GTKAWF – Chapter 3.2

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Human beings are an evolving species (2)

Huo Xi walked to his yellow coupe and turned around to ask her: “Why are you following me?”
Sheng Qiao: “I don’t have a car.”
Huo Xi: “So?”
Sheng Qiao: “May I have the honor to be your co-pilot?”
Huo Xi: “No.”
He tried to open his door but Sheng Qiao did not let him.
Huo Xi: ???
Because she was stared at by her idol, Sheng Qiao screamed inside and retracted her hand. Fearing her idol was angry, she took two steps back.
She then asked more cautiously: “Then could you take me out of the garage? I can sit in the back or even in the trunk if you want me to.”
Huo Xi stared at her with a blank face for a long time and got into his car. Sheng Qiao looked at him start the car eagerly and Huo Xi rolled down the window: “Not getting in?”
She got in the car happily.

She had already known Huo Xi had a yellow coupe. Every fan’s dream was to ride in it but she had never thought it could ever happen. But her dream finally came true! She was the King of the star-chaser world.

Huo Xi drove silently and the car quickly left the garage. On the main road, he saw Sheng Qiao dive under the seat from the rearview mirror.
Huo Xi: “… What are you doing?”
Sheng Qiao: “I’m afraid someone will take a picture and give you trouble.”
Huo Xi: “Address.”
Sheng Qiao: “What?”
Huo Xi: “Your home address.”
Sheng Qiao: “Oh. Oh!”
She told him the address in a hurry, thinking her idol was very thoughtful, and she dived back.

Huo Xi entered the address in the GPS and stepped on the accelerator. Looking one more time in the rearview mirror, he only saw half of a human figure. He moved the mirror down and was finally able to see her entirely. She was lying down on the floor of the car, in a strange posture.
“Aren’t you tired?”
“Neither tired or not. Don’t worry about me, you just drive!”
Not bothering her idol is the most basic behavior of a fan. She did not want her husband to be involved in a scandal with any female celebrity, not even herself.

After a while, as her waist was about to break. Huo Xi said: “My car has tinted windows.”
“You can’t see anything from outside.”
Sheng Qiao got up silently and sat back in her seat. Huo Xi slightly smiled and went back to his indifferent state.
“What are you going to do next?”
She was admiring the handsome posture of her idol when he drove: “It will be okay, I can always break the contract.”
Huo Xi glanced at her: “I’m afraid it will not be easy.”
“Everything in the world is nothing more than two situations: agreeing or not. Gao Meiling will decide on how to negotiate based on my value. I can only go home and wait for her news.”
Huo Xi raised his eyebrows in surprise. The girl in the rearview mirror had bright eyes and spoke in a clear voice; she did not look oppressed or like a weak fool that needed his sympathy. What had happened to her for her to change so much? Was it because of last night? Tragic enough to make her grow so fast?
Huo Xi smiled: “You are not the same as before.”
Sheng Qiao shrugged as if nothing had happened.
“I have evolved. Humans are an evolving species.”

The car arrived at her garage. Huo Xi parked and quietly said: “I won’t send you up. Goodbye.”
“No need, not need! Goodbye!”
She glanced out of the window making sure nobody was there and finally opened the door. She paused for a second, turned around and asked:
“Huo Xi, you will start getting ready for your tour next month, won’t you?”
She knew his work schedule quite well.
Huo Xi: “Yes?”
“I will go! I got a ticket!”

After the words went out, she immediately slapped her forehead. No she did not, Qiao Qiao had a ticket! And everybody knew how difficult it was to get one, Huo Xi’s fans were so fast!
Sheng Qiao coughed.
“Hmmm… Huo Xi, you should have your own tickets right?”
“Of course.”
“Then… can I buy one from you?” Afraid he would refuse, she quickly added: “I can pay five times the price! First row ticket would be the best!”
After a long time, she heard Huo Xi say: “Am I a scalper?”
Sheng Qiao wanted to cry: “Huo Xi, please give me a ticket!”
Huo Xi: “Get off.”
Sheng Qiao: “No, please! Any place will do, the stands are also fine. If I can’t get it, I will just cry outside!”
Did she think she was Meng Jiangnu?1

Huo Xi was about to get angry and he looked at her.
“Sheng Qiao, why do you want to go to my concert? Do you want to take a video and post it on Weibo to get some publicity?”
She stared at him for a moment. The car was small and they were very close. His eyes were reflecting the light and she could see his long eyelashes. She could see every detail so much better than in the many times she had retouched them in her photos.
After a long time, she said in a soft voice: “Huo Xi, I just want to see you. I want to see every single performance of yours with my own eyes.”

She wasn’t a friend or a lover but she was one of his thousands of fans. The only way she could be part of his life was by witnessing every step of his growth, watch him shine on the stage and see him reach the highest of places. And she would always be there to wave a flag and shout for him.

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