Rebirth to Eighties: The Villain’s Mother Raises Her Cubs Daily Chapter 22

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Chapter 22- That’s it

See Jiang Ran’s face suddenly sunk, for fear that she would lose her temper in the next second, all of them who had been stunned to speak quickly nodded their heads hard.

“I think it’s okay!” Wang Cuilan said seriously, “It’s much better than what I made.”

Pei Baoshan nodded in agreement, “I think so too.”

As soon as he finished, Wang Cuilan stared at him.

Pei Baoshan only felt puzzled, he was obviously following her words, why did she still glare at him?

“I also think it’s delicious, better than what I make.” Pei Shanshan whispered.

Pei Shanshan has been working in the kitchen with Wang Cuilan since she was seven or eight years old.

It’s been seven or eight years.

She has been cooking for so many years, while Jiang Ran on the other hand has not been in the kitchen for the past three or four years.

But the food made by Jiang Ran was much better than her.

At the thought of this, Pei Shanshan felt a little frustrated.

Pei Yang saw that everyone else in the family had made a statement. Although he was still reluctant, he could only nod his head and say, “Yummy.”

It’s delicious, but he doesn’t want to praise Jiang Ran.

Hearing what everyone said, Jiang Ran nodded with satisfaction.

“Since you all think it’s okay, let’s go to the county town in the morning.”



Several people asked in unison, all staring at Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran points to Pei Yang and Pei Shanshan. “You, you too.”

Without waiting for the two to say anything, Jiang Ran continued.

“You two follow along, or I won’t be able to do it myself when I get to busy cooking.”

Hearing Jiang Ran’s words, Pei Yang wanted to say that this had not happened yet. Jiang Ran said it as if her business would be popular.

Although Pei Yang thought so, he didn’t dare to say it.

Jiang Ran had made up her mind.

“That’s it. Let’s go together tomorrow, go to bed early tonight, and get up early tomorrow.”

“How early?” Pei Yang asked subconsciously.

The Pei family has no watch. They could only estimate the time by looking at the sky.

Hearing Pei Yang’s question, Jiang Ran was stunned.

After thinking about it, Jiang Ran then said, “Around four o’clock, you guys get up early and call me.”

Pei Yang: “…”

She was the one who said she would get up early, and now she’s letting others call at her to get up.

Pei Yang’s eyes widened, but he did not dare to be angry.

Finally, Wang Cuilan said, “Let me call you up. Don’t worry!”

Although she said this, she gave Jiang Ran a worried look.

Jiang Ran always sleeps until the sun rises. Could she really get up at 4:00?

No matter what people think, Jiang Ran has already said what she should say, and since she was more or less rested, she stands up and was ready to go to the kitchen.

“What are you going to do?”

Wang Cuilan asked unconsciously, and then she regretted it.

It’s all because Jiang Ran today acted too nice to talk to, so she forgot about Jiang Ran’s character.

Jiang Ran hates it when people ask questions.

Wang Cuilan was ready to be sprayed by Jiang Ran, but to her surprise, Jiang Ran stopped and turned around, and only asked her one question.

“Do you have any sourdough at home?”

Sourdough was fermented flour.

When making dough buns, or steam buns, soak the sourdough in water and put it into the flour to knead it.

After the dough was mixed and left standing for several hours, the dough would ferment and expand. It could be gently peeled open, after seeing the small holes in the dough which means that the dough was ready.

Before adding the lye, cut off a small piece of the noodles and leave it aside, this small piece was called sourdough*.

(*– literal translation is old noodles, but the process in getting this is sourdough so I use sourdough instead)

(End of Chapter)

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