Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

In the reception hall, Jian Ruixi’s low-key but luxurious appearance has indeed won her many compliments. Of course, most of them were straight men who couldn’t distinguish between nude makeup and plain makeup, such as Allen, the father of cute Alice. When he saw Madam Fu from afar, he warmly greeted her. “Annie, you are here too? Today, you look even more beautiful and lovely, you don’t look like a mother at all, hahaha.”

Allen laughs at his own joke and couldn’t stop talking. Every time he saw Madam Fu, he would always remember the school ceremony, the famous Madam Fu’s personality was beyond his expectations, and he never thought that she and Mr. Fu would be that close, hence his sentence “don’t look like a mother” was ostensibly praising Madam Fu’s youth and beauty but in fact, it reminded him of her somewhat inconspicuous personality.

Jian Ruixi who wasn’t aware that her character set had already collapsed, also greeted the other party politely, “Alice dad, are you also here to pick up your daughter?”

He attended the end-of-term ceremony, and he also sent them to the last summer camp, so basically this was the third time they met, so Jian Ruixi asking him like this as if she doesn’t remember his name made Alice’s father twitch the corner of his mouth. “So, you haven’t remembered my name yet. I’m Allen.”

Jian Ruixi firmly refused to admit, “Personally, I think it’s kinder to call you Alice dad.”

“It’s so sad, I thought we were friends already.” When he first found out that his daughter was in the same class as the young master of the Fu family, Allen was just as “worried” as the other parents in the class, imagining how they would meet Jayce’s parents and make friends with them without showing their intentions of hugging their thighs, but simply wants to get acquainted with Madam Fu, the “source of happiness”.

But he didn’t have time to get today’s share of happiness from Madam Fu, the children were already lined up under the teacher’s supervision and came out.

There were not many students in their class, only 20 children. Because the school believes in elite education, the number of teachers assigned to each class was a quarter of the students, and so this time without three security personnel, only eight adults need to accompany twenty children to go abroad which was still safe.

Jian Ruixi saw Jayce mingling among his classmates from a distance and saw that his little face was tanned, looking leaner and stronger but he didn’t look like a disheveled cabbage she used to imagine, she could see that the teacher took good care of the children.

But Jian Ruixi’s expression was not happy but worried, he went out like a tender goose but came back into a small black charcoal, how could she accept this when she wanted to save face?

With a serious face, Jian Ruixi whispered to Li Sa, “Do you think Jayce… is more like his father?”

Li Sa didn’t know the madam dislike seeing the young master being tanned since the madam always says “my son has inherited my perfect features” and never thought that the father of the child was also perfect, then suddenly she naturally realize, and immediately Li Sa replied conservatively and also pertinently, “I see that the young master is a combination of your strong points, he has your face and mouth, while his eyes and nose are like Mr. Fu. When he grows up, he will definitely grow up into a handsome young man.”

Jian Ruixi had a serious expression, “No, Jayce was carved out on the same mold as his father, especially after getting tanned.”

Li Sa was dumbfounded, was the last sentence the main point?

Realizing this, Jian Ruixi was really heartbroken. She had taken care of Jayce, this little cabbage every day, and every time she goes out, she has to help him apply sunscreen before taking care of herself. It was like she only has eyes for the child, like an old mother who lived just to raise her son to be fine-skinned and tender, even more, tender and cute than little girls in this black-yellow Hong Kong city but what was even sadder, was that no one could understand her at all.

Jayce was very happy to see his mommy from a distance, his eyes glowed, and like all children, he jumped into his mother’s arms with a look of dependence, but his mother, who should have been hugging him, inquiring and pampering him, asked bitterly. “Jayce, Mommy prepared sunscreen, and a small hat for you, but you did not use them? You tanned your skin instead!!”

A smart child, like Jayce, could hear a bit of disappointment from the heartbroken tone of his mother, raising his head from his mother’s arms, he asked aggrievedly, “Does mommy doesn’t like me get tanned?”

“Of course.” Jian Ruixi nodded sadly, “You are no longer mommy’s little cutie.”

“……” Jayce was instantly stuck, he originally wanted to play pitiful, but instead, he turned into a real little wretch, the little guy for a moment had an expression of beginning to doubt life.

Next to them, Alice’s father finally waited for today to witness the source of happiness, eavesdropping, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Alice, who was expressing how she missed her father while in his arms felt so wronged that she cried bitterly. “Dad you are bad… I told you I miss you… you still laugh at me…”

His little classmate cried heart-rendingly while her father coax and hugged her, Jayce saw this scene, and immediately a trace of thought flashed in his small face but soon after he saw his classmate’s snot and tears streaming down her face, and instantly he gave up on the idea. Instead, he throws his arms into his mommy’s arms, “Doesn’t mommy miss me at all?”

“Nevertheless, I miss you a little.” Jian Ruixi replied honestly, as a mother she does not mind her son’s ugliness, the little cutie has turned into a little black skin, at most she thinks he has wasted his perfect genes, but not to the point of disliking him.

