IHFDATN – Chapter 3.2

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“I went to confront Guan Xi after school. Guess what happened!”
“What? Didn’t she agree to leave Gu Qiwen?”
Lin Feifei felt anxious for a moment but quickly calmed herself down; with Jiang Mian’s brain, she didn’t have to think too much. “If she won’t leave him, we can make her. Mianmian, Guan Xi’s nothing next to you. Your family is so powerful and you’re so beautiful, as long as Gu Qiwen has eyes, he will definitely choose you!”
“He saw us.”
“Ah? How could he be there?” Lin Feifei looked startled.
“I was also quite surprised. I only told you about meeting Guan Xi but Gu Qiwen appeared as soon as I started talking to her. Do you think someone told him?”
Lin Feifei’s face changed. How could this idiot start suspecting her, hadn’t she always blindly trusted her before? But before she could even defend herself, Jiang Mian pointed at her yellow skirt.
“This style is outdated, but even if I threw it away, it’s still mine. You shouldn’t take it so casually.”
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to see how it looked on me. I will change right away!” Lin Feifei‘s face flushed with shame and she ran back to the bedroom.

Damn, she hadn’t thought Jiang Mian would be back so suddenly. She had used her absence to wear all of her clothes. But because she seemed to doubt her, she really needed to do what she said.
Lin Feifei changed back to her own clothes in a hurry. When she turned around, she saw Jiang Mian standing at the door. Her hand shook and the skirt fell on the floor.
“Mianmian, when did you come in?”
Jiang Mian leaned against the doorframe and said: “This is my bedroom, should I knock before entering my own room?”
Lin Feifei was too stunned for a second to mutter even a single word.
“Mianmian, don’t be angry… You told me I could enter your bedroom whenever I wanted so I…”
Lin Feifei’s eyes reddened but when she met Jiang Mian’s gaze, she couldn’t say anything else. It was as she was seeing right through her heart and Lin Feifei felt completely panicked. Her tears were stuck, not knowing whether to fall or not.

Because she knew the plot of the novel, Jiang Mian clearly understood how Lin Feifei had saved her from the delinquents in the past. Everything had been orchestrated by Lin Feifei in order to get close to the original Jiang Mian. She hadn’t known about her family but had been clearly aware Jiang Mian had been very wealthy. As for why Gu Qiwen rushed to Guan Xin as soon as the original Jiang Mian had gone to see her, it was obviously because Lin Feifei had notified him.
Lin Feifei also liked the male lead and had used the original Jiang Mian to try to get rid of the female lead. Compared to Lin Feifei, Jiang Mian’s background was just way superior. Lin Feifei was also a villainous supporting character but the author obviously liked her better; while the original Jiang Mian was a cannon fodder at best, Lin Feifei had some brains she could actually use.

After Jiang Mian had felt sorry for both herself and the original Jiang Mian, she picked the skirt up and a pair of scissors and started to cut through it randomly. She threw it in the trash and turned to Lin Feifei.
“It’s too dirty, I shouldn’t keep it now, should I?”
Was Jiang Mian scolding her for being dirty?? Lin Feifei’s face darkened even more and she couldn’t hide it anymore.

The sound on the door opening was heard and Aunt Liu walked in.
“Miss, you’re back.”
Jiang Mian had changed nannies a few times but Aunt Liu had been there for more than a year now. The former nannies would keep reporting all of Jiang Mian’s actions to Han Xu but Aunt Liu did not. She served Jiang Mian and never made any trouble.
“Aunt Liu,” Jiang Mian said “Don’t let any cat and dog enter in the future. I am not a shelter.”
Aunt Liu agreed kindly: “Of course. Miss Lin, if you may.”
Lin Feifei left. She really needed to organize her thoughts, Jiang Mian’s attitude towards her was completely different than usual. Something might have happened and she needed to find out what to somehow fix it. Jiang Mian was her money tree and she wasn’t planning on losing her.

“Miss finally drove her away.”
Aunt Liu hid her slight smile when Jiang Mian looked at her.
“I talk too much.”

Aunt Liu had told her in the past Lin Feifei was taking advantage of her but the original Jiang Mian had not believed her. After being blamed for putting her nose where it did not belong, she had never mentioned it again.
This picked up Jiang Mian’s interest. In the novel, Lin Feifei had been good at hiding her true personality, most people would fall for her innocent appearance.
“Why don’t you like her?”
Aunt Liu hesitated and Jiang Mian added: “Tell me.”
“I cleaned up the guest room after she came here one time and found a photo of you under the mattress; it was burned and curses were written on it.”
Jiang Mian “…” (TL: same)

Jiang Mian had warned her not to be nosy and Aunt Liu had not known whether to tell her or not. The next time Lin Feifei had come, the photo was gone. Aunt Liu couldn’t have said anything to Jiang Mian without any evidence but since then, her impression of Lin Feifei had irrevocably changed.

Elsewhere, it was normal to dislike one’s employer. But as a housekeeper for the rich, Aunt Liu’s salary was higher than average and even if Jiang Mian was arrogant, she did not necessarily lose her temper. Aunt Liu thought she had it easy.
Aunt Liu had seen Jiang Mian give expensive gifts to Lin Feifei and the latter was ungrateful. This kind of fake behavior was way more scary than Jiang Mian’s explosive temperament.
Aunt Liu kept on telling her about a lot of small events neither the original Jiang Mian nor the plot knew. After all, the novel revolved around the protagonists, the supporting characters had but a small part. This kind of details, the author couldn‘t have described it all.
Lin Feifei would often come over when she knew Jiang Mian would be absent and had Aunt Liu open the door for her. She would make sure Aunt Liu would not say anything, would stay at the apartment and leave just before Jiang Mian came back.
Jiang Mian nodded and Aunt Liu stopped talking. The living room was quiet for a few minutes until Jiang Mian went back to her bedroom. She then grabbed every single beauty product and clothes and gave them to a confused Aunt Liu.
“Take the cat away too.”
Aunt Liu was quite surprised and asked: “Miss, don‘t you like Xiao Mi the most?”
The fat cat rubbed himself on Jiang Mian’s legs. With no claws and a pair of bright emerald eyes, he stared at Jiang Mian pitifully. Instantly remembering a pair of familiar eyes, she changed her mind.
“Forget it, it can stay.”

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