the footsteps of the people intertwined, echoing the sound on the wall upastairs.


The bus in the morning was extremely crowded, Fu Zhen’s whole body was almost on Jiang Hengshu. Jiang Hengshu’s right hand was holding the armrests and his left hand was resting on the back of the seat, looking from a distance, it seems to be protecting Fu Zhen in his own circle.

There were more and more people on the bus, the air became stuffy, and loud noises from the passengers can be heard, Fu Zhen spent his morning like this, but today he looked at the tall buildings going away from the bus window, it felt peaceful for the first time.

The bus passed another stop, Jiang Hengshu raised his hands and patted Fu Zhen’s shoulder,

“Sit here”

Fu Zhen turned his head, Jiang Hengshi stood in front of him, his brows were clear just like the day he first saw him.




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