As Jian Ruixi said this, she picked up her son gracefully and walked a few steps when she notices her child putting his weight down, so she had to put him down on the ground and as if nothing happened hold his little hand and greeted the person beside her with a relaxed expression, “Alice dad, we will go back first. Bye, bye.”

Allen was sweating profusely from the torment of his little princess, and seeing Jayce letting his mother lead him he showed a face full of envy.

Because Old Madam Fu was still abroad, and Old Master Fu was at home alone, Jian Ruixi still pays attention to avoiding suspicion, so she specifically accompanies Jayce to visit his grandpa. But on the day after the little guy came back, she took him to mysteriously to a place.

As soon as Jayce walked in, his little face was written with awe and his mouth grew into an o-shape, “Mommy, this is…”

“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, your favorite theme.” Jian Ruixi seldom sees the little guy surprise like this, so she was a little proud. “It will be your sixth birthday soon. Mommy specially asks people to decorate the yacht as you like. The birthday party will be held here, you can invite all your favorite friends.”

Jayce was still immersed with his mommy surprise, especially decorating the yacht for him, when he heard the latter half of the sentence, he tilted his head cutely and asked, “Should I invite my friends?”

“Don’t you want to?”

Jayce shook his head, knowing that his mommy wanted him to make more friends, he really did get along well with the kids at camp this time, and it was a relatively enjoyable trip. It’s just that he didn’t expect his mom to let him invite his own friends. In previous years, there were special arrangements for birthdays, and he would just bring the invitations to school to hand them out.

Jian Ruixi was relieved to hear her child’s explanation, patting his tender little shoulder, she said with a smile, “Well, you’ll soon be a primary school student and you will be a big child after your birthday. It’s up to you to invite friends to your birthday.”

“Last time a friend wanted to come to play in the yacht, but Mommy refused. I just want to make your birthday happy and lively here, so be sure to invite all your favorite friends to your Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry oh!”

Jayce was also eager when he heard this, “Mommy, can we make the birthday party a Hogwarts opening ceremony?”

“Wow, you’re really creative, why didn’t Mommy think of that?” That would be a fun birthday! “But our Hogwarts opening ceremony is going to be the day before your birthday or the day after since we’re going to spend your birthday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house oh.”

Jayce nodded excitedly, of course, he knew this, every year his birthday was attended by many uncles, aunts, and grandparents he was not familiar with, and this year was certainly no exception. The yacht prepared by his mommy would be a place for him and his friends to meet, and he would make sure he would have fun, “Shall we turn the invitation letter into school opening notice?”

Jian Ruixi did not expect the little guy to have so many ideas about cosplay, he has a bright future! She supported him with both hands, “But it’s best that you write the notice in person, so it’s more sincere oh.”

And it also distracts him.

Jayce was already looking forward to his birthday party in the form of a costume party, his little face flushed with excitement, “Yes, I’ll do it myself, but unfortunately, there is no owl.”

“This little brain of yours is quite serious.” Jian Ruixi patted him with a smile still plastered on her face, “Or if you draw an owl on the envelope, your little friend will surely be able to understand it.”

“Okay!” When they got home, Jayce was excited to make the admission notice. After that, he was encouraged by his mother to send it to his friends in person. It was rare for the little guy to prepare this with so much care so he was naturally tempted. He took the “admission notice” and went to visit his classmates by car.

When delivering the letter on the first day, Jian Ruixi accompanied Jayce. However, they did not expect that the children were so enthusiastic that they insisted on staying with Jayce to play football, eat food and watch cartoons together. Jayce had little experience of this kind, and it was difficult to refuse the enthusiasm of the children, so this family stayed for one hour and that family played for two hours, and only three letters were sent out at the end of the day.

So, the next day Jian Ruixi tidied up Jayce’s small shirt and solemnly said, “Dear, you are already a big boy, so it should be okay if Mommy doesn’t accompany you to deliver the letter.”

Yesterday’s experience was new and interesting for the little guy, and when he heard his mommy’s words, he straightened his chest and said, “Mommy, I can do it alone. You can rest at home.”

Then the little guy went out bravely, seeing the car go away Jian Ruixi slowly patted her dress and stood up, she said. “Okay, it’s time for us to get down to business.”

Li Sa simply looked at her with admiration.

After Jayce sent all the invitation letters, the school also started, and because he only invited his classmates but also fellow schoolmates whom he knew and played with during summer camp activities he has not had the time to realize something, and only after rejoicing from all the enthusiastic feedback, did he come to back to his senses. He ran back to his mommy and ask his unscrupulous mother, “Mommy, can’t we just hand over the letter to my friends after the school starts?”

Jian Ruixi pompously stated, “Oops, how did Mommy remember that your birthday is after school starts? What a blunder.”

Jayce: “……”


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