GTKAWF – Chapter 9.2

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I am going to set the agency on fire (2)

The anger had resided and Wang Zi quickly resumed his professionalism. He asked for Gao Meiling’s phone number and various social accounts and emails information. According to Sheng Qiao’s knowledge on Gao Meiling’s personality, a person as powerful and arrogant as her would not have sent the original photos to someone else. As long as they dealt with her, they should not have any more worries.

Because Sheng Qiao had only taken half a day off, she had to rush back to the studio. Before leaving, Wang Zi patted his chest and ensured he would complete the task before the start of the lawsuit.
Putting back her sunglasses and hat on and walking to the door, Sheng Qiao turned around again and asked him after a small hesitation: “Xiao Wang, can I ask you… Why do you like me?” She smiled. “After all, I don’t seem to be a good person.”
“Who said that?!” Wang Zi was filled with righteous indignation. “Everyone’s the same, they just follow the crowd!”
He pursued his lips and suddenly showed the shy expression of a teenager: “Sister Xiao Qiao, you probably don’t remember but we met at Starbucks on Chuangye Street last year”
Sheng Qiao looked confused.
“I was just done playing football and I was very thirsty. I went to the store to buy a Frappuccino but I had forgotten my wallet and phone. You were behind me and you paid for me.” He laughed, his eyes bright with sincerity: “Although you were wearing a mask, I had currently been watching your drama and I immediately recognized you. You even smiled at me and I thought you were a very gentle and kind sister and very different from the rumors.”
Sheng Qiao stared at him for a while and then raised her hand to rub her eyes.
“I will invite you for a Frappuccino next time. I’m leaving now.”
“Sister goodbye~ Be careful on the way!”

Sheng Qiao took the silent mode on her phone off and got in the car. Her phone had been blown up by Zhong Shen and there were several messages from Fu Ziqing asking if she had gone to the hospital and if she was alright. Sheng Qiao returned them all one by one then leaned back and closed her eyes. She did not know why, but she felt a little sad.
She did not know what she was so upset about, she had always been strong. When she had been studying abroad by herself and had met a deceitful landlord. She had not cried even when she had had to move out of her dormitory on a rainy night.
But at this moment, the sting of her eyes wasn’t stopping. She closed her eyes tightly and her tears fell from the corners. Why was she sad? Was it for Sheng Qiao or herself? She wanted to cry so much.


It was almost evening when Sheng Qiao hurried back to the studio. She still had night scenes to film and the whole crew was waiting for her. She did not have the time to cry anymore.

Fu Ziqing had been tossed around by the rumors all day and he had no energy. The production team that was usually always laughing also looked lifeless. Once they were done with the last scene of the day, everybody went back to their room to rest.

As soon as Sheng Qiao came out of her shower, someone knocked on her door. Shen she opened, she saw Zhong Shen standing outside with a big smile on his face and holding a bag: “It’s dinner time!”
He had brought a lot of dishes but it looked like a meal specially made for a pregnant woman. Sheng Qiao even found ginseng in the chicken soup and Zhong Shen said anxiously: “Qiao Qiao, I can’t help with illness so I can only give you the ginseng grown in my home. Come on, eat more, that’s not enough.”
That was the first time she had heard anything about Zhong Shen’s family. She took a sip of the soup and said: “Let’s call Fu Ziqing over.”
Zhong Shen was somewhat unwilling but under Sheng Qiao’s glare, he reluctantly called him over. 

After eating and drinking, the three of them slumped down on the end of the bed. Zhong Shen then said: “Let’s talk about our dreams.”
After a short silence, Fu Ziqing spoke first: “My dream is to be on the big screen one day.”
It had already been four or five years since he had graduated from university and had gotten a lot of supporting roles. This danmei drama had been his first lead role. But the show wasn’t airing and it hadn’t made him famous yet so it seemed a bit early to talk about big dreams.
Of the three, Zhong Shen was the most simple: “My dream is less grand, I just want to eat, drink and have fun. Have a happy life!”
He had grown up in a wealthy family, looked handsome and had a smooth journey. He had not needed to work hard to join the entertainment as he had been scouted thanks to his beautiful appearance. He was different from most people.
He thought about it for a long time and finally turned to Sheng Qiao: “Qiao Qiao, what about you?”
Sheng Qiao looked down at her fizzy carbonated drink in her hand and shook her head.
“I have no dream.”
She only had trouble. A lot of troubles waiting for her to solve.

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