GTKAWF – Chapter 8.3

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My baby (3) 

One day on set, something happened.

Like always, Fu Ziqing and Zhong Shen were following Sheng Qiao around like two stalkers. The two of them had come to dislike each other and had both confirmed the other was annoying.
The leader of the publicity team asked Fang Bai: “Look at that, don’t they look like Sheng Qiao’s two silly sons?”
Fang Bai: “I think it looks more like they are competing for her favor.”

The two silly sons were indeed arguing but about what they would eat at night. Sheng Qiao was holding her chin while reading the script and her phone vibrated. When she picked it up, it was an unknown caller. She made a shush gesture and the two immediately went quiet. After answering the phone, there was a faint male voice on the other end: “Hello.”
Sheng Qiao stood up at once and could not suppress her joy: “Huo Xi!”
“… Do you have my phone number?”
“No, I recognize your voice.”
Huo Xi was silent for a few seconds and then said: “Give me an address and I will send you the tickets.”
“Are you going to rehearse?”
Sheng Qiao thought about it for a while and then cautiously asked: “Can I add you on WeChat? I will send you the address there.”
Huo Xi: “Yes.”
She stomped her feet in excitation and Huo Xi asked quietly: “Is the filming going well?”
“Smoothly! Everything is fine, you don’t have to worry!”
“… I wasn’t worrying. Just do well, I’m hanging up.”

She hung up too, happily saved the number under “My baby” and sent Huo Xi a WeChat request. He quickly accepted; his profile picture was blank and his ID was “Xie”. Sheng Qiao sent him a cute smiley face and the address of her hotel. Huo Xi responded with a “Ok”

She had a very strong principle that was to not disturb nor harass and she did not send anything else. Done, she noticed Fu Ziqing and Zhong Shen were looking at her with a very complicated look.
Sheng Qiao touched her face: “Why are you looking at me like this?”
Zhong Sheng said bitterly: “Xiao Qiao, I am so disappointed! You’re so good at flattery!”
Fu Ziqing did not say a word but his expression was enough.
Sheng Qiao stood straight: “That’s not flattery, it’s the joy of talking to the person I like!”
Zhong Shen stared at her: “Nonsense! You were with Huo Xi on the phone right now, since when has he become your beloved?”
Sheng Qiao’s expression did not change: “You’ve got it all wrong.”
Zhong Shen pointed to her phone with a shaky finger: “Sheng Qiao, do you not only think I am deaf but also blind? Do you think I did not notice how you saved his number?” He really hated shameless people like her. “As a popular celebrity you still dare to flatter others? Aren’t you embarrassed? Are you worthy of your popularity?:
Sheng Qiao put her phone back in her pocket: “Shut up!”

Fuming, Zhong Shen dragged Fu Ziqing away.
“Look at her! Look at her!”
Fu Ziqing squinted his eyes at him: “Xiao Qiao’s private affairs are none of your business.”
After finishing speaking, he left with his usual cold face. Zhong Shen felt like he was about to cry.


Two days later, Sheng Qiao received the concert tickets from Huo Xi. There were tickets for two shows and both VIPs. The first show would be on the 13th of next month, and Sheng Qiao counted it would be about two days after the filming concluded.
Sheng Qiao was so excited she did not fall asleep and held the tickets all night. When she got up the next morning with two dark circles under her eyes, she received a call from Qiao Yu.
“Miss Sheng, all the documents are ready, you can file for the lawsuit at any time.”

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