IHFDATN – Chapter 5.2

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After breakfast, Jiang Man grabbed her bag and took a taxi to school. The original Jiang Mian had a bed in the school’s dormitory but hardly ever stayed there and would usually drive her flashy Aston Martin that Luo Jiale had helped her move last night daily.

When she arrived at the school, Jiang Mian followed her memories and took the direction of the dorm to gather her school supplies. She had barely opened the door that the three girls inside had gathered around her to praise her, stunned expressions on their faces.
“Mianmian, you’re back! I heard that you went on a trip, where did you go?”
“Wow, Mianmian! We haven’t seen you for only a few days and you’re even more beautiful! How can we keep on living?”
“Mianmian, did you get a new treatment at the institute? Your skin is so dazzling!”
Jiang Mian: “…”
That was why the original Jiang Mian would occasionally go back to the dorm. She would often gift her dorm mates bags, jewelry and beauty products and enjoy the constant compliments that would follow.

The three girls kept glancing at Jiang Mian’s bag. Jiang Mian had gone on a trip, now that she was back, she must have souvenirs for them. And thanks to her generosity, the souvenirs would definitely be expensive ones.
“Isn’t there a voice lesson today? Aren’t you attending?” Jiang Mian walked to her desk with a calm expression and took out the materials she needed.
The girls looked at each other with doubt in their eyes but did not say anything. Shouldn’t Jiang Mian be giving them presents right now?
“Why are you so quiet?” Jiang Mian looked at them and raised her eyebrows.
“There is still half an hour before it starts, we can go later.” Jin Mengqiao said before hinting: “Mianmian, where did you go this time and what did you buy?”
“I didn’t get anything, I just wandered around.”
Dorm mates: “…”

Jiang Mian then left and the girls began to discuss.
“I’m still waiting for her to give me a bag.” Mao Xuanling said, “I want to resell it so I can buy the new skirt from XX.”
“I don’t want a bag but whatever else is fine.” Wu Yue frowned, “Have you seen the purse she was carrying? It wasn’t even designer.”
Jin Mengqiao said: “Her family wouldn’t go bankrupt, would they?”
Mao Xuanling: “No, look at her. It doesn’t look like it.”
Wu Yue: “I doubt it. Her skin condition looks even better than before, I really wanted to touch it. She wouldn’t look that good if she was broke.” She sounded jealous.
“Then why did she suddenly change?” The three girls were confused.
“I did not bring you back anything, so you’re badmouthing me?”
A voice broke the silence and three heads turned to the entrance at once. The door was open and Jiang Mian stood there, watching them quietly.
Dorm mates: “…”
Why wasn’t the door closed?

Those three weren’t as good at pretending as Lin Feifei and Jiang Mian did not really care about it but felt she had to say something. She always killed in one single blow, leaving no choice for her enemies to fight back.
“In that case, I won’t be so generous anymore. You can keep the gifts but shouldn’t you return the money you borrowed?”

Once someone understood the personality of the original Jiang Mian, it was simply too easy to take advantage of her. In the beginning, her dorm mates hadn’t abused it; they would be embarrassed when Jiang Mian would give them presents. Later, they had found Jiang Mian did not really care and enjoyed having them fawn over her and the three girls had felt more at ease.
If they did not have any money, they would just act pitiful and ask Jiang Mian. She would loan them any amount and never ask for the money back. Her dorm mates knew that very well and would keep asking.
The school had only started for a month and outside of all the gifts they had gotten, they had borrowed at least ¥20,000 each. Now Jiang Mian was asking them to pay her back but they were students, where would they find the money? Their complexions went through a multitude of different colors.
Jiang Mian added indifferently: “You have one day to return the money. Same time tomorrow or I will have someone broadcast to the entire school you won’t pay me back.”
Jiang Mian turned around and headed to the door without waiting for her dorm mates’ reactions.

The trio’s faces changed drastically. They all were in acting school and wanted to be actors in the future. If this were to go around, it would ruin their careers before it even began.
Seeing that Jiang Mian was about to leave, Mao Xuanling couldn’t hold back and yelled with anger: “Jiang Mian! You usually treat us like slaves, shouldn’t the money you lent us be considered as labor expenses?”
Jiang Mian stopped walking and looked back at Mao Xuanling. Her face was distorted, her hands tightly clenched and her eyes fierce. She did not look pretty at this moment.
With a smile, Jiang Mian took out a voice recorder she had previously hidden in the bookshelf. She pressed the play button and the conversation was heard. Mao Xuanling’s eyes widened and her expression turned blank. Finally leaving the room, Jiang Mian happily smiled.
She actually wasn’t used to confront people; she would prefer to use force instead. But against them, force would be meaningless.
She had always acted upon one rule: if people did not offend her, she would not offend them. If they offended her, well… it would depend on her mood.

Unfortunately, it did not take long until she ran into someone else.
Gu Qiwen was wearing a white shirt with some partially faded bruises on his face and next to him, Guan Xi gave a pure and innocent feeling in a white dress and no makeup. They were both the perfect picture of leads in a romance novel and the heroine herself aroused a man’s desire to protect.
Jiang Mian: “…”
The school was so big, what were the chances?

Many people around them stopped to watch them. Jiang Mian was pretty infamous around here, she was not only beautiful but also very wealthy and drove an Aston Martin to school. She did not have a hard time grabbing everyone’s attention.
The news that she was chasing Gu Qiwen had spread quickly and it was also known she had confronted Guan Xin and been rejected by Gu Qiwen. Every rumor was slightly different from the other but everybody had heard of it nonetheless. Fortunately, Gu Qiwen still worried about his reputation and he had not said anything about her suicide attempt.
Jiang Mian liked Gu Qiwen, Gu Qiwen liked Guan Xin, Jiang Mian had harassed Guan Xin. Now that she was seeing the two of them together, she must be extremely jealous and the onlookers were naturally waiting for a show.
But got disappointed when Jiang Mian kept on walking without even paying attention to the couple.
Everyone: Huh???

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