GTKAWF – Chapter 9.1

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I am going to set the agency on fire (1)

Sheng Qiao stayed silent and held the phone for a few seconds.
Someone knocked on the door; it was Zhong Shen inviting her to breakfast. Sheng Qiao stopped daydreaming and said: “Once the drama is done so it doesn’t affect the filming crew.”
Qiao Yu agreed and after a small pause, he added: “Sheng Qiao, I have a few personal things to tell you.”
“Tell me.”
“Now matter how the lawsuit goes, there is no guarantee your photos will not be leaked in the end. Let’s say… if you were able to find a way to get the pictures back before prosecution, I would suggest you get on it.”
Sheng Qiao was amused by this straightforward brother of hers: “Qiao Yu, I don’t think this is what a lawyer should say.”
Qiao Yu was of course aware of that and after a short silence, he awkwardly said: “It was just a private advice.”
Sheng Qiao was very moved: “I know, don’t worry.”

It wasn’t that she had not considered Qiao Yu’s suggestion. If she could get the originals and destroy them, Gao Meiling would not be able to threaten her anymore and it would basically mean she had won. But this wasn’t something easy to do; she could not just hack into Gao Meiling’s phone and computer. Besides, she did not even know if she had any backup.

With her heart full of these thoughts, it was inevitable she looked a little gloomy. Zhong Shen looked at her several times during breakfast and sighed.
“What happened to the two of you today? Both you and Fu Ziqing look so depressed.”
Sheng Qiao took a bite of her bun: “What happened to him?”
“I don’t know where it started. But this morning, many accounts spread rumors that he cheated in college. His agency dispelled the rumors because nobody had any reports to share.”
“Just refute the rumors. Those who believe in Fu Ziqing will always believe in him. As for those rumors, let his team write a program to automatically report them.”
Zhong Shen looked like she was teasing him: “Writing a program to report automatically? You know this basically means you are hacking Weibo and tampering with the data, do you?”
Sheng Qiao was taken aback for a moment: “I thought it was quite simple.”
“If someone can really do that, it means they are at China’s top hacking level.”
After he said that, Sheng Qiao’s hand suddenly started shaking. Zhong Shen thought it was strange and asked: “Why are you shaking?”
Sheng Qiao stopped eating and stood up: “I have a phone call to make. You eat slowly and remember to bring Fu Ziqing a couple of buns.”

Back to the hotel, Sheng Qiao turned on the computer and sent a message to Wang Zi.
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: Wangwang, what are you doing?
Wang Zi responded quickly: In class, chairman. What’s wrong? Do you have something for me to do?
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: If the chairman asks you something, you must be honest with her.
{Wang Zi}: Of course.
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: Can you hack into someone’s computer and phone and remotely delete files?
{Wang Zi}: Chairman, what do you want to do?
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: Answer me!
{Wang Zi}: This is illegal, I don’t do anything illegal.
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: Do you have class in the afternoon? Let’s meet.
{Wang Zi}: Chairman, what’s happening? You are usually so nice.
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: This urgent matter is 100% related to Qiao Qiao.
{Wang Zi}: What happened to my Qiao Qiao?
{Xiao Qiao must work hard to become stronger}: Let’s meet and talk about it.
Sheng Qiao asked him for an address; fortunately, Wang Zi’s school was in the next city. After calling the director to ask for a leave saying she was ill, she put on a hat and sunglasses and went out to take a taxi.


Three hours later, Sheng Qiao arrived at a cybercafe where Wang Zi was a regular customer. After reporting his name, the staff directed her to the private room Wang Zi usually used. Because he was still in class, Sheng Qiao sat on the couch and started playing on her phone, bothered by the smell of cigarettes.

After half an hour, the door was pushed open and a baby-faced boy with a peaked cap1 on his head came in.
Noticing the person in the room still wearing her glasses and hat, he stood at the entrance for a while and checked the room number, suspecting he was in the wrong place. Sheng Qiao quickly waved at him.
“Are you Wangwang?”
The boy nodded and Sheng Qiao took off her disguise.
“Come in.”

Wang Zi stared at her face. Two seconds later, he slammed the door closed, glanced at the camera on the wall and quickly took off his own hat to put on the lens. After doing all of this, he turned to look at Sheng Qiao. After staring at her for a long time, he smiled.
“Sister Xiao Qiao you are so…”
Sheng Qiao laughed.

It would usually be strange for a fan and celebrity to meet for the first time, especially in this kind of situation, but they were not necessarily embarrassed. And a smart person like Wang Zi guessed that something very wrong must have happened when he had seen her or she would not have come personally.

After asking for a photo, he said: “Sister Xiao Qiao, what happened? Tell me what you need me to do!”
Sheng Qiao’s eyes stung a bit for some reason. This was her fan that loved her like she loved Huo Xi. She would never hurt her idol and doubted Wang Zi would hurt her. He was someone she could trust because he had the same eyes as she did when she looked at Huo Xi. They were the same.
Sheng Qiao took a copy of her contract from her purse and handed it to Wang Zi.
“I am going to sue my agency next month and everyone will know the content of this contract.”
Wang Zi opened the file with a puzzled look and became angry when he started reading it: “This is bullying! Sister! I’m going to go set the agency on fire!”
Sheng Qiao could not smile: “Take a seat and listen to me.”
Wang Zi gritted his teeth but sat down: “I’m listening.”
“I signed this contract because my father owned a huge amount of money to loan sharks and died before he could pay it back. He left my mother and I and jumped off a building. It was Xingyao Media that helped me repay the money in exchange for this contract.”
Wang Zi’s eyes were red and his expression showed the sadness he felt for his beloved idol: “Sister Xiao Qiao, I am so sorry. We had no idea, we…” He paused and clenched his fists. “Sister does it mean… Does Xingyao have something on you? Are they threatening you to not have you terminate the contract?”
“And so you need my help to hack into the company’s devices to delete the blackmailing materials?”
Wang Zi clenched his fists again and gritted his teeth one more time: “Don’t worry, leave this to me!”
Sheng Qiao stared at him for a long time, leaned over and hugged him gently.
“Thank you, Xiao Wang.”
“Sister Xiao Qiao… You just put so much trust in me and came to see me personally.. I will definitely not let you down.”

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