IHFDATN – Chapter 10.2

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Jiang Mian left and to her surprise, Guan Xin had also come to the front of the line. She raised her eyebrows but was too lazy to find out why.

After leaving the auditorium, she received a message from her actor father asking her to go to the teacher’s lounge where he was waiting.
Fearing his daughter might not come, Qin Jingrun added: “The baby must come!” followed by a pitiful emoticon.
Thinking of Qin Jingrun’s calm and steady appearance just now back in the auditorium and looking at the soft cute tone of the message, Jiang Mian was a little dumbfounded.

She held her phone and after recalling the way to the teacher’s lounge, she walked over there. When passing a corner, a hand suddenly shot out and pulled her. Jiang Mian quickly squeezed her assailant’s wrist and twisted it hard.

“Jiang Mian!”
An angry shout was heard above her head and Jiang Mian realized it was Gu Qiwen.
Jiang Mian: “…”
“Are you crazy?”
There was nobody around and Jiang Mian stared at Gu Qiwen with cold eyes. The latter was stunned, he could not believe Jiang Mian had been able to restrain him. He struggled hard and Jiang Mian finally let go of him, taking out a tissue from her bag to deliberately wipe her hand.

“I fell in love with you before because I was blind.”
She wanted to throw the tissue at his face but after thinking about the male lead halo, she decided against it.
“I won’t provoke you anymore, why won’t you leave me alone?”
She raised her eyebrows, lashes fluttering.
“Or did you suddenly succumb to my charm and want to abandon Guan Xin to pursue me?”

The words were ironic but looking into Jiang Mian’s eyes, Gu Qiwen was actually startled for a second.
Her face used to appear with heavy makeup and a domineering look and used to make him feel disgusted. But now matter how terrible she was, Jiang Mian’s eyes had always been full of love when looking at him.
But now, not only the makeup was gone and her bare face was especially pleasing to look at but her eyes were also extremely cold with undisguised sarcasm. It made Gu Qiwen confused and angry. Jiang Mian really seemed different.

“Oh, Senior Gu, was I right? You want to pursue me? Then I guess I will have to broadcast this news to the whole school immediately and later we…”
Gu Qiwen finally recovered and the thoughts that had just flashed in his heart made his face pale.
“I feel sick when I look at you! If you dare to fight again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

He thought Jiang Mian was here to participate in Director Zhang’s audition deliberately to scorn Guan Xin. She was probably going to use her family’s connections to brush off his beloved and he had come to warn her.

“Gu Qiwen, I don’t know if you are really stupid or faking it.”
She really couldn’t understand what the original Jiang Mian had found in him. It was probably only due to the author of the original novel; no matter how Gu Qiwen was ridiculous, the original Jiang Mian just couldn’t get angry.
She added: “I must also warn you. In the future, you and Guan Xin should stay away from me. If you continue to insult me, I can assure you you will regret it.”

She had decided to stay away from the leads since transmigrating and enjoy her new mortal life. How come they kept bothering her like she had no temper?
In the cultivating world, how hard did she train to be able to reach the Celestial realm in only fifty years? Her high level cultivation was gained in many life and death situations. It wasn’t easy to get her angry but it did not mean she could let people walk over her. Before coming to this world, she had been fighting demons until the last second.

She stretched her fingers and poked Gu Qiwen’s chest, adjusting her energy and injecting it into his heart. Gu Qiwen’s face suddenly turned pale and he was unable to breathe.

Jiang Mian put her hand down and left. After a few minutes, a small bike drove up to her and parked in front of her.
“Mianmian, come on up.”
Jiang Mian: “?”
Bikers wore helmets and Jiang Mian could not see the person’s face.
The man whispered: “I’m Lin Xi. Brother Qin said it was hot and was afraid you would be tired so he asked me to come pick you up.”
Jiang Mian sat behind him.
“Dad left? So many people were waiting to see him tho, what are they going to do?”
Lin Xi was surprised: “There are too many people who want to see Brother Qin. Should he wait and let them watch him obediently?”
When said like that, Jiang Mian couldn’t refute it.

As soon as Qin Jingrun opened the door, he pulled Jiang Mian in and compared the height between the two of them.
“You’re taller. Last time I saw you you did not reach Dad’s chin.’
Jiang Mian was speechless as her actor father looked at her from every side, confirming she had grown and she had a good complexion. When he was finally satisfied, he let go of her.
A few seconds later, a shocked voice sounded: “Damn! Old Qin, didn’t you tell me your daughter was three? Is she your three years old baby?”
Jiang Mian: “???”

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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