The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

The Chanjuan show was held once every two years, and the last time was the summer before last year. At the beginning of this year, Xu Zaixing discussed with Fei Lao this year’s show and decided to hold it in late autumn when the ground was full of ginkgo.

The dress collection for this show has been submitted, now except for the limited edition high-fashion dresses made by Xu Zhaixing herself, the rest were handed over to the Paris side who were responsible for manual sewing.

Models for the show were also being invited, this includes international supermodels and popular actresses in the circle. After everything was confirmed, the official announcement was made, but unexpectedly Xu Zhaixing said she would add men’s clothing to the show.

Chanjuan has never produced men’s clothing so this made everyone’s impression that Chanjuan was a Chinese-style high-end dress. But suddenly, she said that she wanted to add men’s clothing to the show, so of course the first reaction of the staff in Paris was to disagree.

Until Fei Lao looked at the design drawings passed on by Xu Zaixing and seeing this, he was no longer surprised by this young woman’s amazing design talent.

Once Lao Fei agreed, others had no more objections and immediately added men’s clothing to the show, and of course, the first set of men’s clothing was sewed by Xu Zhaixing herself. Paris recommended a few international male models, but she politely declined them saying that she already has candidates.

Naturally, the clothes should be made according to the proportion of Cen Feng’s body. Xu Zhaixing decided to take advantage of the weekend when his idol went to shoot endorsements, to measure his body data.

His pectoral muscle, abs, waist, hips…

Stop, stop, stop thinking about it!

In her previous life, her mother fan attribute was obviously very firm ah!! So what the heck happened in this life, why was she coveting her idol’s body???

Xu Zhaixing was disappointed with herself.

While she was busy designing men’s clothes, the ID group was also busy rehearsing their new songs. InDream official blog has officially announced that the first single of the ID group would be on the shelves in major music stores at the end of the month, and the MV would be launched at the same time.

Both the group fan and bias-only fan were looking forward to it, and were very satisfied with Chenxing’s business speed, and couldn’t help praising them every day.

On Friday, the InDream official blog released a live broadcast preview notice, the staff would visit the ID rehearsal room on Saturday morning, and there would be an hour live broadcast.

Fans haven’t seen the nine-member group since they officially formed a group, this live broadcast should be the first official integration, and everyone was looking forward to it.

Especially kites.

InDream just debuted, and this was the time when they needed exposure to gain more popularity, so although the other eight members don’t have any shows or endorsements yet they still post on their Weibo every other day with a selfie, enticing their fans and making them scream.

Cen Feng on the other hand has never been online since he posted his greeting on Weibo requested by the team.

It has returned to its previous state, with no posts, not even a dot.

During the competition, fans could still at least watch the show, watch his dormitory life, and some highlights. But now that the program was over, apart from its re-air and them watching it over and over again, they could no longer watch their idol freshly.

Although kites have expected this, after all, their idol was different from others, and every day they wanted to retreat, but…

Other people’s idols were open for business, baby, when would you open yours ah (crying bitterly)

Finally, after a week of fasting and chanting, the officials sent a live broadcast after a long drought! Such an opportunity like this was rare! Must seize the opportunity to take a good look at their baby!

The kites were happy and eagerly waiting for 10:00 am the next day.

It was Saturday, and it was supposed to be the should be the time to sleep in, but in order to see their idol once again, everyone set an alarm five minutes early to climb out of bed, take out the phone, enter the live room, and wait happily.

At ten o’clock sharp, the staff arrived at the training room and the live broadcast soon began.

The host pointed the camera at the ID group who were rehearsing in the classroom and said, “Hello, young people, the live broadcast is starting. Come and say hello to the audience.”

The boys who rehearsed across the classroom stopped their work and came up to them, sitting in a row on the ground and saying hello one by one.

The host pointed the camera at the ID group rehearsing in the classroom and greeted them, “Hello, boys, the live broadcast is starting, come and say hello to the audience.”

After everyone greeted them one by one, fans notices that they were only eight people???

