IHFDATN – Chapter 9.2

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After waiting for a while, Jiang Mian’s phone rang. She took it out and looked at the ID which said “Big Beauty”.

Her four fathers’s nicknames in her contacts were:
Tyrant father – Big Cutie
Taoist father – Big Beard
Actor father – Big Beauty
Detective father – Big Guy

When she saw who it was, Jiang Mian was happy and answered the phone. Immediately, she heard the low voice of Qin Jingrun that made countless female fans scream.

“Baby, guess where I am?”
Jiang Mian: ” …”
“I’m in your school, I’ll come see you later.”
The actor father would always use a coaxing voice when he talked to his daughter.

The original Jiang Mian loved it when she was young but as she grew older she would get very annoyed. And every time her father would take her out, they would have to cover themselves up and it made her uncomfortable. From then on, she had not enjoyed meeting Qin Jingrun very much.

Jiang Mian: “I already know you’re here.”
Qin Jingrun: “Wow, the baby is awesome.”
Jiang Mian: ” …”
No wonder the original Jiang Mian couldn’t stand it. Knowing her personality, how could she accept the childish three years old tone her actor father would use.
But from Qin Jingrun’s point of view, no matter how old she was, she was still the baby girl that he held with one hand as a child. (TL: big beauty is super strong)

Because he was often very busy at work, he would usually not see Jiang Mian for a very long time. The other three fathers robbed him so he cherished dearly every second spent with her.

Qin Jingrun said again: “Where are you now? Dad will ask Lin Xi to come over to pick you up.”
Jiang Mian: “I’m waiting in line.”
Qin Jingrun: “What line?”
Jiang Mian: “I heard that Director Zhang is auditioning, so I came to have fun.”
Qin Jingrun was surprised, he had always thought his baby daughter was only playing at school. He had planned on letting her do whatever she wanted for the next two years and if she wanted to act, he would have made arrangements for her.
“Silly girl, if you are interested in this drama, you can tell Dad directly. I will let Director Zhang vacate the position of the heroine for you and then Dad can accompany you.”
Even if his daughter wasn’t good at acting, he could teach her personally. No matter how bad it could be.
Jiang Mian quickly refused. The reason the original Jiang Mian lived alone was because she did not want her four fathers to intervene in her life. Because once they did, she would just not have to do anything nor enjoy it anymore. What was the meaning of such a life?
“I want to rely on my own strength.” Jiang Mian added.
Qin Jingrun knew his baby daughter’s temper and hearing the ambition in her voice, he laughed.
“Dad is awaiting your performance then! But it’s too hot outside and there are many people, let me get you in faster.”
After saying it, Qin Jingrun was actually ready to hear the baby daughter refuse but Jiang Mian readily agreed and hung up the phone. Qin Jingrun called his assistant Lin Xi.
“Find someone to put Mianmian in front of the line.”


Jiang Mian soon received a message from the actor father; it was a clip of the audition.
It was a very simple play, the objective was to express the pain and unwillingness of the female lead to separate from her boyfriend.

Jiang Mian thought for a while and sent a message to ask him: “Dad, I heard that Director Zhang’s drama was written for his first love, is it true?”
Qin Jingrun did not reply for a long time.
Jiang Mian: “???”

Qin Jingrun, who was about to return to the auditorium, saw the word ‘dad’ in Jiang Mian’s message and stayed there for several seconds. Like the other two fathers, Jiang Mian had not called him ‘dad’ in years and suddenly seeing it, the impact wasn’t small.

It took a while for Jiang Mian to finally receive news from her actor father: “This is true but Director Zhang does not like to mention it. He usually turns away when someone does.”
For the baby girl, Qin Jiangrun would never hide anything.
Jiang Mian: “If someone dresses up like Director Zhang’s first love to audition, will Director Zhang like it?”
The actor father had a puzzled expression; he did not think Jiang Mian would pretend to be someone else. It would be someone who was hoping to gain recognition.
“Who is going to do this?” 
Jiang Mian did not want her father to misunderstand her.
“I’m just assuming someone might.”
Qin Jingrun: “Director Zhang would most likely blacklist them.”

Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows and looked at Guan Xin in the other line. Didn’t the novel say Guan Xin was spotted by the director during the audition and became famous overnight? But the novel had only used a few sentences to describe the event, was there any hidden information?

Gu Qiwen felt someone staring at him and raised his head. When he met Jiang Mian’s eyes, he looked away in disgust.
Jiang Mian also retracted her gaze.

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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