GTKAWF – Chapter 10.1

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Beat them to death! Let the law destroy them! (1)

Half a month later, Sheng Qiao’s last scene was completed and the filming was nearing the end. The whole crew that had been very reluctant to accept Sheng Qiao at first gave her a big parting celebration.
Halfway through the meal, Gao Meiling called her.
“Get ready to go, the car is waiting outside.”

Gao Meiling was back and her leisure and good days with the filming production were ending. Sheng Qiao, who had just been toasting and drinking with them, walked out like she was headed to her own execution.
Gao Meiling was sitting in the back seat of Fang Bai’s company car. She looked at her, impatient: “Why are you so slow? Get in already!”
Sheng Qiao was pulling the car door open when a bunch of people came out of the hotel behind her. They were all crew members and they stuffed her with gifts: “Xiao Qiao, why are you in such a hurry? We didn’t have time to give you your gifts!”
Sheng Qiao laughed and answered: “I’m sorry I had to rush out. But it’s okay, you all have my WeChat and we can contact each other any time.”
Everyone said goodbye with reluctance.

Sheng Qiao got in the car and kept waving her hand through the window, like at a fan meeting. Gao Meiling who was sitting next to her was shocked like she had seen a ghost.
Stupid Sheng Qiao was usually hated everywhere she went, why was she so popular this time?
Fang Bai was not aware about the grudge between the two of them and said: “Sister Gao, you don’t know it yet but Qiaoqiao is the crew’s favorite.”
Gao Meiling looked at Sheng Qiao who was happily opening her present, with a complicated expression. For some reason, an unpleasant feeling rose in her heart and as the car drove away, she coldly interrupted Sheng Qiao.
“You have a magazine shoot at 9 am tomorrow tomorrow and there will be an interview later in the afternoon.” She took two new scripts out of her bag. “There are two dramas here, the schedules overlap. You can only select one but don’t say I did not give you the opportunity to choose.”
Sheng Qiao flipped through them; they were both period dramas and she did not take a closer look. She turned to Gao Meiling and asked: “Sister Gao, how have you been feeling these days?”
Gao Meiling gave her a blank look; “Just take care of your own business and don’t mess with me. I am in a good mood.”
Sheng Qiao smiled at her like an obedient child and thought to herself: From tomorrow on, you might not be in such a good mood anymore.

Just this afternoon, Wang Zi had sent her a WeChat reporting his task was completed. Sheng Qiao had asked a bit about it and he had told him that he had planted a Trojan horse in Gao Meiling’s laptop and phones through advertising links and emails he sent. He had been able to manipulate at will after that. Not only had he deleted all files related to Sheng Qiao, he had also copied many chat records between Gao Meiling and people from the entertainment circle. Sheng Qiao, who did not know much about hacking, was very interested in the logs Wang Zi had stolen.
It recorded many water army purchases, rumors and blackmail materials Gao Meiling had used or spread. Sheng Qiao discovered that many scandals she had believed in as Qiao Qiao were fabricated by Gao Meiling. She had not been the only artist under her and all the people in the entertainment industry stepped on each other, much more than Sheng Qiao had ever thought.
Wang Zi was also worried about whether Gao Meiling had a physical copy of the original photos but Sheng Qiao doubted that someone like Gao Meiling would print anything that would be too easy to leak. After all, she had signed Sheng Qiao to manipulate her and raise her as a cash cow, not to destroy her.
Added to that, Gao Meiling had considered the original Sheng Qiao stupid and seak and had not paid attention to her at all, let alone anticipate for her to fight back. She did not have to put much effort into her blackmail. If the photos were to be leaked in the end, Sheng Qiao could only have to blame herself and her bad luck. If the pictures were leaked, it would have been fate and Gao Meiling had nothing to fear.

After going over her next work schedule, it was already evening when Sheng Qiao got home.
Because nobody had been there for a long time, her small house was covered with dust. Sheng Qiao cleaned everything up, took a bath and finally lay down on the bed.

She checked Weibo before sleeping and looked at the official {Crazy Word}’s page; they had posted about her finishing filming and the cast members, led by Zhong Shen, had all reposted it.

—— Xiao Qiao just left and we already miss her ——

Sheng Qiao replied to Zhong Shen with her official account: I would come if you paid me.
Zhong Shen was probably currently playing on his phone and instantly replied: Will you come back to me if I pay you?
Followed by a teary wronged emoji.
Sheng Qiao: It would depend on how much you pay.
Zhong Shen did not answer and Sheng Qiao went to post a good night blog on her fan page. As she was about to sleep, her WeChat sounded and she saw the 9999 yuan Zhong Shen transferred to her. Sheng Qiao laughed but did not accept it.

Sheng Qiao: Don’t make any trouble, go to sleep.
Zhong Shen: Go on Weibo and play with me!
Sheng Qiao was curious and switched to a bigger screen. Zhong Shen had taken a screenshot of the money transfer and posted it on Weibo and tagged her: Is it enough?
Before she could type anything, her WeChat rang again. This time, Fu Ziqing had sent her 10,000 yuan to her, which was one yuan more than Zhong Shen. Sheng Qiao was tagged once more on Weibo with Fu Ziqing’s screenshot: Is it enough?

The back and forth of the three of them quickly became a hot search and all the netizens thought both Zhong Shen and Fu Ziqing were fighting for favor. But… the third party was Sheng Qiao! Were they sure they had the correct person to argue about?
When everybody thought about the filming production’s daily life, they could not help but wonder: since when did the hated Sheng Qiao had become so popular?

And of course, the haters came out fast:

[It’s very interesting how a Danmei drama turned into a female centric story.]
[I am worried the plot will turn into a love triangle.]
[And the award for the biggest drama queen outside the theater goes to Sheng Qiao.]
[I heard Sheng Qiao is trying to be a new person this year, we have to keep our eyes open and not be deceived.]
[I would rather die than become her fan, I would be too embarrassed.]
[The crew is just trying to CP them in order to give heat to the drama.]
[When the drama airs, I will edit it to a “no Sheng Qiao” version.]

People were condemning her but Sheng Qiao had already turned off the lights and went to sleep. She had to keep up her spirits because tomorrow would be the official announcement of the contract termination.

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