The kites collapsed, and the pop-up screen was directly flooding: [Where is Cen Feng? Where’s our Feng Feng! Did you go to the toilet?!

[Where is my brother!!! Where did you hide my brother! Let me see my good and healthy brother!!!]

[I have an ominous feeling that I’m being betrayed by my idol]

The kites were irascible and immediately covered the bullet screen with floods of questions covering up other fans’ comments on the screen for a while, before they could answer, “Oh, captain, the captain went to shoot the endorsement early in the morning, and will come back at night. Today’s live broadcast is without him.”

Kite: ….

Wah wah wah, they just want to see their idol ah! Why was it so hard!!! Life was already hard enough! Why was chasing a star even more difficult!

After crying, kites comforted themselves. Forget it, at least there would be endorsement advertisements to watch in the future. Anyways, Chenxing was really so awesome, they already signed their idol an endorsement so quickly.

There was nothing wrong with pampering their son like this every day.

While ID group was in the middle of the live, Cen Feng on the other hand followed Wu Zhiyun to the studio.

Wu Zhiyun was worried that Cen Feng would have stage fright if he could not find the right state of mind filming the commercial, so he told him what to expect based on his experience with Zhao Jinjin along the way. And once they arrived at the studio he led him to say hello to the cameraman, director, and the person in charge sent the sponsor.

Everyone was quite polite, after all, although this newcomer just debuted, his popularity was in full swing and surely there would be no limit in the future so it was necessary to establish a good relationship in advance.

After greeting the studio staff, You Tao took him to the dressing room to prepare for today’s style.

You Tao introduced to him while walking: “You haven’t officially met InDream’s styling team, right? Several stylists arranged by the company are very experienced. Oh yes, you should be familiar with the team leader of the styling team.”

Cen Feng was stunned: “I am?”

As soon as he said this, they had already reached the dressing room. You Tao stretched her hand to push the door open.

In the room, Xu Zhaixing was standing in front of the mirror, taking out the things in the makeup box when she heard the door open, she turned around and shouted happily to him, “Brother!”

Cen Feng froze for a moment, and a gentle helplessness flashed in his eyes.

He walked in, “What are you doing here?”

You Tao had already closed the door and left, leaving only the two of them in the dressing room. Hearing that there was no trace of anger in his voice, Xu Zhaixing, said with confidence, “Chenxing hired me. Brother, from now on I’ll be your main stylist!”

No wonder she said last time that they would see each other soon.

Cen Feng looks at her quietly.

Although he doesn’t pay attention to the fashion circle, he also knows how high-end the designer of Chanjuan was.

A designer of a top luxury brand, coming to work as a stylist for a celebrity, describing it as a waste of talent was considered light. If this was Teen Idol he could just think of it as an internship but now he actually has the answer in his mind.

It would be a lie to say he was not happy.

But he did not want the young girl’s future to be deviated because of him.

She should be standing on the international show stage and receiving the world’s praise.

Xu Zaixing saw him looking at her for a long while without saying anything, blinking nervously she called out in a small voice, “Brother?”

Cen Feng raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head, his low dark voice had a shallow helplessness: “Don’t make trouble.”

Xu Zhaixing pursed her lips: “No, I just want to be with you.”

Cen Feng’s fingers trembled slightly and gently withdraw his hand.

Xu Zhaixing shook her head, stretched out her hand, and tugged at the corner of his clothes, as she said in a small, sweet voice: “Brother, don’t be angry, I’ll give you a gift, okay?”

Cen Feng lowered his eyes, “Hmm?”

He saw the young lady holding his clothes but felt like holding his heart instead, and with a swoosh, she held her index finger against the thumb and stretch it out in front of him, “Here!”

Cen Feng: “….”

He asked knowingly, “What is this?”

Xu Zhaixing stomped her feet in anxiety: “Heart! It’s a heart!”

He finally couldn’t help but smile, “En, got it.”

She also curled her eyes and smiled: “Come on, sit down or you’ll be late.”

The appearance needed for an advertising endorsement was much more of everyday makeup than stage makeup, than the stage makeup and Cen Feng himself already has high face value not to mention being cool and looking noble, which were the requirements for this endorsement.

