GTKAWF – Chapter 2.2

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She can only live as Sheng Qiao from now on (2)

The car soon arrived at the agency and parked in the garage. The office building of Xingyao Media was in the center of the city and had a high profile atmosphere, which was pretty normal in this line of work.

Sheng Qiao followed Fang Bai all the way to the elevator and as soon as she went in, she came face to face with two men.
The first one was thin and middle aged. He somewhat looked weak but had a pair of sharp eyes that looked scary when he stared at people. Behind him was a young man with a round face. He was carrying a backpack and holding a notebook while talking to the older man.
Sheng Qiao was so excited; they were Brother Bao and Xiao Dan, Huo Xi’s agent and assistant!
In the past, when she would chase Huo Xi, she would often deal with his team. Regularly chasing to the front line has made her familiar with everyone, not to mention her former height and her camera had made her noticeable.
Several times while waiting for the luggages at the airport, Xiao Dan had joked with her and asked her if her material was heavy. The studio had also often contacted her to ask for permission to use her pictures for official announcements. After all, Qiao Qiao’s equipment had been purchased from abroad at a high price and her photoshopping was the most sophisticated of them all.

Brother Bao’s full name was Lei Bao. His name was kind of awkward but he was a well known senior agent in the entertainment circle. Every artist he had worked with had been at the top in three years. He had made several celebrities very famous, the most popular being Huo Xi that he had found among trainees and brought back to China.
Huo Xi’s fans said that except for Sheng Qiao, Brother Bao’s business capabilities were impeccable.

Fang Bai did not know why Sheng Qiao had started shaking. He of course also knew about Huo Xi’s team and after greeting them, he calmly blocked her sight.
The two also saw them and Brother Bao responded to Fang Bai’s greetings. Xiao Dan who was younger and a fan of Huo Xi rolled his eyes.

When the elevator reached the ninth floor, Fang Bai quickly led Sheng Qiao out. After having thought about it, she said goodbye to the two politely.
It was only once the elevator door closed that Xiao Dan asked: “Are we familiar with her?”

On the twenty seventh floor, Huo Xi was playing Honor of Kings in the office. When Brother Bao came in, he had just scored three kills and did not lift his head when he heard the door open. Brother Bao approached, threw a folder on the coffee table in front of them and took out a cigarette.
“Put the phone down.”
Huo Xi hummed. Brother Bao looked at him for a while: “Do you have anything to tell me?”
Huo Xi: “Not really.”
Brother Bao took two puffs of his cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring.
“I ran into Sheng Qiao in the elevator.”
Huo Xi’s fingers stopped moving for a second.
“As you said, something must have happened to her. Her face was really pale and she had no makeup on.” He glanced at Huo Xi and added: “But she’s still beautiful. If you do like her…”
Huo Xi put down his phone: “I don’t.”
Brother Bao tapped on the file on the table: “You don’t like her but you keep helping her… Are you indulging her to keep the scandal going then?”
Huo Xi leaned back and put his arm on the armrest.
“She’s unlucky.” After thinking about it, he added: “It’s not bad for her.”
Brother Bao sighed.
“Fortunately, this reporter was your fan. Call me as soon as you get the photos. If those pictures of your late night meeting in your residence get out, Gao Meiling might just be the only happy one.”
Huo Xi frowned in disgust when he heard her name.
Brother Bao: “She has to suffer because of a twenty years contract. One is ruthless and the other is stupid; she had only herself to blame”
Huo Xi stood up and threw a USB flash drive at him.
“The demos are all in it. You can have Shi Xuan choose.”

Shi Xuan was a newly signed singer of Xingyao Media and had invited Huo Xi to sing. Technically speaking, Huo Xi was not a professional singer but an idol. Inviting him was mostly for the heat. But Huo Xi really liked music and enjoyed singing and writing songs.

Brother Bao: “Okay, go back and get ready then. If you have time, go see Teacher Yang Feng tomorrow to talk about the arrangement.”
Brother Bao remembered something and stopped him as he turned to leave.
“I wanted to ask you if you wanted to sing the theme song for that web drama. Are you interested?”
“If you had not asked me for music related projects, I would reject them all the time… Sheng Qiao is playing the female lead; if you sing the opening, you might be able to find what Gao Meiling’s next tricks are.”
Huo Xi thought of something and frowned: “That drama?”
“Yes, I really don’t know what Gao Meiling is thinking. The heroine is doomed to be scolded.”
“Isn’t it her MO?” Huo Xi sneered. “For the sake of popularity, she doesn’t care if the publicity is good or bad.”
“That Sheng Qiao…” Brother Bao sighed. “She really has no luck. If I were to handle it, it wouldn’t be like this.”
Huo Xi waved his hand: “I’m leaving.”
After drinking two cups of coffee this morning, he had to stop by the bathroom first. When he reached the door, he heard two employees talking inside.

“I heard them, they were arguing loudly.”
“It’s the first time I ever saw Sheng Qiao talk back to Sister Gao like this. Wasn’t she afraid of her?”
“What is there to be afraid of? They’re both so stubborn, they have to fight often.”

Huo Xi walked into the bathroom with a blank face and the employees went silent. After his business, he went straight to the elevator and pressed the second lower level.

The elevator started going down but stopped first at the ninth flood. The door opened on an angry Sheng Qiao. Her face was flushed red and the anger in her eyes had not faded, the eyebrows were raised high and she looked a bit… brazen.
Fang Bai was standing behind her.
“Sister Qiaoqiao, don’t do this. It won’t be good to fall out with Sister Gao…”
Sheng Qiao cursed: “Fuck her!”
When she looked up, she saw Huo Xi standing in the elevator.

In an instant, Huo Xi felt her blazing anger instantly subside with the big smile that appeared on her face. When she saw him, her eyes brightened, her mouth curled up and her voice filled with gentleness and joy.
“Huo Xi!”

That was how smiled the best: when she saw the person she liked the most.

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Author’s note:
Sheng Qiao: My husband is so pretty.


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