IHFDATN – Chapter 8.1

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

Jiang Mian’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on Mr Qi’s hand that picked up his chopsticks again. It was a very beautiful hand, white, slender and with distinct finger bones, like a work of art.

Noticing someone was helping Jiang Mian, the gangsters stopped paying attention to her and rushed to the man one after another.
“A blind man dares to come forward!” The leader sneered.
“Wait.” Jiang Mian said, she tugged at her somewhat wrinkled clothes, her indifferent aura inexplicably shocking the leader.
“How much did they pay you?”
The leader’s face changed slightly but Jiang Mian did not seem to notice.
“I will pay thrice the price if you tell me who hired you.”

The leader didn’t respond, but the others immediately showed some joy. Thrice the price!
“Brother Qiang.” One guy pulled on his boss’s sleeve, “Three times.”

Jiang Mian took out a check from her bag. The original Jiang Mian would always carry a blank check with her at all times and she had instinctively inherited the habit.
She held the check by the tip of her fingers.
“This is fifty thousand yuan, and that’s yours.”

The leader of the gang was still a little hesitant, but his leg was in pain and already swollen. It could use the money to go to the hospital and have it checked!

He stopped thinking about it and said: “I don’t know the name but it was a woman. She told us you were there and asked us to start trouble.”
“That’s it?” Jiang Mian was listening with interest.
The leader kept looking at the check in Jiang Mian’s hand, drooling.
“She wanted us to teach you a lesson but not be too aggressive. We had to call her halfway.”
Jiang Mian pulled out the chair and sat down again: “Okay then.”
Delinquents: “?”
Was she asking them to hit her?
Jiang Mian: “… I want you to call her.”

Brother Qiang took out his phone but before he made the call he asked: “Is the check real?”
Jiang Mian glanced at him and Brother Qiang felt a bit guilty. He dialed the number and hung up after a ring.
“She said it was the signal.”

Jiang Mian nodded and Yu Guang looked at Mr. Qi that was holding the chopsticks and slowly picking the vegetables, staying out of the way. Less than half a minute later, someone came in. It was Lin Feifei, as expected.
Looking at the situation, she felt something was wrong and she turned around and fled.
“What are you waiting for, bring her over to me.”
A few gangsters ran out by reflex. After a couple of steps, they realized they were being too obedient; they hadn’t gotten any money yet.

At the same time, Jiang Mian told the frightened customers: “I deeply apologize for shocking you. All your expenses tonight will be on me.”
The people who had been watching since the beginning felt that there would be no more fighting and were relieved. They sat back to go back to their meal.

The restaurant’s manager had been so scared he had been about to call the police. Jiang Mian said to him: “It was just a little conflict between friends, there is no need to call the cops. As you can see, nothing happened except for the broken cup. What is the price? I will pay for everything.”
The manager didn’t want to make a big mess. If the police came, it would definitely affect the store’s business and he decided to close his eyes, as did the few waitresses that stood in the distance.

A few minutes later, the delinquents came back with a very unwilling Lin Feifei.
“Let go of me, I will call the police!”
She was yelling loudly and felt more and more afraid as she got closer to Jiang Mian. She had never been scared of her before.
“Call the police? Okay.”
Jiang Mian motioned to the gangster to let Lin Feifei go.
“I’ll wait.”
Lin Feifei stopped yelling, clutched her bag and looked around with red eyes.
“Mianmian, what are you doing? Why did you let these people pull me in?”

Brother Qiang was unhappy and took his phone to dial the number. Lin Feifei’s phone rang and her face paled.
“You… Why do you have my phone number? Mianmian, I don’t know him at all! Don’t believe what they say, they are slandering me!”
Brother Qiang slapped Lin Feifei.
“Didn’t you hire us to hit this lady? Stop lying!”

Lin Feifei was caught off guard by the slap and her face immediately started to swell. She staggered towards Mr Qi that was still eating.
“Brother, help me!” 

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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