Rebirth to Eighties: The Villain’s Mother Raises Her Cubs Daily Chapter 21

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Chapter 21- You think it won’t work?

“Hurry up and eat!”

Jiang Ran finished and looked at the others.

“Hurry up and eat, it won’t taste good if it gets cold.”

After saying that, she didn’t care about them and took another piece.

Pei Yang picked up his chopsticks and muttered.

“This is braised pork in brown sauce. How can it be delicious?”

As soon as Pei Yang finished speaking, Pei Shanshan on one side gently bumped his arm and glared at him.

Jiang Ran saw Pei Shanshan’s small gesture clearly and also understood the meaning of her glance: You can’t even stop your mouth even if you eat!

Although she saw it, Jiang Ran pretended she didn’t see it and continued to eat by herself.

However, inwardly Jiang Ran couldn’t help but felt that Pei Shanshan’s meaning was very accurate.

The braised meat was incredibly soft and tender, that when clipped with chopsticks they need to be very careful otherwise it was likely to slip or thorn apart.

After being put into the mouth, the fat will melt inside but instead of being greasy, it was sweet.

The lean part of the meat was neither too lean nor thin, it was very tasty and there was no need to chew the meat vigorously, the meat just melts inside the mouth.

After tasting one piece, Jiang Ran nodded with satisfaction, then picked up a scallion oil cake, tore down a third of it, and gave it to Pei Jing.

“Is this enough for you to eat?”

Pei Jing stretched out his little hand to take the scallion cake and nodded his little head repeatedly.

“Enough, enough!”

Enough to eat!

Jiang Ran held the rest of the scallion pancake in her left hand, sandwiched two pieces of roast pork and put some shredded radish, rolled the pancake up, opened her mouth, and took a big bite.

Although it looks rude to eat like this, only people who eat it know that it was really delicious eating it like this!

If she could add some lettuce and garlic, it would taste more delicious.

Seeing how Jiang Ran eat, Pei Yang opened his eyes slightly and then also picked up a scallion cake, following Jiang Ran’s example, and rolled it up.

After taking a big bite, Pei Yang’s eyes lit up, chewing more vigorously, and the two cheeks are bulging.

Just looking at the way he eats, anyone would know how much he likes it.

Not only was the braised pork delicious, but the potatoes in it were also delicious.

The potatoes have been stewed softy soaking in the soup, whether they bite it with their mouth, or sip it gently with their tongue the potatoes just melt inside the mouth with incomparable sweetness.

During this meal, no one was talking, everyone was eating with their heads in the meal.

It wasn’t until the rice porridge in the bowl was completely eaten that they breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Ran looked at the empty bowl in front of everyone, and then at the porcelain basin that had been dipped in the soup. She was very satisfied and smiled.

“Is my cooking good?”

Everyone was still thinking about the delicious food just now when they heard Jiang Ran ask, they were stunned.

Only Pei Jing said, “Yummy! Yummy!”

Hearing Pei Jing’s words only did Pei Yang and the others also came back to their senses.

Although they don’t know why Jiang Ran asked this question or what her idea was, the food was indeed delicious, which was beyond doubt.

The food has been eaten completely, and now it was impossible to say without conscience that it was not delicious, so they nodded one after another and said it was delicious.

Jiang Ran smiled, “How about going to the county to sell food?”

Hearing the words, everyone was stunned again.

Jiang Ran suddenly cooked a meal today, and it turned out to be this idea?

She was still waiting for them to speak, but after waiting for a while she didn’t hear any response, this made the smile on her face gradually fade.

“What’s wrong? You think it won’t work?”

(End of Chapter)

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