GTKAWF – Chapter 1.2

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I don’t want to be the person I hate the most (2)

Chengzi arrived quickly with a three layers suitcase.
“Sister Qiao Qiao, are you okay?”
As she spoke, Gao Meiling came back in and handed Sheng Qiao a document.
“Those are the questions the host will ask tonight, memorize them again.”
Qiao Qiao took the file and Gao Meiling got angry at how slow she was. She yelled:
“Memorize it! You have to set up your new image, if anything goes wrong, I’ll deal with you!”
Qiao Qiao did her best to not fall apart and reluctantly took a look at the document.

They did not have much time and Chengxi only gave her a light makeup. When she went to the bathroom, she stared at the face she hated the most.
The face was really small, the size of a hand, and the skin was good and clear. Beautiful yet charming. If she had not had any scandals, she could have been the first love of many.
Gao Meiling shouted at her from the other side: “Are you done? Come out quickly and get ready to go!”

Qiao Qiao had to resign herself and follow them to the studio.
She recorded the program in a daze but fortunately, the host was very professional. She recited the answers according to her script and finished safely.
She had two days off tomorrow and the day after and after Gao Meiling sternly told her a few words, she asked her assistant to take her home.

Qiao Qiao slumped in the back seat of the car, closed her eyes and tried to carefully go over everything that had happened today. Everything felt real, she did become Sheng Qiao. She did not know how it had happened, but the most important thing now was to find a way back.

The car drove all the way to Sheng Qiao’s place and she was quite shocked by the layout of the place when she opened the door and turned on the lights.
The room was bare. There was nothing apart from the necessary furniture, revealing a cold taste. Qiao Qiao looked around and found out the apartment was not big, with two rooms, two hallways and simple decoration. It really did not look like somewhere a female star would live.

After the small tour, she changed clothes, put on a hat and mask and took a taxi. The address she gave was her original home.

The Qiao family was not particularly rich but they were very comfortable. Father Qiao had started a career in real estate a few years back and had become quite well known in China. Mother Qiao was a famous Chinese painter but because of a congenital disease, her legs and feet were weak and she had to stay in a wheelchair all year round. Qiao Qiao also had an older brother who had gone to law school and was now a well known economic lawyer in the profession.
Her family was top notch, only she was addicted to chasing stars. It was all Huo Xi’s fault on being too charming.

The car arrived in no time. Qiao Qiao hurried inside but was stopped by the security guard after only a few steps. In high end residences, you had to register when you visited. Not to mention she was also wearing a hat and sunglasses at night.
Qiao Qiao had no choice but to take out her ID and fill the visiting information. The guard glanced at it and muttered: “Sheng Qiao? Isn’t that the female star?”
Qiao Qiao did not dare to look up and went in.

She walked to her own house, a small detached villa. There was a light on at the door and the living room was bright, obscured by the half drawn curtains. She could barely see the scene inside.
Father Qiao was reading the newspaper on the couch and Mother Qiao was peeling apples in her wheelchair. Both of them looked normal and showed no sign of worry.
Was her body awake?

Qiao Qiao started to panic and wanted to see more clearly. She walked a few more steps and the door suddenly opened from the inside; a man wearing slippers that carried a trash bag came out.
Noticing the sneaky figure hidden in the flowers, he alertly asked: “Who’s there?”
Qiao Qiao was taken aback but before she could answer, the man had approached and aggressively grabbed her arm. Qiao Qiao screamed: “Qiao Yu! You’re hurting me!”
Her brother was the one that had just come out.

Hearing the intruder say his name like she knew him, Qiao Yu let her go. He looked at her for a while and asked: “Who are you and what are you doing at our door so late?”
Qiao Qiao thought fast and answered: “I’m Qiao Qiao’s classmate. I heard she was in a car accident today so I came to see how she was.”
She had guessed Qiao Yu would then ask: If you are Qiao Qiao’s classmate, why didn’t you call first or knock on the door?
To that she would reply: Because she had said something bad about her idol Huo Xi, Qiao Qiao had been ignoring her since then and she could only dare to sneak in.
Qiao Qiao thought she was quite clever.

But contrary to what she expected, Qiao Yu glanced at her strangely: “Who is Qiao Qiao?”
Qiao Qiao almost jumped: “Your sister!”
Qiao Yu :”Why are you cursing?”
Qiao Qiao: “No, no, I mean Qiao Qiao is your sister.”
Qiao Yu: “What sister? Who the hell are you?”
The noise had alarmed Father Qiao and Mother Qiao. Father Qiao came out and stood at the door: “Xiao Yu, what’s happening?”
Qiao Yu kept on staring at Qiao Qiao and said without looking back: “I caught a thief.”
Qiao Qiao panicked: “I’m not a thief! I’m here to visit Qiao Qiao!”

When Father Qiao realized she was a thin girl and did not look like a thief, his voice became warmer: “Did you get the wrong address? There is no Qiao Qiao here.”
Qiao Qiao looked as if she had just been hit and was a little dizzy. She tried to grab Qiao Yu’s hand but he dodged her and she heavily slumped on the ground.
Her head buzzing, she stretched her hand to grab Qiao Yu’s trousers and raised her head. With difficulty, she said: “Qiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao. You always scold her for chasing stars… Your sister…”
Qiao Yu frowned and Father Qiao approached: “Xiao Yu, quickly help her up and see if she wants to go to the hospital.”

Qiao Yu squatted down and tilted his head to look at her. Her face looked a bit familiar. Father Qiao hit him on the back of his head.
“You brat, hurry up!”
Qiao Yu stretched out his hand but the woman in front of him suddenly cried out: “I don’t need your help! Why are you pretending to not know me? Don’t touch me!”
It was so late at night, who was this psycho?
Qiao Yu said to his father: “Let’s call the police first, there seems to be a problem in here.” He pointed to his head.

Father Qiao nodded and took out his phone. Suddenly, a faint voice came from the road: “She’s my friend.”
Father and son turned their head at the same time to look over. The young man was wearing running clothes and slowly approached. He raised his hat and revealed a pair of indifferent eyes.
Qiao Yu recognized him at a glance: “Huo Xi?!”
The man nodded and looked at Qiao Qiao who was crying on the ground.
“She’s here to see me, I’m sorry for the trouble.” He said and squatted down and took Qiao Qiao’s arm. “Let’s go.”
Qiao Qiao who was still crying saw between her tears both the most familiar and most distant face she knew appear in front of her. Her cry stuck in her throat.
Huo Xi helped her up and led a dazed Qiao Qiao away.
It was only when the two of them had disappeared that Qiao Yu finally realized: that girl… looked like Sheng Qiao?

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