IHFDATN – Chapter 7

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

Jiang Mian put the bag she was holding down and walked over to the man to lead him inside.
“Thank you.”
She helped him to the couch, poured a glass of water and handed it to him.
“Someone should come up soon. Sit down for a while.”
He tapped his chin with his fingers and stayed silent.

After Jiang Mian settled down, she ignored him and poured all the broken jade on the kitchen counter. After organizing them, she took a piece about the size of a fist. There was a dim spot on it. It was faint but after feeling for it carefully, she could sense the Qi that was emanating from it. She had to break the jade to get to the dim spot.
After rummaging through all kinds of kitchen utensils, she did not find tools she could use and Jiang Mian left the kitchen to go find a hammer.

On the way, she glanced at the couch which was now empty. Had the man left?
The next second, she heard a meow and saw the man squatting in front of the cat, rubbing a purring Xiao Mi’s head with slender fingers.
Xiao Mi’s basket was placed against the wall, next to the desk and bookshelf.
“Very cute.” The man tilted his head. Jiang Mian could see his tall nose and the slightly raised corners of his lips.
“He’s okay. Doesn’t do anything but eat and sleep.”

After looking at the man playing with her cat, Jiang Mian turned around to find her hammer. However, as soon as she took a step, Xiao Mi who had just been enjoying himself scratched the back of the man’s hand and quickly tried to hide. Three blood stains appeared.
Jiang Mian: “… I’m sorry.”
Jiang Mian walked to them, picked up Xiao Mi and put him into his cage without even teaching him. She then helped the man back to the couch. The wound was deep, the cat had used too much force. Jiang Mian took a deep breath.
“Wait a minute, I’ll get the first aid kit, don’t move.”

The man didn’t speak, not even when Jiang Mian disinfected the wound. He didn’t even move, as if he couldn’t feel the pain.
“Doesn’t it hurt?”
She thought about the scene in the garage and the bloody cloth on his eyes. Except for his pale complexion, he had looked pretty expressionless.
After a few seconds of silence, the man replied: “You get used to it.”
Getting used to the pain… Jiang Mian did not do anything more but her movements became softer.
“Can I touch your face?”
While Jiang Mian treated his wound, the man renewed the request he had made in the garage last night. Jiang Mian almost dropped his hand, she did not understand why this person was so obsessed with her face since he was blind.
But although the request was weird, the man looked like he really wanted to. Seeing his pale face and the scratches on his hand, Jiang Mian finally agreed.
“You can.”
Perhaps because she had not asked the reason why this time, the man was taken aback for a moment. But after a while, he stretched out his uninjured hand and slowly stroked Jiang Mian’s cheek.
He then suddenly retracted his hand and said: “Here.”
Jiang Mian: “?”

With a sound, the elevator opened.
“Miss Jiang, where did your door lock go wrong?”
The person sent by the property manager had arrived.
“It’s not my house but his that can’t be opened.” Jiang Mian helped the man out of the room.
“It turned out to be Mr. Qi. What is the password?”
“521521.” Jiang Mian answered for him.
The property manager went to enter the password and the door opened with a beep.
Jiang Mian: “…”
Property: “???”
“We tried, neither the password nor fingerprints worked.”
She really hadn’t lied!
The property manager closed the door and politely said: “Mr Qi, if you may try your fingerprint.”
The man put his hand on the device and the door unlocked.
Jiang Mian: “…”
Just a few minutes ago it hadn’t worked. Now it seemed like she had dreamt about it.

The hallway was quiet for a while. The property manager thought that rich people wouldn’t be so easily bored and said: “The connection might have been unstable just now which made it impossible to open the door.”
He then checked the lock carefully and after no other problems, he left.
“I’m sorry.” Mr Qi said, “I caused you trouble.”
Jiang Mian: “I should be the one apologizing, my cat hurt you.”
Mr Qi shook his head gently: “It was nothing.”
“You still should get a shot, let’s go to the vaccine center. Or you can give me your assistant’s number so I can call him?”
Mr Qi: “He went on a business trip.”
Jiang Mian: “I will go with you then?”
Mr Qi: “Okay.”

Upon arriving at the vaccine center, they had to fill in some basic information and as Mr Qi was blind, Jiang Mian naturally took care of it.
Jiang Mian: “What’s your first name?”
The man stayed silent and Jiang Mian thought he was being private.
“It’s not that I want to ask you, but I need to fill this document. It’s okay, I will make up one then.” The center wouldn’t check it carefully anyway.
Mr Qi’s lips moved but he swallowed back what he wanted to say. Jiang Mian casually filled ‘Qi Xiaobai’ in the name column and waited after paying the money.

When they came out of the vaccine center it was almost 9 pm. Jiang Mian called Aunt Liu and asked her not to come over tonight. She did not want her to see all the jade she had left on the kitchen counter.
But Jiang Mian was hungry and she glanced at the quiet Mr Qi.
“Shall I invite you to dinner?”
Mr Qi had no objection and Jiang Mian found a restaurant nearby that looked very clean.

When the food came, Jiang Mian did not worry anymore about his blindness. If it weren’t for the cloth on his eyes and the blood she had seen yesterday, she would have thought he was just messing with it. Mr Qi did not behave like someone whose eyes had been injured and could not see.
Well, when she would occasionally raise her head during their meal, she would sometimes see the man put slices of ginger in his mouth and calmly spit it out.
Jiang Mian wanted to laugh at his antics but felt it was too impolite. She simply smiled at him and thanks to his keen perception, Mr Qi slightly raised his head to “look” at her.
Jiang Mian coughed and started to pick out all the ginger and chili from the dishes with her chopsticks.
“Okay, now you won’t get any side dishes that you don’t like.”
“Thank you.”

The man suddenly smiled and Jiang Mian was stunned. Under the lamp, the man was even more handsome and even the white cloth could not hide his beauty. Such a smile was as devastating as her actor father’s!

At this same moment, someone shouted: “She is there!”
Jiang Mian looked up and saw four or five delinquents rushing in from the door. She looked left and right; it seemed she was their objective. Jiang Mian frowned.
The other customers in the restaurant stood up, frightened by the menacing appearance. Amid the noise and chaos, the delinquents finally rushed to Jiang Mian.
Jiang Mian: “…”
What was happening now?
A hand came her way but Jiang Mian was fast. She moved her head to avoid it, grabbed the boy’s wrist and pulled it fiercely. She had planned on breaking it but her strength was too little.
Jiang Mian: “…”
The next second, a scream sounded, and the person in front of her fell down on his knees with a thump.
Jiang Mian: ???
When she looked up, her gaze went to Mr Qi who had not even stood up. No, he had just hit the delinquent’s legs with a cup that was still rolling on the floor.

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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