This kind of look was child’s play for Xu Zhaixing, not to mention she knows the body structure (?) of her idol very well and quickly made the most suitable makeup and hair.

Even so, it still took more than half an hour to finish.

Soon a staff member came knocking on the door: “Ready to shoot in five minutes.”

Xu Zhaixing finally put on some finishing touches and made the front hair look messy before she clapped her hands in satisfaction, “Okay!” She urged Cen Feng, “Brother, you go quickly, familiarize yourself with the venue and environment in advance, I’ll come over to cheer you on once I’m packed!”

Cen Feng smiled, nodded, picked up the jacket on the chair, and put it on as he walked out.

Just reaching for the door handle, Xu Zhaixing called out to him from behind, “Brother.”

Cen Feng turned back.

The little young lady once again pinched her fingers forming into a heart shape and stretched out towards him with a big smile on her face: “Love you!”

Cen Feng’s breath lagged for a moment, then as if nothing happened, turned back and walked away.

By the time Xu Zhaixing packed up her makeup box and went to the studio, the photo shoot was almost at its end. She walked up to Wu Zhiyun and stood still when she saw Wu Zhiyun nodding and saying, “This guy is good, has a good camera sense. I thought he would be very stiff with his first advertisement but he was quite natural. He’s born star.”

Xu Zhaixing was even prouder than boasting about herself, “That’s for sure.”

Only then did Wu Zhiyun see her coming: “Missy, you’re done posing as a stylist?”

Xu Zhaixing unhappily retorted, “What do you mean by posing? I am! Also, didn’t I say it, don’t shout or you’ll surprise the second child…”

Wu Zhiyun cut in, “I’ve been shouting for so many years. It is easy for me to speak like this.” Then he said speechlessly, “Missy is only playing cosplay with the second child.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

In order to get everyone to cooperate with her performance, she had to put up with this kind of teasing.

Three hours later, the shooting was finally finished. After hearing from the agent that the new endorser was a newcomer, the director prepared himself to shoot for a whole day but he didn’t expect the newcomer to be so good, and passed all the poses and pass a few films with ease.

At the end of the shoot, he also handed Cen Feng his business card: “Next time let’s have the opportunity to work together again, I really like your sense of camera.”

The agent was also quite satisfied and invited Cen Feng and his team to have dinner together after work.

It was already past lunchtime, but everyone hadn’t eaten yet, so, of course, as the face of the golden sponsor he has to give him a face, and Wu Zhiyun took the lead and agreed, he proposed to eat at the high-end Private Kitchen, and a group of people drove there.

As soon as they get out of the car, Xu Zhaixing feels that this place looks a bit familiar.

And it wasn’t until the waiter led them into the restaurant through the VIP passage, walked through the corridor, and entered a private room, looking at the familiar decoration style around that Xu Zhaixing’s memory floated back to that summer many years ago.

She even smelled the floral water.

Wasn’t this when she invited her idol to dinner but her idol paid it in her stead, so she asked for a student discount but the waiter refused to give her any, so she deemed them as a black restaurant promising to never come back here!

She quickly stole a glance at her idol.

She saw Cen Feng lowered his eyes and was indifferent as if he hadn’t noticed it.

Seeing this, she couldn’t help but feel a little down but also comforted herself by saying it was many years ago so it was normal for him not to remember. Nevertheless, a secret should remain secret!

Meanwhile, the agent was busy talking to Wu Zhiyuan and never notices anything amiss, laughing he turned his head and asked Cen Feng, “What are you thinking? You are so engrossed that I haven’t heard anything from you for a while now.”

Xu Zhaixing was also lost in her thoughts, and when he heard the agent, she abruptly looked at Cen Feng.

The young man sitting opposite her lowered his eyes and raised his hand to pick up the teacup. he said, “I wonder if I can get a discount with my student card for eating here.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart thumped twice and nearly jumped out of her throat.

That’s right, it’s not just her secret.

It belongs to both of them.


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