GTKAWF – Chapter 8.1

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My baby (1)

Sheng Qiao practiced her lines until late at night, until she was too cold and shivering too much, and made her way back to the hotel.
As soon as she got in the elevator, Zhong Shen walked in. He smelled of alcohol and was a little surprised to see her. He smiled and greeted her: “Why aren’t you in bed yet?” He looked at the script in her hand and her face flushed from the cold.
“Sheng Qiao, you work too hard!”
Sheng Qiao said: “You will win if you do.”
Zhong Shen laughed and started to swing back and forth. Once he was done laughing, he took one more look at her script.
“Oh you work hard, Do your best and Brother will cover for you in the future. Whenever you want to play, just come see me!” 
Could he really say that when he also had to retake a scene a dozen times today?

But Zhong Shen did not feel bad at all about this and the next day, when he arrived on set, he took his notebook and went to find Sheng Qiao.
Sheng Qiao: “… Can I refuse?”
Zhong Shen: “No! I am so sincere, do you really dare to refuse my help?”
Sheng Qiao picked the notebook silently.

Fu Ziqing was sitting not far away, holding a bottle of orange juice and looking at them. After observing them for a long time, he could not stand it anymore; he put down his bottle on the ground and walked to Zhong Shen with a heavy face. He patted him on his shoulder and Zhong Shen glared at him for interrupting.
Fu Zhiqing: “I will do it.”
Zhong Shen was immediately dissatisfied: “Why? You think I am not doing a good job?”
Fu Ziqing: “Yeah.”
Sheng Qiao thought Zhong Shen would get angry but he only said: “But I look good.”
Oh well, if he looked good…
Fu Ziqing ignored him and turned to Sheng Qiao: “Okay?”
Sheng Qiao nodded her head quickly: “Yes, yes, yes.”

The two of them left a Zhong Shen full of grievances and went to the side to rehearse. When they were done with their two scenes, Fu Ziqing looked at Sheng Qiao a little surprised.
“Much better than yesterday.”
It seemed that her efforts last night had not been in vain and Sheng Qiao was very satisfied.
Her hard work had paid off and when she started filming she only needed only two takes to get her first scene right. It was easier after practice, Fu Ziqing had taught her a few skills.


After filming the next day, she went back to the small lake to recite her lines as usual. She was still using her methods but with what Fu Ziqing had taught her, she was practicing faster. It also helped that the role she played was not that difficult and she only needed basic acting skills to pass. 

She also had taken the time to update her official fan account daily on Weibo with stills from the set.

—— Between you and me, there is only one light. The light is the wind, the shadow, the stars, and your sunset-filled eyes as I chase you. Good morning, fans of Qiaoqiao. —— 1

—— I hid you in the moonlight, not wanting anyone to find you. But you cast your shadow over the earth. Good night, fans of Qiaoqiao. —— 2

—— What tomorrow will be like, no one knows. But the way we love you, you know and the way you look, the angels know. Good morning, fans of Qiaoqiao. ——

—— Believe you will bloom like the flowers of this world and the breeze and butterflies will come for you. Good night, fans of Qiaoqiao. ——

Fan club: Did the chairman recruit a poet?
{Xiao Qiao works  hard to become stronger}: Thank you for the compliment, it’s from the chairman herself.

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