IHFDATN – Chapter 11.2

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“What’s that?”
Qin Jingrun suddenly noticed Jiang Mian’s wrist and took the hand of the baby girl to push the bracelet away. When he saw the red mark, his expression immediately changed. He had filmed a lot of scenes and had suffered from a lot of injuries; this was obviously a cut at first glance.

The cut on Jiang Mian’s wrist had almost healed but if you looked closely, a red mark was still visible. It would probably take a month to disappear completely and she had been wearing a bracelet to cover it. She had not expected the sharp eye of her actor father.

“Who hurt you?”
As soon as he lowered his face, the gentle temperament of Qin Jingrun immediately changed. For the four fathers, their daughter’s pain was their trigger.
“I accidentally cut it.”
Only the tyrant father knew about the original Jiang Mian’s suicide attempt for Gu Qiwen. Even the taoist father was not aware and Jiang Mian had Han Xu promise her to not say anything. Because he couldn’t resist his daughter, Han Xu had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

Qin Jingrun obviously did not believe her. Based on the length of the wound, he could tell it was not shallow and the baby girl was not a fool. Could she have cut herself like that by accident?
Seeing his doubts, Jiang Mian confessed a half truth and threw the hot potato to her tyrant father.
“It’s because I wanted Dad Han to buy me something but he didn’t agree. I just wanted to scare him but I wasn’t careful.”
With Jiang Mian’s character, to Qin Jingrun, the reason was very credible and he got angry.
“Han Xu is becoming more and more stingy! Not even willing to buy you things? Tell Dad what you want, I will get it for you.”

Qin Jingrun wanted to call Han Xu right now; the four fathers rarely talked to each other as they all wanted to keep Jiang Mian for themselves and raise her alone but they still had each other ‘s number.
Jiang Mian snatched her father’s phone in a hurry and tried to calm him down. She held his hand and looked at him with distressed eyes.
“Dad, you can’t. Dad Han is busy with work.”

She did not really know what else to say and after a short silence, she added: “Dad, I have grown up.”
Qin Jingrun was startled.
“Silly girl.” He touched Jiang Mian’s face again. “No matter how old you are, in my eyes, you’ll always be Dad’s baby.”
Jiang Mian: “…”
See, this was why everybody thought she was three years old!

The father and daughter pair stayed together a bit longer but as Qin Jingrun had to work at night, he sent away Jiang Mian reluctantly.
When she reached the first floor, she ran into Xia Qi. The latter had accepted the fact that his friend’s daughter was not a child but a grown up woman and handed her a gift.
“Meeting present.”
“Thank you, Uncle Xia.” Jiang Mian was very grateful.
She looked at Xia Qi carefully, his eyes were bright and his temperament was soothing, letting people feel at ease. She was thinking that something major must have happened in the novel for him to suffer from depression and she decided to pay attention to it in the future.

When Jiang Mian walked away, Qin Jingrun noticed Xia Qi was still looking at her. He put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and said with a threatening voice: “Don’t even think about hitting on my daughter.”
Xia Qi was known to be a playboy in the entertainment circle. Although he was older, he had obvious charm; what if he tempted the baby girl? The actor father’s mind was going crazy.
Xia Qi: “…”
Xia Qi: “She’s your daughter, I’m not a beast!”
Qin Jingrun retracted his hand, satisfied.


In the Han Group general manager’s office, Han Xu had just ended a long-distance meeting when his phone rang. The caller ID said ‘Annoyance No. 1’.
“What do you want?” Han Xu had always been rude to the other guys who were stealing his daughter from him.
“Han Xu, if your Han family is going bankrupt, quickly hand over your quarter of the custody rights! I will raise the baby!” Qin Jingrun said in a cold voice.
Han Xu: ???
“The baby is just asking you for a yacht and you can’t bear to give it to her? You hurt her wrist, you…”
“Wait, what yacht?” Han Xu interrupted him. “And how do you know she injured her wrist? Did you go to see Mianmian? Did anyone see? Were you photographed?”


Jiang Mian was not aware two of her fathers were currently quarreling over the phone and she went back to the dormitory. Her roommates were also there, huddling together discussing something and they all went silent as soon as Jiang Mian entered the room.

Last time, Jiang Mian had asked them to pay her back and they had clenched their teeth to find the money. Since then, every time Jiang Mian would go back to the dorm, they would ignore her, naively trying to isolate her. They had even wanted to hide her things but had not dared in the end.

Jiang Mian gave them a lazy look but the three of them gathered around her as soon as she sat down.
Jin Mengqiao smiled and said: “Mianmian, I heard that you went to audition for Director Zhang’s drama and that you were personally invited by Assistant Liu. Is it true?”
Mao Xuanling: “Did you see Brother Qin?”
Jiang Mian’s eyes slid across all of their faces and the three of them silently stared back. After a short silence, she said: “You could also go audition.”
Mao Xuanling replied nonchalantly: “We were planning on going after class but Director Zhang is already done. Brother Qin also left.”
“So soon?” Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows. When she had come out of the auditorium, there was still a long line outside.
Thinking of Guan Xin, she asked: “Has Director Zhang announced the female lead had already been chosen?”
“Isn’t the heroine you?” the three said in unison.
Jiang Mian: “???”
Wu Yue said quickly: “The forum said that after you finished your audition, Director Zhang watched five more people and ended it. Because you were invited by Assistant Liu everyone is saying that Director Zhang chose you and that’s why it’s already over.”
Jiang Mian smiled and said: “That’s not necessarily true.”

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