IHFDATN – Chapter 10.1

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

There was suddenly a commotion in the front and someone whispered: “It’s assistant Liu! I know him, he often follows Director Zhang.”
Everyone looked curiously over and saw this assistant Liu. He walked straight to Jiang Mian and slightly bent: “Miss Jiang, follow me.”

Everyone turned to Jiang Mian and looked at her with envy, jealousy and hatred. But as she was used to these gazes, she followed assistant Liu very calmly.

The crowd who was quiet for a moment suddenly became noisy.
“What does it mean? Has Director Zhang already chose someone? Wasn’t there supposed to be an audition?”
“Impossible, if it had already been decided, someone would have announced it.”
“She was invited by Director Zhang… is she going to see Brother Qin?”


There were two areas inside the auditorium: one was open to the public and was very crowded by people hoping to take a look at Qin Jingrun and the other was a closed stage area where Director Zhang was. The audition took place inside and the participants waited outside.

Assistant Liu led Jiang Mian to the front of the line, ahead of a short haired girl who was in third place. Because an official representative had let her jump in the line, nobody could say anything.

The short haired girl that was about to scold her swallowed back her words when she noticed Assistant Liu. The man nodded at Jiang Mian and quietly retreated.
“Are you… Jiang Mian?” The short-haired girl said after hesitating for a while.
Jiang Mian could be regarded as a celebrity in their school and as soon as she spoke, the two girls in front of Jiang Mian turned their heads to carefully look at her.
“Is there a problem?” Jiang Mian asked, facing their stare.
Under her gaze, the two girls that were observing her turned their heads back.
The short haired girl was still curious and asked: “Assistant Liu brought you over, are you familiar with Director Zhang?”
Jiang Mian smiled.
“You can go and ask Director Zhang himself.”
The girl: “…”

After a while, the front door opened and a girl came out. Her eyes were red but she looked very excited and someone asked her: “How was it?”
“Let’s wait for the news.” The girl answered.
“Then why are you crying?”
The girl held her heart and said: “I saw Brother Qin and he smiled at me. His smile is so gentle, even if I am not selected, it was worth it!”
Jiang Mian: “…”
She began to doubt the reason all these girls had come to audition. Most of them were probably only there to see Qin Jingrun.

Soon came her turn and Jiang Mian opened the door and walked to the small stage. There was a row of chairs under the stage and four people were sitting on them. Her father was sitting on the second.
He was wearing simple casual clothes and quietly sat. When Jiang Mian looked over, he winked gently at her.

“Do you have a resume?”
Director Zhang looked at the photo on the resume in his hand. It was obviously different from the person in front of them and he started getting angry when he realized she must have cut the line.
Assistant Liu whispered in his ear: “She’s the girl Brother Qin asked me to help. Her name is Jiang Mian.”

When Jiang Mian was born, Qin Jingrun had already been very famous and in order to prevent Jiang Mian’s personal life from being invaded, he had told no more than five people about her.
So of course, Director Zhang did not know they were father and daughter but because Qin Jingrun had helped her, there must have been some kind of relationship. He naturally had to give the actor some face.

Director Zhang calmed himself and looked at Jiang Mian. As one of the famous directors in the entertainment circle, he had seen countless beauties and stunning ones that could still surprise him like her were rare.
The girl in front of him stood quietly on the stage in silence. She had an indescribable aura around her as she wasn’t the one being judged but the one judging instead.
Director Zhang was taken aback and his upper body straightened slightly. His eyes became serious and he turned to Qin Jingrun. Noticing his smile, he understood their relationship was not simple and said to Jiang Mian: “You have three minutes to prepare.”
Jiang Mian took the script the assistant director handed her which was the same as the one her father had sent her.

A few minutes later, Jiang Mian wiped off a tear from the corner of her eyes and said: “Director Zhang, I’m done.”
Director Zhang returned to his senses and the first thing he said was: “Jingrun, what do you think?”
Qin Jingrun started clapping and couldn’t control his smile but said with restraint: “Yes, the little girl can fully express the emotions of the character. It was very good.”

Qin Jingrun had not seen the baby girl in half a year because of his filming schedule. He would even only video chat once a month and really had not expected his daughter to surprise him so much.

Seeing that he was so satisfied, Director Zhang lowered his voice.
“Then should I choose her?”
Qin Jingrun thought about the fair competition his daughter wanted and said: “This is your play, don’t be biased because of me. Choose who you think is best.”
Director Zhang thought Qin Jingrun wanted to avoid suspicion and he said to Jiang Mian: “Go back and wait for the news. We will let you know.”

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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