IHFDATN – Chapter 8.2

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Goosebumps broke all over Jiang Mian. Mr Qi got up and sat down right next to Jiang Mian and Lin Feifei collapsed on the ground, knocking her head on a chair.
Brother Qiang looked at Jiang Mian: “We have done what you ask, now give us the money.”
As Jiang Mian handed the check over, fingers grabbed her wrist rendering her unable to move.
Jiang Mian: “?”
Mr. Qi said lightly: “You shouldn’t pay the money.”

Jiang Mian understood immediately and put the check back in her bag. Brother Qiang sneered.
“Don’t want to pay what you owe us?”
Jiang Mian pointed at Lin Feifei.
“Ask her. She will give you the money.”
Brother Qiang pulled Lin Feifei up.
“Give us your ¥10,000 and her ¥50,000. ¥60,000 in total, give it now!”

Lin Feifei was still thinking of a way to get out of her current predicament. The words Jiang Mian had told her at school had frightened her at first; she had realized Jiang Mian did not believe her anymore and had to do something to gain her trust once more.
So she had used the same trick she had in the past. She had hired a few gangsters to stop Jiang Mian. She had appeared just in time before but had been too angry today and had wanted to arrive midway after Jiang Mian had taken a few hits.
Lin Feifei had been quietly following Jiang Mian so she could grasp her whereabouts but hadn’t expected Jiang Mian to not only see through her but also counterattack.
As Jiang Mian completely distrusted her now, she no longer had to pretend and started screaming.
“This is blackmail! She promised you the money, you ask her for it! You can dream, I won’t give you anything!”

Jiang Mian watched the show and smiled.
“May I remind you that they hold evidence you hired them? If i were to call the police, I wonder what would happen… how long do you think you would stay in jail? Three years? Five?”
The word jail was like a cold shower and Lin Feifei looked at Jiang Mian.
“Jiang Mian, you have changed, you have become so terrible.”
Jiang Mian: “…”
She rubbed the goose bumps on her hands.
“It’s not that I changed but I was just too stupid before and became your cash machine like a fool.”
“Oh right.” Jiang Mian added with a small smile. “I hadn’t intended on pursuing it but you did not take the chance I gave you. I know it’s difficult for you but listen carefully. If I roughly calculate how much money you have scrapped over the years, it would be about one million. I will give you one week to pay me back.”

For the original Jiang Mian, one million was equivalent to a dollar but when spent on such an ungrateful person, Jiang Mian definitely wanted it back.
“Mianmian! I was wrong, I’m sorry! I really was wrong!”

Lin Feifei finally understood that Jiang Mian was not fooling around. She did not know where to find a million yuan but she definitely couldn’t go to jail! She did not know where her plan went wrong but if she didn’t beg for mercy, it would really be over.
“Someone used me! It was Guan Xin, she made me do this!”
She could only think of using Guan Xin’s name to arouse Jiang Mian’s anger.
“I’ll give them their money! I’ll give it right away!”
She took out her phone in her hurry and transferred ¥60,000 to Brother Qiang.

After receiving the money, the leader looked over at Jiang Mian and apologized.
“I’m sorry. We did not mean to beat you, it’s just that we were hired to do so. You said you would give us three times the amount she promised so here are the extra ¥20,000.”
Brother Qiang had a lot of cash on him and left the money on the table, beckoning his boys to leave.

“Mianmian, please forgive me!”
Lin Feifei was not acting and really crying this time. Her face was swollen from the slap, her hair was disheveled and she looked very miserable. People who hadn’t watched the scene from the beginning would think Jiang Mian was bullying her.
Recalling the memories of the original Jiang Mian who had genuinely cared for Lin Feifei, she looked at the pitiful Lin Feifei. Her eyes were indifferent and it took her a long time but she said: “This is the last time.”

Overjoyed, Lin Feifei clutched her bag and stumbled away. She had been humiliated enough and needed a place to clean up. She also understood that she would never offend Jiang Mian in the future ever again.


Jiang Mian looked at Mr. Qi who was slowly drinking a bowl of soup.
“Just now… thank you.” Jiang Mian said.
“It was nothing.”
Jiang Mian stopped talking. She hadn’t eaten enough and she picked up the chopsticks to continue to eat. After their meal, she paid for every single customer as previously agreed.

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