IHFDATN – Chapter 8.3

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Back to the residence, as soon as the elevator opened they heard an old and vigorous voice.
“…He hurts his eye, it is inconvenient to travel. Where could he go? You’re supposed to take care of him, now that he’s gone, what use are you?”
“Old master, I…”
In front of the angry old man, Luo Jiale did not know what to say. It wasn’t that he did not want to follow his boss all the time but his boss would simply not allow it.

Footsteps made Father Qi pause. When he looked back, he saw his son approaching.
“Yanshu! Where have you been, why are you so late?”
Seeing his son was in one piece, the old man let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly greeted him.
“What happened to your hand? Who hurt you?”
“It was my fault…”

Just as Jiang Mian answered, the elevator door opened again and Han Xu walked out. When he saw the scene, he froze two seconds and immediately pulled Jiang Mian into his arm to protect her.
“Who are you?”
The old man looked at Han Xu’s face for a moment.
“Han Xu?”
“Qi Guili?”
Old man Qi’s eyes fell on Jiang Mian in Han Xu’s arm and thought she was his mistress. The woman had just been with his son right now, and his son could not see… the old man instantly frowned and looked at Jiang Mian once more with displeasure.
“What kind of look is that?”
Han Xu had naturally noticed Old man Qi’s gaze and got angry.
“Don’t think I won’t say anything just because you’re old. I don’t usually pay attention to your Qi family.”
“Presumptuous!” Old Qi walked over with a cane. “You’re not qualified to talk to me like this.”
“I heard that your son was a monk and had just left the monastery.” Han Xu looked at Qi Yanshu, “Is it him? Tsk.” His tone was quite disdainful.
Elder Qi: “…”
Jiang Mian: “…”

She finally realized that the original Jiang Mian’s violent temper must have been inherited from her tyrant father. But the amount of information was a bit big, she had not expected him to be a monk. No wonder he always seemed different.
And this Qi family must have been the Qi family from the book.

There were many scenes about the Qi family in the original novel. The Qi family was hundreds of years old and very wealthy, their background was no lower than the Han group. But most importantly, the male lead Gu Qiwen was actually their heir.
The plot had been more complex in the later half. When Gu Qiwen’s mother had been young, she had been in a relationship with the eldest son of the Qi family. Because of her own background, the relation between the two had not lasted but Gu Qiwen’s mother had already been pregnant at that time. After giving birth to him, she had raised him alone and never told him the truth.
It was only later on her deathbed that she told Gu Qiwen the truth. But even though Gu Qiwen knew about his ties to the Qi family, he had never thought of returning.
Until he was forced to marry Jiang Mian. He had found the Qi family and joined hands with them to destroy the Han Group. It had left the original Jiang Mian’s with nothing.

Jiang Mian looked at Qin Yanshu. The man did not seem to appear in the book or she had missed it. She started to go through the plot carefully in her mind until she finally remembered his very small introduction.
Qi Guili, the head of the Qi family, had a young son, a son that was born when he was already fifty years old. He had been weak since childhood and had been sent to a Taoist temple in order to survive. He had learned taoist practice but unfortunately, he had died at the age of thirty.
Jiang Mian: “…”
So Qi Yanshu was the male lead’s uncle?!

However, according to the novel, Qi Yanshu should be dead. Not only he was still alive but had also left the temple. Somehow, the plot had already changed.
Jiang Mian could not figure out what was going on and after thinking about it for a while, she decided to let it go. As long as her four fathers were well, everything would be fine.

Han Xu snorted at the old man again. The Han Group and the Qi family had never been on the best of terms and they weren’t meant to get along. Han Xu finally ignored them and took Jiang Mian back into her home.

When he found his son staring at Jiang Mian’s door, Father Qi’s face changed slightly.
“Yanshu, let’s go inside and tell me what happened to your hand. You are blind right now, going out casually is not convenient. The people who help you might have ulterior motives.”
Old man Qi added: “Just now, how could this girl that hugged Han Xu in front of everyone be a good girl? You weren’t raised here so you are easily fooled.”
The old man wanted to say more but Qi Yanshu suddenly turned to face him and said: “I don’t like what you are saying.”
Old man Qi: “…”
Qi Yanshu walked into the apartment.
“Don’t come here so casually.”
His father moved his lips but no sound came out.


“Mianmian, Dad will buy you a new apartment somewhere else. Will you move in?”
This was the first thing Han Xu said to his daughter after entering the house. Still thinking about the original plot, Jiang Mian could only say: “Ah? Why?”
“Because of this Qi person next door, there is nothing good about the Qi family. You live here alone, Dad doesn’t want to worry.”
Han Xu coldly added: “The old man is already bad, how can his son be better? His eyes are covered but he might be pretending… not a good person!”
Jiang Mian felt she needed to defend Qi Yanshu. After all, he had helped her in the restaurant earlier.
“His eyes are bandaged because he is hurt.”
“Whether he really is injured or not, he is still from the Qi family…”
Han Xu suddenly felt something was wrong.
“Mianmian, how do you know his eyes are hurt?”

Seeing her father like this, she guessed that if she were to say she had met her neighbor on multiple occasions, Han Xu might have exploded.
“A normal person would not cover his eyes for no reason… and yesterday, when he moved in, I ran into him and noticed the cloth was bloody.” She lied.
Han Xu snorted and brought the topic back again: “Whatever the matter with him, shall we move? Dad will buy you a big villa.”
“I like it here, though.” She had just started meditating and the results had been better than at the hospital. She didn’t want to move.
She tried to persuade her tyrant father from another angle: “And dad, if I move, doesn’t it mean I am afraid of the Qi family? If anyone has to move, that would be them, no?”

Han Xu thought about it for a while and had to agree. But because he was still worried, he proposed: “Should Dad send you a female bodyguard to protect you?”
The four fathers were all naturally worried about their baby daughter living alone. In addition to the nanny, they had also sent female bodyguards and the original Jiang Mian had gotten angry.
Jiang Mian: “…”

Dad, just what are you guarding against?!

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