GTKAWF – Chapter 3.1

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Human beings are an evolving species (1)

Huo Xi nodded his head in response and moved two steps aside to make room for Sheng Qiao. She was staring at him without blinking as she walked into the elevator, as if not looking at him even for a second would hurt her.

His eyebrows, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his neck, his Adam’s apple… Everything looked good. What kind of beauty was this? Was he an immortal fairy that had descended to the world to tease her mortal heart? 
Mother Qiao! This was the man your daughter wanted to marry!

Sheng Qiao’s heart was fluttering and she did not realize her crazed fanatic appearance was making Huo Xi uncomfortable. Was she trying to undress him with her eyes?
After Sheng Qiao had been scolded by Huo Xi’s fans, she had run away every time she had met him. She had felt guilty about what her team had done and conscious of the fact Huo Xi was not the kind of getting close to others.
Was she feeling daring today? No wonder she had fought with Gao Meiling.

Fang Bai on her side ran out of patience and pulled Sheng Qiao’s arm.
“Sister Qiaoqiao, we should go back. The contract has already been signed, even if you don’t want the job, you should talk with Sister Gao to minimize the loss.”
Sheng Qiao broke out of her trance. Yes, right now, the most important thing was to deal with that Danmei drama. She could always observe Huo Xi later.

When she had arrived at the company today, she had originally planned to have a good chat with Gao Meiling about the advantages and inconvenients of this Danmei drama and try to get out of it. She had not imagined that as soon as she had opened her mouth, Gao Meiling would scold her for interfering with her work.
Sheng Qiao used to be a fan and she knew things about the entertainment circle; the artist and agent were supposed to have a mutually beneficial relationship. She had never heard of an agent this domineering that would treat her artist as a puppet to be manipulated at will.
And because she did not have a good temper, she had gone crazy and slammed her hand on the table.
Gao Meiling had immediately exploded in return. Her stupid white rabbit of a star had never said anything to her before and now she dared to disobey her in front of the assistant. It was just too much work to deal with.
She had thrown the contract at Sheng Qiao’s face with arrogance.
“You’re going to take this role even if you don’t want to. Do you think you are qualified to negotiate with me?”
“Then just fire me!” Sheng Qiao had slammed the door on her way out.
She really had not expected Gao Meiling would be tyrannic. But when she thought about all of Sheng Qiao’s scandals, it suddenly made much more sense.

Sheng Qiao patted Fang Bai’s shoulder and said with a serious expression: “Xiao Bai. go back and tell Gao Meiling that I won’t bulge. Either she gets me out of this role or fire me, that’s for her to decide.”
Huo Xi glanced at her.
Fang Bai: “Sister Qiaoqiao, think about it again. This is not something you should joke about.”
Sheng Qiao had not fully adapted to her new identity yet and had no concept of the so-called star halo. She really did not care about it at all: “No, tell her that. Is there a difference between her firing me or having the whole Internet attack me and urge me to quit?”
Sheng Qiao had a resolute attitude and Fang Bai could not convince her. When the elevator reached the lower second level, she followed Huo Xi out and said to her assistant: “Go on up now. Don’t worry, I still have some consideration.”
Fang Bai could only press the button of the elevator and the door closed. Sheng Qiao did not have a car, what would she do in the garage!

Sheng Qiao was still following Huo Xi and it took her some time to realize she indeed did not have a vehicle. She would usually ride in Fang Bai’s company car and did not even know if the original Sheng Miao had one of her own. When she got home, she would need to check all of her assets.

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