GTKAWF – Chapter 7.2

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I can’t afford to be blackened with only nine fans (2)

The morning passed quickly. At noon, the production team ordered lunch and everyone was quite worried; once Sheng Qiao had vomited everything when she had had a meal with a crew. Contrary to expectations, Sheng Qiao took the box lunch without saying anything, happy to eat. The people around could not help but look at each other curiously; had the rumors been wrong? Sheng Qiao was actually very kind.

During the lunch break, Fang Bai handed his phone to Sheng Qiao with a frown.
“Sister Qiaoqiao, you are third in the hot search.”
Everybody was scolding her. As soon as the heroine was added to the Danmai drama, the Internet had exploded. The original fans of the novel were angry and Sheng Qiao’s haters did not sit still. Even onlookers were wondering why the original script was messed up with. Within an hour, Sheng Qiao was pushed to the top by people attacking her.

Sheng Qiao had anticipated this situation since the beginning and quickly sent a message to her support group: {Crazy Words}’s promotional photos were just published and the anti-fan group is already attacking.
The member who was managing the hater group was a junior in the computer department of his school. His ID was Wang Zi and he immediately replied: On it!

Sheng Qiao then logged on her official Weibo account and posted:
—— Some things need to be done and some roles need to be played. People point at me but I press forward ——
A picture of her looking at the script next to the camera that Fang Bai had taken this morning was added to her message. Sheng Qiao logged out before she could see more netizens scold at her.
Fang Bai was observing the whole situation and sighed. Yet another scandal that would somewhat push her popularity. Sheng Qiao solemnly handed the phone back to him.
“Xiao Bai, from now on your job is to take pictures of me, from all directions, and nothing else.”
Fang Bai was speechless.

After the lunch break, the filming continued. Sheng Qiao was watching, listening and learning. When she did not understand something or wasn’t able to figure it out, she would politely ask the director for advice. She was very diligent and by the evening, Sheng Qiao was full of confidence.
Wasn’t it just acting? She wasn’t scared!
Then she slapped herself in the face. Difficult, it was really difficult… Staring and pouting was not easy!

Her first scene was the first encounter between her character and Fu Ziqing’s. Sheng Qiao had memorized her lines and was only reciting them. There was no way to drive a duck on a perch1, she was just not improving.
Sheng Qiao took the initiative to stop before the director went crazy and apologized to the whole crew, her head bowed.
“I am really sorry. I have just joined the crew and I do not understand the character yet. I am just wasting everyone’s time… Director, could you give me one more night to prepare?”
The director who had originally been angry saw her humble attitude and was too embarrassed to scold her. He had no choice but to agree.

The shooting ended for the first day and everybody stopped working. Fang Bai hurried over to help Sheng Qiao with her jacket and handed her a cup of hot water.
“Sister Qiaoqiao, don’t worry. Just go rest, you will be able to do well tomorrow.”
Sheng Qiao sighed and calmed down: “You go buy some late night snacks like milk tea and barbecue and send some to everyone. I will go back to the room first.”
She wasn’t in a good mood and Fang Bai only nodded in response.

The hotel for the crew was nearby but Sheng Qiao did not go back immediately but took her phone and script to the small park by the lake. She first checked Weibo and noticed that she had dropped in the hot search and the curses were not as many. She also saw some accounts send a more positive message: [We all know Sheng Qiao is not very good but is she the only one to shoulder responsibility this time? She did not write the script; the heroine is a hot potato to begin with and any actress would have been scolded. To be honest, Sheng Qiao’s courage is quite admirable this time.]
This must have come from her agency. Although Gao Meiling loved all kinds of scandals, she could not have her artist entirely buried. She needed Sheng Qiao to stay popular and could not let the netizens entirely destroy her image.

Sheng Qiao sent a message to Wang Zi: Wang Wang, how is the anti fan work going?
Wang Zi only took a few seconds to reply: Report to the chairman, I wrote an automatic report procedure. Most of the comments with sensitive words are getting blocked.
He was really a computer wizz and Sheng Qiao cheered him up: Great job! Keep up the good work!
Wang Zi: I will complete the task!

Around the end of the year, the major voting lists and popularity evaluations would start. Sheng Qiao compiled a list of all the major ones and sent them to the person in charge of it, explaining them in more detail the maintenance of daily voting data. She also posted in her support group the hot search and anti-fans issues that needed to be taken care of on a daily basis. Her team of nine promised to take care of it.
Sheng Qiao was immediately in a better mood. She had to work hard; she couldn’t afford to let the scandals and attacks win with only nine true fans.

After finishing all of this, she turned on her phone light and opened the script. The blank space between the lines were all filled with notes she had made and each sentence was about the tone and expression she should have. She started reading the text all over again from the very first line over and over again, recording herself on her phone. Once she was done reading, she would listen and correct herself one line at a time.

Sheng Qiao had been at the bottom in her studies but after working hard she has even gotten an offer from the University of London. Was there anything more difficult in this world than taking exams? No!
If she could be admitted to the University of London, she could become an actress. It only depended on how hard she would work.

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