IHFDATN – Chapter 6.1

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Not only the onlookers were shocked, the two leads were also stunned.

The novel said that although the female lead had a white lotus appearance, she had a tough heart and did not bow to power and money. Her personality attracted both the male lead and many other supporting male characters.

A few days ago, Jiang Mian had given her a ¥2,000,000 check to have her leave Gu Qiwen. Was it that good to have money? Could money let people break the law? Could you steal someone else’s boyfriend with money?
Guan Xin had sneered. Not only she did not own Gu Qiwen, accepting the money would have been against everything she stood for. She had rejected Jiang Mian’s offer whom had thought Guan Xi wanted more and had added ¥3,000,000. Guan Xin had been disgusted at someone for the first time; paying her off was both insulting Gu Qiwen and her.
When she had refused, Jiang Mian had wanted to hit her. If Gu Qiwen hadn’t appeared at that time, she probably would have.

Guan Xin and Gu Qiwen were childhood sweethearts and loved each other sincerely; it would have been impossible to let him go anyway. Guan Xin did not want to butt heads with Jiang Mian but if the latter kept harassing her, she would fight back.
Guan Xin had readied herself to face Jiang Mian but she had actually ignored her? Guan Xian’s face did not look good.

Gu Qiwen, who had briefly been distracted by Jiang Mian, noticed Guan Xin’s face and felt distressed. As her loyal knight, he called out: “Stop!”
Guan Xin knew what Gu Qiwen had in mind but there were too many people around. Gu Qiwen was a man and if it were to go around he bullied Jiang Mian, it wouldn’t be good.
“Forget it.” She took his hand and sighed.
Gu Qiwen heard the grievance in her voice and his eyes flashed with hatred.
“Don’t worry, she won’t wrong you anymore.”
He let go of Guan Xin’s hand and walked to Jiang Mian.
“Jiang Mian, I asked you to stop, didn’t you hear me?”

Jiang Mian had fallen in love with him at first sight. He hadn’t cared at first when she had started chasing him but her behavior had soon worsened.
It had started when a girl had handed him a love letter. Jiang Mian had been very upset about it; unlike with her, Gu Qiwen had taken the letter gently. Furious, Jiang Mian had slapped the girl.
From then on, Gu Qiwen started to hate her but no matter how mean he was to her, he couldn’t get rid of her. She would follow him, play all kinds of tricks and even had cut her wrist for him. Although Jiang Mian disgusted him, her suicide attempt had given him time to think; Jiang Mian would never be angry at him as terrible his attitude towards her could be.

Jiang Mian stopped and squinted her eyes. His gaze fell on the faint bruise on Gu Qiwen’s cheekbone. She glanced in Guan Xi’s direction and said in a low voice only the three of them could hear: “Senior Gu, are you still in pain?”
Guan Xin’s expression slightly changed; how did Jiang Mian know Gu Qiwen was injured?
Gu Qiwen’s face became very ugly. After being beaten by Han Xu’s bodyguards that day and thrown away from the hospital, he had returned to school. He had been afraid Guan Xi would be worried and had said he had been robbed and accidentally hurt. Jiang Mian reminded him of the shame he had felt and the anger grew in his eyes.
Jiang Mian chuckled: “Don’t get excited. You were right, your body is your own, it’s not worth the money.”
“Apologize.” Gu Qiwen said through clenched teeth.
Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows and asked with confusion: “Apologize? Senior Gu, you cannot ask freshmen to apologize for no reason just because you are a senior.”
“Apologize to Guanguan!” Gu Qiwen’s arm shot to get a grab on Jiang Mian’s injured wrist.

Her eyes went cold and she avoided swiftly and staggered a few steps back. The onlookers that were still observing thought Gu Qiwen had pushed her.
Jiang Mian shook her hand. Her eyes were red and she looked at Gu Qiwen with incredulity.
“Senior Gu, I already promised you to leave you and Guan Xin in the future, why would you do this to me?”
Gu Qiwen: “?”
Guan Xin: “??”

Jiang Mian was no longer whispering and the surrounding people that had been waiting to see drama unfold immediately understood why Jiang Mian had ignored the couple. No wonder she was gone for a week, after accepting Gu Qiwen’s conditions, she must have felt very sad and needed time to adjust.
With just a few words and the way she was behaving, the audience remembered Jiang Mian had been very fond of Gu Qiwen and she probably had finally let him go.
“I liked you but that was before.” The girl held her head high, obviously trying not to cry. “I was wrong in the past and you can hit me for what I did to Guan Xin.”
Everyone: !!!
Had Gu Qiwen done something to Jiang Mian?
“But I didn’t do anything today…” The girl choked. “Nothing… I don’t care anymore, you are going to scold me anyway just because I have money and I am evil.”

After Jiang Mian was done talking, the crowd did not look impressed. Successful retreat! Some people must have suspected Jiang Mian was acting, but really, she wasn’t a good actress.
According to the original novel, the school had just organized a performance for freshmen. When the original Jiang Mian had learned Guan Xin was participating, she had joined too.
Several directors and producers had been invited by the school to watch the show. Guan Xin’s performance had been the best part of it and everybody had gone to personally introduce themself.
On the other hand, Jiang Mian had been terrible. Her acting had been awkward and she had forgotten her lines and people had immediately started gossiping on the school forum, describing the whole incident in detail. And because Jiang Mian was chasing after Gu Qiwen at this time, she had obviously been compared to Guan Xin; Jiang Mian was beautiful and had a powerful background but she really wasn’t in Guan Xin’s league. This event had made Jiang Mian particularly angry and she had gone to confront Guan Xin after school.
But because of that, most people thought Jiang Mian’s acting skills were bad and it seemed impossible for her to improve that much in just a few days. The only explanation was that those were her true feelings.
Now that Jiang Mian changed people’s thoughts, because of people’s prejudices, even if Gu Qiwen and Guan Xin wanted to explain, nobody would listen.

Gu Qiwen didn’t beat Jiang Mian? But everyone had just seen him push her.
Gu Qiwen didn’t scold Jiang Mian? But everyone had just heard his cold words just now.

In short, everyone started looking at Gu Qiwen and Guan Xin differently.

Jiang Mian left and walked to class with a pitiful look. She had used this opportunity to show everyone and most particularly the novel protagonists she did not care about them anymore. Let them enjoy their romance.

The female lead was a white lotus; she looked fragile and made many men fall in love with her and any supporting female character that opposed her would not end well. She did not need to do anything, looking wronged would be enough to have one of her admirers solve all of her troubles.
In the original novel, even if she had harassed Guan Xin, Jiang Mian had never committed the unforgivable like murder or arson. She had been married to Gu Qiwen but he had cheated on her and when Guan Xin had become pregnant, the original Jiang Mian had been extremely angry.
At that time, her four fathers were still alive and Han Xu had discreetly sent Guan Xin get an abortion. The original Jiang Mian had been unaware of it but was blamed by Guan Xin and one of her suitors had disabled her. Gu Qiwen had then thrown her in a nursing home where they had tortured her.
Jiang Mian couldn’t help but complain about the author’s serious bias towards her protagonists and the deep malice she had for herself, the villainous supporting character.

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