IHFDATN – Chapter 11.1

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Jiang Mian saw a man standing in the living room. He looked in his thirties, stylish and handsome, with sharp features.
He was staring at Jiang Mian with wide eyes and a disbelieving expression.
Qin Jingrun ignored what the man had just said and introduced him to Jiang Mian: “This is Xia Qi, no need to pay attention to him.”
The name sounded a bit familiar… Jiang Mian politely said: “Hello, Uncle Xia.”
“Hello, niece.”1
Xia Qi was about to die of embarrassment. Qin Jingrun would keep talking about his precious daughter as she was three years old, which had led him to believe she indeed was.

Xia Qi quietly put away the children’s snacks on the coffee table which he had prepared for his toddler niece.
When Jiang Mian saw this, she had no words. She was able to guess how her actor father had introduced her to others.

Although shocked, Xia Qi still let the father-daughter pair have some time alone and left.
“Dad, is Uncle Xia also an actor?”
After he had left, Jiang Miang immediately asked her father, who was peeling an apple.
Qin Jingrun nodded and seeing his daughter’s frown, he thought she was worried about them being photographed together. He smiled and added: “Rest assured, no one will come here.”

Because he was always away most of the year, Qin Jingrun was not surprised about Jiang Mian’s change of temperament. He just thought she was becoming more sensible as she was growing up and was very happy to get along with her.

After the apple was peeled, he cut it into small slices with a knife, put them on a plate and handed it to Jiang Mian.
“Do you want to go out and play?”
“I have class later.”
Jiang Mian shook her head and her actor father frowned slightly.

She finally remembered why the name Xia Qi sounded familiar. There actually had been a few sentences about him in the original novel. The original Jiang Mian had checked Weibo one day and clicked on a hot search about her father; her father’s friend Xia Qi had been found in his home after committing suicide due to depression. Worried about her father, the original Jiang Mian had called him and Xia Qi had never been mentioned again.
The Xia Qi she had just seen did not look like someone suffering from depression but as he was her father’s friend, she thought it would be best to deviate from the novel and help him out if she had the opportunity.

Qin Jingrun couldn’t play with the baby girl and was a bit disappointed. After thinking for a while, he took out his tablet and found something before handing it to Jiang Mian.
“Look at it.”
Jiang Mian took the device and found that it was a script: “Dad?”
“Don’t you want to make a movie?” Qin Jingrun touched the soft hair of his daughter. “Dad has a few good scripts, they are all directed by big directors. Choose one you like.”
Jiang Mian did not know whether to laugh or cry: “Dad, I said I wanted to play fair.”
“My resources are given to my baby girl, there is nothing unfair about it.” Qin Jingrun said, “Director Zhang’s drama is good overall, but it will be filmed in Dashan for at least half a year. The conditions in the mountains are not good and when the time comes, the wind will scratch your cheeks a lot.”
He gently poked his daughter’s tender face and felt distressed when he thought that her beautiful face would dry up. The baby girl should be dressed beautifully and shoot some idol dramas instead.

Emperor Qin was well known for his dedication in the entertainment circle. He never used stand-ins; no matter how hard a scene was, he would do it on his own and was also known for his dislike of unprofessional actors.
Acting was a profession and since he had chosen this line of work, he had to abide by the rules. However, these rules did not have to apply to the baby girl. That was the infamous double standard!

“Whether I will be cast by Director Zhang or not, we don’t know it yet.”
Jiang Mian took the arm of her father.
“Besides, if I were to take one of your scrips, what would the crew think of me? I’m only a freshman in acting school, would it be appropriate for me to be the lead with all those big names supporting me?”

Jiang Mian enjoyed the sense of accomplishment she felt after taking every step to the top, just like in the cultivation world. How could she have become a Celestial if she had not practiced hard?
This world would be the same; if she wanted to make a name for herself in the entertainment circle, she would do it with her own ability. That was the pride she had gotten from her last life.

“Dad, don’t worry. Even if I don’t rely on you, I will one day reach the same position as you.”
Qin Jingrun was startled by Jiang Mian’s ambition and arrogance and after a moment, he laughed loudly.
“As expected of the baby girl, you’re just like me!”
Jiang Mian: …
This sentence sounded very familiar; the tyrant father had said the exact same thing not long ago.

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