GTKAWF – Chapter 10.2

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Beat them to death! Let the law destroy them! (2)

The next morning, after breakfast, Sheng Qiao sat at her desk and opened Weibo. She issued an official statement about her contract termination and upcoming lawsuit against Xingyao Media.

—— Sued Xingyao Media used abnormal means to coerce the plaintiff into signing an unjust contract and request Xingyao Media to immediately stop the infringement and terminate the contract or it will be investigated in legal form. ——

Two pictures were added to the post: the official indictment and the contract signed by Sheng Qiao. And in an instant, Weibo suddenly exploded.
People had lived for so many years but never had they seen a celebrity get paid by salary. Twenty thousand a month? Twenty years? What the heck was this contract?!

In less than five minutes, Sheng Qiao’s phone was blown up.
Gao Meiling’s messages came one after another and after taking a sip of hot milk, Sheng Qiao answered calmly. The shock and anger from the other end almost pierced her eardrum.
“Sheng Qiao! What the hell is that??”
Sheng Qiao did not panic and clicked on the call recording. 
“Literally what I just said. I asked to terminate the contract before and you did not agree. I could only seek legal protection.”
Gao Meiling exploded: “You don’t want to live anymore, do you? Wanna die together?”
“What do you mean by dying together?” Sheng Qiao laughed. “I did not make any mistake nor break the law. You can die alone, the law is on my side. I will be fine.”
Gao Meiling did not expect she would actually not care. Her anger calmed down.
“Okay, Sheng Qiao. If that’s how you want to play…” Her voice became vicious: “But if you want to play, you should know what the price is. Destroying you is very easy, just don’t lose your life in the end!”
“Sister Gao, it is against the law to threaten the plaintiff’s personal safety. I just asked for you to terminate the contract, I believe you have earned enough from me in five years. Let’s just stop there, if you still want a future in the showbiz later. Get away while you still can.”
“Dream on!” Gao Meiling gritted her teeth hearing her nonchalant tone. “Sheng Qiao, I am telling you, you must not want to live anymore! If your little mess keeps spreading around, I will make sure you won’t be able to raise your head anymore!”
Sheng Qiao’s voice finally turned cold: “I did not do anything wrong. I can’t choose my family or where I came from but I can choose whether I want freedom or keep being exploited by you.” She paused. “The documents will be sent to the agency soon. Please review it fast and decide whether you want to terminate the contract or fight.”

She would of course prefer to terminate directly but Qiao Yu had told her that the agency would not agree. If they did, it would go out that the agency had indeed used coercion and it would become a fatal blow for their image.
They would definitely decide on the lawsuit. This process would take three months minimum and by that time, the heat would have dropped. No matter what the result would be in the end, it would be easier to handle it once the storm had passed.
And as Sheng Qiao had publicly attacked them, they would most likely delay for half a year and drag her to her death.

“You just wait.” With these last words, Gao Meiling hung up.

Sheng Qiao finished her hot milk and let out a long sigh of relief. Her phone kept vibrating; she only had few friends but many people were trying to contact her at this moment. Zhong Shen and Fu Ziqing were both calling her uninterruptedly and she ended up opening a WeChat group and turned on the voice mode.

As soon as it was connected, she heard Zhong Shen weeping: “This damn Xingyao Media! They bullied my Qiao Qiao so much! Are they even human? Qiao Qiao, my poor Qiao Qiao…”
“Stop howling!” Fu Ziqing shouted. Although he was also very angry, he was still relatively calm and asked Sheng Qiao: “Is there anything we can do to help?”
Sheng Qiao thought about it for a moment and answered: “Just repost it for me.”
Zhong Shen was still yelling: “We already did! The whole crew did! Listen to me, Qiao Qiao, we all got your back! We will fight with you! Get the most shameless attorney to beat them to death! Let the law punish them! And if you need any money, I will sell all of our ginseng to help!”
Sheng Qiao smiled: “Okay, okay but don’t worry. Since I started it, I won’t stop until I win.”
The voices on the other end became quieter. Fu Ziqing hesitated before asking: “Xiao Qiao, do they have any blackmail? What did you mean by “unusual means”?”
Sheng Qiao: “It’s all solved, don’t worry.”
Fu Ziqing: “That’s good. If you ever need me, for whatever reason and no matter what happens, I am here.”
Zhong Sheng screamed: “We are! We’re here! Just tell us if you need us! We got your back!”
Sheng Qiao’s heart felt warm.

After ending the call, she briefly comforted everybody else on the crew. She was turning to her computer to organize her team of nine when her phone vibrated again.

Called ID: My baby
Sheng Qiao’s hands trembled.

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Author’s note:
Qiao Qiao: I dare not answer.

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