IHFDATN – Chapter 5.1

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

Jiang Mian who had briefly seen a stunning profile in the car had waited to see what the man looked like but couldn’t have guessed his eyes would be hurt. She felt bad about staring at him and prepared to go back up.

The man suddenly turned around. Even if he couldn’t see, he seemed to know exactly where Jiang Mian was standing and Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows in surprise. There was about ten meters between them and she hadn’t say anything; he most likely had a really good hearing.
His voice was cold: “Please stay.”
“Sir?” Luo Jiale was puzzled.

Jiang Mian thought about it and walked to him. After all, she had been the one in wrong when she had parked in his spot. It also seemed that this person wasn’t ordinary, the man that had moved her car looked like an assistant.
As Jiang Mian approached, she noticed the man’s eyes were still bleeding and the white cloth looked even redder.
The man’s face turned her way once more and his pale lips moved.
“May I touch your face?”
Jiang Mian: “???”
Luo Jiale: “??????”
“Sir” Luo Jiale whispered in his ear, “She’s a beautiful girl, she seems to be in her late teens.”
He knew his boss had a weird temper but even with the wound on his eyes, he would probably not be rude enough to touch a lady’s face.
“A teenager?” The man frowned.
Jiang Mian: “…”
They were aware she wasn’t deaf, weren’t they?
“What are you going to do to my face?” Jiang Mian was curious. If it wasn’t inappropriate, there was no reason to refuse and it was unlikely he was going to attack her.
The man was silent.
Jiang Mian: “…”
Jiang Mian: “???”
Jiang Mian: “If you don’t want to answer, I will take my leave.”
The man was still silent and Jiang Mian walked back to her apartment.

Seeing she looked a little vexed, Luo Jiale caught up with her and said: “Miss Jiang, I apologize, my boss didn’t mean to offend you.”
“No worries.” She wasn’t going to get angry at a blind stranger.
“Your boss’s eyes…”
The bleeding had looked abnormal and she was really curious about it. But as soon as she asked, she saw Luo Jiale’s expression change and decided to drop the subject.
Jiang Mian quickly forgot about this episode and went home to meditate. No one bothered her this time.


Back in the garage.

“Sir, did you just…” Luo Jiale wanted to criticize him but seeing the twist of his boss’s eyebrows, he swallowed back his complaints.
“ Sir, they said the injury would be beneficial.”
The man hummed. Luo Jiale went to support him, but he firmly refused and the assistant could only watch him walk by himself, accurately avoiding any obstacle on the way. Seeing the bloody cloth on his boss’ eyes, Liu Jiale gulped and followed him in silence.
They entered the elevator and Luo Jiale pressed the 18th floor. The eighteenth floor had only two units and of course one of them belonged to Jiang Mian. Not that she knew any of this.


When Jiang Mian opened her eyes the next day, she did not feel tired at all and rejoiced. In one night, she felt more rested than when she had spent a week in the hospital, thanks to the Qi she had been able to absorb.
Compared to her past life, she could only sigh. But no matter how small it was, cultivation was still cultivation and it was better than none.

She had many impurities on her skin after a night of meditation. The original Jiang Mian clearly had better skin than most women thanks to the various expensive skin care products she used but she had still accumulated a lot of waste.

After a bath, Jiang Mian looked at her reflection with satisfaction. In the cultivation world, most women would not cultivate for longevity but to make themselves more beautiful. Qi would enter the body, travel around the meridians and purify the body; this was the most advanced and perfect skin care method.

Aunt Liu had already come over to make breakfast and when she saw Jiang Mian coming out of her bedroom, she was taken aback. She felt that Jiang Miam seemed a little different today, but she couldn’t pinpoint how.
After looking at the fresh red roses she had bought on her way over, she finally understood; today, Jiang Mian was dazzling and even more beautiful and delicate than the flowers.
“By the way, Miss. It seems someone moved in the other apartment.” Aunt Liu prepared the egg and meat porridge for Jiang Mian. “When I came, I saw someone come out of the door.”
“Oh.” Jiang Mian did not really care about it.

However, Aunt Liu was overthinking it. When she had come, she had seen a tall man wearing sunglasses. Jiang Mian was perhaps arrogant but she was still an eighteen years old girl living alone; what if the other party saw Jiang Mian’s good looking appearance and started bothering her?
Because of all the expensive beauty products and designer clothes Jiang Mian had given her yesterday, Aunt Liu’s heart had become more sincere and she couldn’t help but be worried. Aunt Liu couldn’t use all the things she had gotten but they would be perfect for her daughter that was in college.
She didn’t know if she should notify Han Xu. Knowing Jiang Mian’s personality, who wasn’t scared of her father, she probably wouldn’t care. Aunt Liu was also conscious that Jiang Mian had not fired her yet because she would not just go report her every action to Han Xu. If she went, she was afraid she would lose her job.

Aunt Liu felt conflicted but didn’t show anything and Jiang Mian wasn’t aware of what was going on in her head.

[⬅️ Toc ➡️]


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