Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

The weather in August was scorching hot causing blazing heat inside the house, so Susan together with Aunt Lin started working very early. Aunt Lin was responsible cleaning the living room and the kitchen downstairs while Susan was responsible for the rooms upstairs, especially the young master’s bedroom, from the bed sheets to the windowsill and even every corner, she wiped it clean and made sure to welcome the young master with the neatest environment.

That’s right, the young master who has been away from home for three weeks was finally coming back.

Jian Ruixi felt that her current state was very much like an empty nester, especially after hearing that the child was going home today, she came back to life. It has been a long time since she changed her clothes with such high spirits and she was already wearing her third outfit today but even after turning herself around in the mirror a few times she still felt that it wasn’t enough, so she asked Li Sa. “Look at me, is this more suitable than the previous two sets?”

Madam’s choice of clothes today has become “plainer” and simpler, knowing this, Li Sa knew what she wanted to hear so she gave her a thumbs up and said, “It’s very beautiful, and gives off a low-key elegance.”

Jian Ruixi’s eyes brightened. “Is it the kind of elegance that comes out inadvertently, and there is absolutely no trace of deliberate dressing up?”

Li Sa could not help but take a closer look, this was a pure white sleeveless dress, the skirt was long just above the knee, revealing long, straight legs and the three-dimensional slim design makes the waistline looks delicate and exquisite, but the large V-neckline embellished with a circle of lace shape in petal-like was the one giving off more fashion sense that the simple white dress becomes elegant and chic, it also better set off the chest giving her body more shape.

In short, it was indeed something “comes inadvertently elegant”. Li Sa vigorously nods, “And then put on nude makeup to make it more natural making you more like hibiscus coming out of clear water.”

Jian Ruixi gave Li Sa an appreciative look, she liked the description of “hibiscus coming out of clear water”. As a mother whose baby was about to go to elementary school, people would tend to call and look at her as someone who was a “green tea bitch” or “pretending to be pure”. This kind of evaluation was simply the best praise for her, this only means that she lives a pure and lovely life. Jian Ruixi softly tugged her long curly hair and said regretfully, “If it’s black and straight*, it won’t feel out of harmony.”

(*often refer to those goddesses with sweet and pure looks)

Although Li Sa has no complaints about flattering her madam like a good dog, the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch at this moment. The madam decided to pick up the young master in person, and although it might possible that she could meet other parents at the airport since most of those children would be picked up by their mothers, and be recognized or even photographed, there really was nothing wrong with the madam dressing up grandly but she clearly put on so much effort into it, and as the same time, she wanted to make it looked like she just effortlessly dresses…

Wasn’t this too much of a drama? Li Sa helplessly glance at her watched and reminded, “Madam, it’s already ten o’clock, the roads are a bit congested lately…”

It’s summer vacation, and as one of the popular tourist cities it was impossible to avoid traffic congestion especially since they were going to the airport today, they must leave at least half an hour earlier than usual.

It was only then did Jian Ruixi give up admiring herself in the mirror and sat in front of the dressing table then quickly put on nude makeup and since she doesn’t have the black straight hair she asked Li Sa to straighten her curly, chestnut-colored hair which Li Sa obliged and reminded her that it was best to visit a salon in two days for hair maintenance and to save the damaged hair.

She had no choice but to agree.

At half past ten, Jian Ruixi finally finished packing and set off. When she passed by the kitchen, she smelled something good, she poked her head and look. “Aunt Lin, cooking so early?”

Her son hasn’t picked up yet, seems like Aunt Lin was even more impatient than her, the real mother.

“Madam, I’m making soup, and this takes two to three hours to get the taste.” Aunt Lin said as she walked towards her, her round face full of warmth, “The young master has been in America for so long, the food outside is not as good as at home, and he is growing up, so he needs to make up for it when he got home.”

Just as Aunt Lin lamented, Amin the handsome bodyguard came with the camera in his arms and reminded her. “Madam, the car is ready.”

Jian Ruixi couldn’t help raising her eyebrows as she glanced at him, this young man was very courageous, except for Li Sa reminding her or urging her in a disguised way, the bodyguards could be said to be stable old dogs when it comes to time, they don’t panic even if she was late for a day or so because the division of labor was different.

Now Amin was taking over the ritual vessel, it seems that they couldn’t sit still to welcome the young master.

It seems that Jayce has unknowingly become the family’s favorite, not only did Jian Ruixi not mind, she was also a little proud that the little guy had inherited her charm.

Jian Ruixi sat in the car with a happy face, Li Sa followed and got into the passenger seat, after putting on the seat belt, she suddenly turned her head and reminded, “Madam, if I remember correctly, the song recording is scheduled for next week, right?”

“Mm.” Jian Ruixi casually asked, “Is the studio ready?”

“It has been set in advance, you and Mr. Even can go there anytime.” Li Sa then changed the topic, worried, “It’s just that now the young master is back, how can we continue hiding this surprise?”

When the madam planned this surprise, the young master and the madam were not that close unlike now where they were inseparable. At least before, they only see each other every weekend, so even though they knew that the young master was smart and keen, Li Sa was not worried about the secrecy.

