GTKAWF – Chapter 8.2

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My baby (2)

Now that the actors had found their characters, the shooting progress improved a lot. The whole crew was happy and their opinion of Sheng Qiao had sharply risen. In their free time, the three leading actors and two supporting roles would play Honor of Kings.

It had started with Zhong Shen noticing Sheng Qiao playing and asking to form a team. Because he was not good, Sheng Qiao could not carry him by herself and they had asked another actor to join them. In one afternoon, they had gone from gold to diamond and Fu Zhiqing had become jealous. He also wanted to reach diamond.
After that, the five-members team was created and they started to play Honor of Kings together. 

Unexpectedly, Fu Ziqing and Zhong Shen immediately started to fight for Cai Wenji1. Annoyed, Sheng Qiao had kicked one of them and roared: “Aren’t you two grown men ashamed to fight for a support?”
Zhong Shen: “I can only play support!”
Fu Ziqing: “I like the feeling of saving people from death!”

Finally, under Sheng Qiao’s adjustment, Zhong Shen played Can Weiji and Fu Zhiqing settled on another healer, Zhuang Zhou2. The other two members selected an archer and a mage and Sheng Qiao who had chosen the assassin Lan Ling Wang3 carried the whole game.

The actors often shared some of the crew’s daily enthusiasm and they filmed the team playing and uploaded it to the official {Crazy Words} Weibo page with their final scores. As usual, the netizens immediately started to scold Sheng Qiao.

[Cai Wenji and Zhuang Zhou? Two healers? That wasn’t easy for Lan Ling Wang!]
[Lan Ling Wang was great! It must have been Fu Ziqing!]
[Cai Wenji got 0 kills, 3 assists and 12 deaths, what a burden! Just look at Shenq Qiao!]
[Why did Shen Shen and Qingqing even invite Sheng Qiao to play? She’s everywhere, how annoying!]

Until in the evening, someone posted another comment.
[Just listen carefully. Didn’t Sheng Qiao say “Zhong Shen, heal me”? And at 6:29, Sheng Qiao asked Fu Ziqing to hold on and went to help him… I think Lan Ling King was Sheng Qiao!]

Everybody then clicked on the video again to pay attention to the sound and were shocked after listening.
[I can’t believe it!]
[Zhong Shen, I am disappointed! Aren’t you embarrassed to play Cai Wenji like that?]
[I can’t believe Fu Ziqing was Zhuang Zhou…]
[I’m sorry, but I think I like Sheng Qiao now because of her stats…]

Sheng Qiao looked at the comments and smiled silently, hiding her pride. She had thought at first she would have had a hard time when she had joined the drama crew and she had not expected her two co leads to be such good persons. 

Zhong Shen looked like a playboy but he was actually quite timid. After getting acquainted with her and because his agent was not around often, he had stuck to Sheng Qiao. On the other hand, Fu Ziqing was pretty distant but he admired Sheng Qiao’s hard work and perseverance. Although he was still quite aloof, he enjoyed her company when they had free time and thought all of the previous rumors around her were wrong. Sheng Qiao was funny and honest and had a wide range of knowledge. She knew a little about everything she talked about.

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  1. Cai Wenji
  2. Zhuang Zhou
  3. Lan ling Wang


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