GTKAWF – Chapter 1.1

Kyoun15: this is Dorkzilla’s translation, I am only uploading this on my page since I received an email saying they can’t open the Dorkzilla’s page.

[ Toc ➡️]

I don’t want to be the person I hate the most (1)

Popular Internet idol Huo Xi would participate in a performance tomorrow evening and his fans were heading to the airport to welcome him. As Huo Xi’s station sister1, Qiao Qiao, a veteran wife fan, went out with her camera.
After getting in the car, she scrolled through Weibo and noticed Sheng Qiao was listed in yet another hot search.
If someone were to ask Qiao Qiao who she hated the most in the entertainment circle, she would absolutely answer Sheng Qiao.

The little celebrity surnamed “Huo Xi’s junior sister” that had made her debut in an outdoor reality show had no work attached to her name. It had nothing to do with Huo Xi at first. After all, one was a top idol with over 70 millions followers on Weibo and the other was just a newcomer with no recognition. Apart from being from the same agency, there was no comparison. It was reasonable for Huo Xi’s active fans to not really pay attention to this junior sister at first.
They weren’t in the same league, blackening her would be the same as bullying.

But for the fourth episode of the show, Huo Xi had starred as a guest.
The junior sister had lived up to the public’s expectations and had gotten her claws into Xuo Xi. During the filming, she had put on airs and played around with Huo Xi so much the staff had to announce Huo Xi had gotten exhausted the day the recording ended.

This had stabbed the hornet’s nest. And were fans the type to stand still? They had immediately attacked this unknown little celebrity to the top of the hot search list. Within a day, everyone had known about Sheng Qiao’s existence.

However, instead of staying away from Huo Xi after that, her team started to CP2 her with Huo Xi and rumors flew all over. Huo Xi’s fans were so angry they kept on attacking Sheng Qiao and made her stay at the top of hot searches.
But fans could not help but be confused, weren’t they helping her get famous?

In any case, that’s how the hatred had started. Scolding Sheng Qiao had become Huo Xi’s fans daily routine but Sheng Qiao’s team used it to boost her popularity, unafraid to be ridiculed by the whole network.
When she had received a costume drama’s role thanks to her good looks, her acting had been bad and the ratings mediocre. All the heat around the drama had come from Huo Xi’s fans.

When they had finally realized they couldn’t get rid of Sheng Qiao, they had started attacking her agency Xingyao Media which had repeatedly allowed Sheng Qiao’s team to use Huo Xi’ fame. In the whole entertainment circle, Huo Xi’s fans could be considered unrivaled and among them, Qiao Qiao was one of the best.

Said Qiao Qiao that was currently in the back of a taxi, sneering while looking at the hot searches when the driver’s phone rang. He answered while making a turn and Qiao Qiao was about to tell him not to when a series of horns sounded in the back. Qiao Qiao had not reacted yet when a loud bang was heard and the car was knocked upside down. Qiao Qiao flew forward, clutching in her arms her brand new camera she had just bought from abroad. Her last thought was that it was a shame to die on the way of chasing stars.

* * * * * *

She woke up in the hospital. Not dead yet, that was great.

Qiao Qiao struggled to sit up. There was nobody in the snow white ward and when she looked around she could not see her hundreds of thousands worth of equipment. With her drip on the back of her hand, she rang the bell and called for the nurse.
“Where is my bag? The black one with the camera?”
“Sorry, I haven’t seen it.”
Qiao Qiao, who was a little anxious, gestured: “It’s this big and it’s closed. Can you help me find it?”
“I really can’t.” The tone of the nurse was not very friendly. She looked at Qiao Qiao and added: “Miss Sheng, you had nothing with you when you arrived at the hospital. If you do not believe me, you can ask your agent.”
Qiao Qiao did not react for a while and after a moment she asked with hesitation: “What did you just call me?”
“Miss Sheng.”
Qiao Qiao suddenly shivered and goosebumps instantly covered her whole body. She asked again: “Sheng what?”
“Sheng Qiao. Miss Sheng, is there something wrong? I will call a doctor for you.”
Qiao Qiao’s eyes rolled and she fainted.

When she woke up again, a woman wearing golden glasses was by her side. Her face was thin and her cheekbones very high; she looked powerful at first glance. Qiao Qiao opened her eyes to look at her but stayed silent. After years of scolding Sheng Qiao, would she have not recognized her agent Gao Meiling?
Noticing she was awake, Gao Meiling frowned and asked: “Are you feeling better?” Her voice was not gentle.
Qiao Qiao closed her eyes again and turned her head. She really did not want to talk to her.

Gao Meiling gave her a push: “Is something else wrong? You will be discharged soon, you should have everything checked first.”
Qiao Qiao who currently wanted to curse squeezed out of her mouth with difficulty: “You leave first, I want to be quiet.”
“Sheng Qiao, you have to go record for the talk show I got you in an hour. Are you certain you want to be quiet?”
Qiao Qiao:”…”

This must have been a dream, this had to be. She really did not want to have become the person she hated the most!
Qiao Qiao closed her eyes once more and shook her head with desperation. Impatient, Gao Meiling threw open the quilt.
“Sheng Qiao, are you stupid? Do you know how hard it was for me to get you this show? And you say you don’t want to go anymore? Get up and go wash your face, Chengzi will be right there.”

Chengzi was Sheng Qiao’s stylist.

Qiao Qiao had still not accepted what happened.
“I don’t…”
Gao Meiling gave her a hard look and she did not dare to say the rest of her sentence. She finally understood why Sheng Qiao’s team was so difficult to deal with: her agent was so fierce!

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