TMBWM – Chapter 1.1

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Kyoun15: this is Dorkzilla’s translation, I am only uploading this on my page since I received an email saying they can’t open the Dorkzilla’s page.

Madam! (1)

Gu Xueyi had died.

Yesterday, she had just been appointed Lady of First Rank1.
Today, when she opened her eyes, she was sitting at a white table with a simple and peculiar cup on it and a book with a curious binding beside it…
On the cover of the book were strange characters that said “The pampered sweetheart wife of the President” and just looking at those words, it pulled out all of the memories buried in her mind.

Her name was Gu Xueyi but she was no longer Gu Xueyi, Mistress of the Sheng Family of the Jin Dynasty but Gu Xueyi, eldest lady of the Xinyuan Group.

At 24 years old, she had fallen in love at first sight with Yanchao, the president of the Yan Group. She had hidden herself in his hotel room and invited reporters to catch the act. The media had taken photos of them entering the room one after another and they had quickly made the headlines.
Half a month later, they had gotten married.

As Gu Xueyi struggled to digest all of those unfamiliar pictures and words, she realized that she had come back to life again and had ended up in the body of a woman with the same name as her.

“Bang, bang, bang!”
Violent knocks on the door sounded. This family had no etiquette and Gu Xueyi frowned in her heart.
“Who?”, she asked coldly.
The knocking on the door stopped and a female voice immediately answered: “Madam… you have to come out and have a look. Miss Jiang has been waiting for you downstairs for a long time and she is angry now.”

Who was this Miss Jiang?
Who was this lady that came to her house and made her angry? What a mighty person, no one had dared to throw a fit in her own home in many years.

“Madam, your husband may not be at home at the moment but you cannot be too unruly.”
“Madam, Miss Jiang is carrying the Master’s child…”
The people outside were more than a little rushed. Gu Xueyi had guessed that they must have been the servants of this family: who were they to command the master? The more restless the people outside the bedroom became, the less anxious Gu Xueyi was.

She pinched herself lightly; it hurt, this was not a dream. The first thing she had to do now was to get acquainted with this unfamiliar place, to survive, and to live well as a proud Gu daughter.

“Madam!” The maid Wang Yue knocked hard on the door several more times. There was still no movement inside and she could not help but mutter.
That was weird! The first two times Gu Xueyi had heard Miss Jiang’s name, she had been so angry she had smashed something… Why was there no noise today? Wang Yue was a little anxious in her heart.

Gu Xueyi was President Yan’s wife and according to the Yan Family’s rules, while her husband was away, she had to report everything to her. Wang Yue wouldn’t get near her otherwise.
This Miss Jiang matter… someone had to deal with this one way or another!
“Madam…” Wang Yue started yelling and when she turned her head, she saw Miss Jiang coming up the stairs.

This Miss Jiang was somewhat well-known as she was a small flower in the entertainment industry. Three years ago, she had become famous overnight when she had starred as the heroine of a costume drama. She had the curly hair that was popular nowadays and her facial features were of mixed blood; her slightly foreign looks and pouting red lips were very seductive.

Miss Jiang put her hand on her lower abdomen and frowned slightly. She asked: “Won’t Mrs Yan see me?”
Jiang Meng was a little worried. If she had not been in a hurry, she would not keep coming to the Yan mansion. The Yan Family was her last chance… but if it were not for the rumor that Yanchao was missing, she would have not dared to come.
Gu Xueyi was a fool, it was easy to deceive her.
Jiang Meng secretly cheered herself up but kept a pitiful look on the outside.
Wang Yue was embarrassed and said: “Miss Jiang, the Madam might still be asleep…”

President Yan did not like Gu Xueyi. The only reason they had gotten married back then was because of her little trick. But this Miss Jiang was different, she carried the Master’s child in her belly. Now that he was missing again… the child might just be the only blood left.

Jiang Meng looked at the door in front of her. It was a handiwork from the famous french designer Christian Liaigre. Not only this door… from the moment she had stepped in the villa, everything she had seen had been worth a lot of money.
The Yan household was so rich and powerful but it had to be occupied by a woman like Gu Xueyi.

A trace of envy arose in Jiang Meng’s heart but she erased it fast. Yanchao and the Yan Family were things she could never grasp. She only needed to get a hold of what she could attain. As long as she reached this level, although she would never be as rich as the Yan Family, she could live a life that ordinary people could never dream of.

Thinking of this, Jiang Meng stepped forward and knocked on the door herself.
“Mrs Yan, I believe we need to talk.”

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一品夫人 (yi pin fu ren): if someone could explain to me exactly what this rank mean, I would be very grateful. I think -really, just think- it is a rank appointed by the Emperor to the first wife of an official that helped the country in some ways?


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