The situation was quite different now.

First of all, what happened this holiday. Throughout July, the young master and madam were inseparable, from London to Beijing and back to Hong Kong, they stayed together, which was rare for both the madam and the young master. With their identities, they seem to have everything and lack nothing, they may even look like they were not sincere enough in other people’s eyes but in fact, they just lack the warmth and company of their family.

The young master may be young, but he already exhibited characteristics of a noble family, he was also smart, obedient, and has the ability to know when to advance and retreat, in short, he was flawless. Just like the past six months, the madam has changed her former uninterested attitude and patiently cultivated her relationship with the young master. Surprisingly the young master cooperated, not resenting his mother’s previous indifference nor was he surprised by his mother’s changes, as if she had nothing to do with his sadness and unhappiness before.

Hence, the relationship between the madam and the young master seems to be progressing smoothly, with more and more motherly kindness and filial piety. However, the people around them were not as optimistic as her madam. Everyone thinks that it was because the madam takes the initiative, and the young master’s upbringing does not allow him to be indifferent to his elders. And that if one day the madam went back to her former indifference and no longer cares about this relationship, it may not cause the young master any trouble.

Truth was, Lisa sometimes worries that the madam couldn’t hold on until she gave her birthday present to the young master, but unexpectedly before even the summer vacation was over, the young master changed.

And when did she discover this fact?

Ever since the madam and the young master came back to Beijing, Lisa has vaguely felt that the young master has changed a bit. She feels that the young master has become livelier and acts cute, he would also occasionally make some harmless jokes and even pick on his food and buy dishes he doesn’t usually like.

It was only on the eve of the young master’s summer camp that she finally realized that the madam had completely “captivated” the young master.

As soon as Lisa entered the door that day, she found that the atmosphere seemed not right. The young master and the madam were busy with their own business, this didn’t seem to be a problem but Li Sa knew how the madam and the young master has been getting along, and now that the young master was about to leave again, it was unusual for them not to cling to each other.

So, Li Sa asked Susan and Aunt Lin privately, and that’s when she learned that the young master and the madam had been having a cold war since last night. A few days ago, he started to pack his luggage and the madam had personally accompanied him to organize his things. This was not an easy task for the madam and the young master who had someone take care of their basic necessities, so this act made the mother and son closer to each other.

After packing the young master’s luggage, the madam began to help prepare gifts for his classmates with great enthusiasm. The school aims to broaden children’s horizons, cultivate independent abilities, and allow children to better integrate into the collective society with this summer camp. Their young master has no problems with the first two goals, but the madam was a little worried about the third one, making friends. Li Sa remembers that the madam has been “worrying”, saying that the young master has not inherited her strong social skills at all and that even at a young age, he doesn’t have any mischievous friends (Li Sa: mischievous friends???) and that when he grows up, he wound end like his father, alone.

Li Sa agreed with the madam’s last concern, although Mr. Fu has a perfect personality, he seems to have few close friends. The young master was indeed a bit like his father in this aspect, he seems to be able to chat with anyone, but he doesn’t have a friend he was close with.

For the above reason, the madam hopes that the young master could make some good friends in this summer camp, so she personally accompanied the young master to prepare small gifts and chatted about his classmates. The madam attended the final ceremony and met the young master’s classmates so she recognized them all and a few left a deep impression on her. So she was able to open up about a topic easily, however, the madam has this bad habit of talking nonstop when she liked the topic, and it was this the same night when she told the young master about the little girl named “Alice”, expressing her adoration and how she like the little girl, she even said with a little regret “why she didn’t give birth to a girl”.

The young master might not have cared about it before, but recently he has been spoiled by the madam and has become a little lemon. So, when he heard that his mother disliked him for not being born a girl, he was probably a little sad and did not want to talk to his mother.

And since the madam also has a temper, she got angry because he was ignoring her even after she kindly help him prepare gifts and taught him to make his friends.

This one big and one small were not easy to mess with so they lost their tempers with each other. From that night to the next day, Li Sa tried to meditate after learning about the situation but ended in failure, and this finally alarmed Mr. Fu. True to what the netizens said “Several hundred-million-yuan projects was nothing compared to family matters”. Mr. Fu in a very carefree manner mediates between his wife and child, Li Sa doesn’t know the details of how Mr. Fu did it but on the day the young master left, he and his mother made up, and just like before the young master cried in his mother’s arms.

On that day, all the children at the airport were crying. Seeing this, Li Sa would not be particularly surprised if the young master cried too, but the young master with reddened eyes just turned his back every time he took a step as he looked at his mother. Half a year ago, even if she was killed, Li Sa wouldn’t have believed that the young master would be so dependent on his mother one day, but it was only half a month and he was already inseparable.

Now that the young master was back, from Li Sa’s experience, he and the madam would be once again inseparable for a while, so how could the madam get away to record the birthday surprise?

Jian Ruixi, however, said with confidence, “Don’t worry about this, I have a way to distract him.”


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