IHFDATN – Chapter 9.1

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Han Xu didn’t stay long, as he was always very busy with work. He had just come over to see how his baby girl’s injury was and after he made sure it was alright, he left in a hurry.

In the past, even if he had missed her and had wanted to see her, his daughter would not let him come. Now he did not even need to send a message in advance, Jiang Mian would not get angry. Han Xu really wanted to kidnap the baby girl and raise her by himself; he didn’t want the other three guys to rob him!

Han Xu came out at the exact moment Old man Qi left the other apartment. The two met and Han Xu quickly closed the door to prevent Old Man Qi from having a chance to see his baby girl.
Old man Qi: “…”


Xiao Mi stretched out his claws in the cage asking Jiang Mian to release him. Jiang Mian was using the small hammer she had finally found on the jade. When she heard the cat, she walked to him with the tool in her hand.

Probably feeling the murderous aura, Xiao Mi shrank, his two emerald eyes carefully looking at Jiang Mian.
Jiang Mian put down the hammer, found nail clippers and cut the tips of Xiao Mi’s claws. She then took the tool back to the kitchen.

Clunking noise sounded from time to time. It took Jiang Mian nearly half an hour to peel off the dim part of the jade. It was about the size of a palm and had some nicks on it.
Jiang Mian looked at it attentively but could not find any pattern; it seemed to have been carved at random.
However, it did exude faint Qi and while Jiang Mian had vaste knowledge from her past world, she couldn’t recognize what it was. Not that it really mattered, as long as there was Qi, she could use it.

Jiang Mian used the piece of jade for a week and purchased a few things from the Internet and some antique shops to set up a small gathering formation in her bedroom.

In the cultivation world, people that were proficient in formations and arrays were usually the strongest. But as formations were ever changing, it was not easy to learn, let alone master it. Jiang Mian only knew little of it but it was more than enough for this world.

On the night everything was finally ready, Jiang Mian did not meditate but slept honestly. She was now a mortal and the energy she had consumed to set up the formation could only be replenished by sleeping.

When she woke up the next day, her eyes were bright and she felt full of energy. Sensing her meridians, she was very satisfied.

She went to school in a happy mood and upon arriving, she noticed the students were particularly excited. As she was wondering what was happening, she heard a small scream.
“Oh my God! Brother Qin came to our school!”
“I heard he came with Director Zhang. They’re auditioning for the female lead of his next drama.”
“Whatever reason, let’s go to the auditorium first! Maybe one of us will be selected!”
Because of the rush, a girl bumped into Jiang Mian. She sent a quick apology her way and continued to the auditorium in a hurry.

It took Jiang Mian a few seconds to realize the “Brother Qin” everybody was talking about was actually her actor father Qin Jingrun.
Qin Jingrun was the current Film Emperor and the only one that had won a Grand Slam at the age of 30. He wasn’t only famous in China but all over the world; he had taken him only three years to be a big hit in Hollywood; his blockbuster last year had been a huge success and had made the whole China proud.

Jiang Mian remembered the novel. The famous director Zhang Zhixin had come to their school to look for a suitable female lead. He had a good relationship with Qin Jingrun and had asked him to accompany him to the university.
It was this opportunity that had made Guan Xin enter Director Zhang’s eyes and the start of her fame. His work had been an instant hit.

At that time, the original Jiang Mian had been hysterical because of the scar on her wrist. When she had learned Guan Xin had gotten the role and that Qin Jingrun had been there for the audition, she had gone to her father and lost her temper.
The scene had been filmed and posted on the Internet. Even if the video had been quickly removed, it had been reposted and saved many times. When Qin Jingrun’s countless fans had seen someone screaming at their male god, the netizens had started to scold Jiang Mian. People had then recognized her and the students had ostracized her until Jiang Mian had dropped out.

The truth was that Qin Jiangrun had actually nothing to do with Guan Xin getting the role.
The reason she had been selected was because Guan Xin had learned from someone else the story was an posthumous homage to the director’s first love. He had been looking for an actress with a similar temperament and Guan Xin just had to act like it. By pretending to be like Director Zhang’s first love, she had successfully been noticed.

Jiang Mian: “…”
She decided to join in the fun and play fair.


The school auditorium was packed with students in just a short amount of time and there already was a long queue outside. Girls made two thirds of them as most of them came to not only audition but also take a glimpse at Qin Jingrun.

There were two long lines. Guan Xin stood in the right one, Gu Qiwen by her side. They were whispering to each other and the male lead was encouraging his beloved: “Director Zhang will definitely choose you.”
Guan Xin felt guilty. She was quite certain to be chosen as she knew a secret no one else knew. She had gotten this information in exchange for a kiss and felt somewhat bad when she looked at Gu Qiwen.
But she really needed this opportunity.
“Qiwen, I will definitely succeed!”
She held his hand with determination shining in her beautiful eyes.

Her expression changed suddenly and Gu Qiwen followed her line of sight only to see Jiang Mian walking in leisurely. His eyes went instantly cold.
“Qiwen, ignore her.” Guan Xin said with disgust. “If she pretends to be weak again, everybody would misunderstand you.”

While they were talking about her, Jiang Mian ignored the two leads and joined the line on the left. Everyone was a little surprised to see her act so civilized and not jump to the front.

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