RB80’s: VMRHCD 20

Chapter 20- the outstanding talent of the child bride

Jiang Ran looked at the roast meat with satisfaction, clapped her hands, and shouted outside.

“Pei Yang, come and serve the rice.”

In the courtyard, Pei Yang, who had long been hooked by the scent, heard this and immediately stood up and headed for the kitchen.

Pei Yang went into the kitchen and saw a pot of braised pork on the stove. His eyes couldn’t move away.

Such a big pot of meat!

Pei Yang was already old but he could count the number of times their family eats meat with his fingers.

But no matter which time they eat meat, there was not much to eat each time.

Jiang Ran saw Pei Yang standing there stupidly and urged.

“Are you waiting for it to get cold? Hurry up and serve the meal.”

After tossing and turning for so long, she was already hungry.

Pei Yang replied loudly as he quickly walked forward, took up the porcelain basin, and went out.

Pei Shanshan also stood up at this time and was serving porridge, while Wang Cuilan was cutting radish.

The radish was finely cut, and the taste was simply adjusted with salt, vinegar, and sesame oil. It tastes very refreshing and could just be used to relieve greasiness.

Seeing that there was nothing left for her to do, Jiang Ran simply took her chopsticks and carried the scallion pancakes out of the kitchen.

As soon as she got out of the kitchen, she saw Pei Yang coming toward her.

Pei Yang’s eyes widened when he saw Jiang Ran holding something in her hand.

Seeing this, Jiang Ran frowned, “What’s wrong?”

Why does Pei Yang look like a ghost?

Pei Yang immediately shook his head when he heard her ask, “Nothing.”

After saying that, he trotted off towards the kitchen.

Jiang Ran did not care what happened to Pei Yang and went straight to the main room.

In the hall, Pei Jing and Pei Baoshan were sitting upright, staring at the pot of braised pork.

They probably heard her coming and turned around to look at the door.

After seeing Jiang Ran, Pei Baoshan coughed lightly, and then quickly looked away, Pei Jing however smiled at Jiang Ran.

“The meat is delicious!”

Children over three years old were the age when they like to eat.

The Pei family’s conditions were not good, not to mention in the past, most of the good food was eaten by the original owner.

Even Pei Jing, the youngest in the family, could not eat a few bites.

Facing this pot of braised pork now was too fragrant for Pei Jing.

Jiang Ran walked straight to Pei Jing and sat down.

“Does it smell good? Then wait a while when everyone arrives, I’ll give you a piece first, okay?”

Pei Jing immediately nodded his head heavily, “Yes!”

The cute and well-behaved appearance of Pei Jing doesn’t look like a villain at all.

Seeing this, Jiang Ran feels that it should be the easiest thing to raise Pei Jing upright and prevent him from becoming a big villain.

Jiang Ran’s imagination was running wild when Pei Shanshan and Wang Cuilan walked in one after another.

Pei Yang followed behind the two, holding the same two bowls of porridge in his hands.

After putting down the porridge, Pei Yang immediately turned and ran outside, and in a short while he hurriedly walked in again, bringing two bowls of porridge again.

Everyone sat down, but no one moved their chopsticks.

Jiang Ran waited for a while. Seeing that everyone was staring at her without moving their chopsticks, she remembered that when she ate meat at home, the original owner ate it first.

The original owner not only had to eat first but also put most of the meat into her bowl.

Jiang Ran: “…”

I have to say, the original master is also a powerful woman.

A child bride who has been bought could actually get to act at this point like this. She was really an outstanding child bride.

Knowing that if she didn’t move her chopsticks, the others wouldn’t dare to clip the dish, Jiang Ran could only pick up her chopsticks, clip a piece of braised pork, and put it in Pei Jing’s small bowl.

(End of Chapter)


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